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2024 Comprehensive Psychic Assessment

*Limited Time Offering*
Now to the end of February 2024
2.5 Hours | $300
Recording & Transcript are Included

The 2024 Comprehensive Psychic Assessment is a thorough Energy Report of the Psychic Wiring woven throughout the upcoming year. A Consultation to provide you with the framework to optimize your potential to align with your Optimal Path so you may create a fulfilling life. An opportunity to fully immerse yourself within 2024's energy so you may take advantage of the opportunities that await your participation.

Goal, Objective, & Process 

I will use my the totality of my Psychic Skills to decode the energy housed within the upcoming year of 2024. Your Soul Energy will use my Psychic Antenna as a Looking Glass to mirror your potential as we move through the themes, messages, opportunities, and challenges encoded in 2024. Your Optimal Path will be illuminated to help you navigate the new year's energy so you can create positive ripple effects to shift your personal landscape and influence the collective experience. 

The 2024 Comprehensive Psychic Assessment will begin with me receiving the Overall Energy Forecast for 2024. This tapestry will weave through my Psychic Antenna to illustrate the potentials that lay before you which will be comprised of Evidential Information. The Predictive/Precognitive aspect will formulate through the undercurrents of 2024's Psychic Wiring birthing within you. Patterns will emerge as you use me as a reflection of your Unconscious. 

I will focus my intention to receive the clearest forecast for your experience in 2024 so you are equipped to move into the new year with inspiration, hope, and a foundation of work to build.

Following the Overall Forecast for 2024, I will decode the specific energies and psychic wiring housed in each month of the year. This is to fine tune the expression of 2024 using my Psychic Antenna and added divination work through the Tarot. 

Your consultation involves every area of your life that you would like to examine. The duration of your 2024 Psychic Assessment is to give you a Macro and Micro Lens to perceive the momentum of energy that is building as you engage with the opportunities to unlock your Full Potential and Soul Mission.

You will have time to request my skills to focus on a specific subject/topic/question just like in a classical reading. The 2.5 hours is for a complete assessment that can divine information for all areas of your life. This is an augmented, extended classical reading to capture 2024's energy. Mediumship may also emerge in your 2024 Assessment if you'd like to use a portion of the time dedicated to spirit communication so you can receive inspiration and insights from your loved ones who are housed in energy form.

2024 Comprehensive Psychic Assessment

*Overall Psychic Wiring & Forecast for 2024

*Each Month's Energy Decoded

*All Areas of Life Examined

*Opportunity To Inquire About Any Topic/Question/Subject

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