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Hello, Light Wizards! This Free Development Circle is to reintroduce you to the aspects of Self involving Psychism. You may sign up for both of the circles. It is my intention to provide you with framework of Psychic and Mediumistic mechanics so you are knowledgable about the basics. Each of the circles will begin with a lecture and we will all Play! There will be exercises woven throughout the PowerPoint to really get you ready to engage with Prophecy and Decoding Energy.

This development circle is designed to be a safe space for you to explore your own abilities. Your abilities will manifest through your own lens of perception which will assist you with resisting the habitual comparison traps that many of us are plagued by. There are no wrong answers. We will all share our time to call forth our abilities so our conscious awareness can begin the process of tapping into our psychic and mediumistic abilities on command. We will work together to diminish any surfacing wounds from our history within the education system so that we can slide into our unique individuation process which will enable our abilities to flourish!

Psychic and Mediumistic abilities are of the ARTMIND and exist in our imagination. Our Mind Tool becomes an Antenna to receive accurate information which will only strengthen over time through practice and engagement.

We'll learn about the differences between Intuition, Prophecy, and Decoding Energy. 

You will receive the PowerPoint presentation of the lecture along with the Recording and Transcript once the circle is completed.

These circles are free for this time only and then the subsequent circles will require payment. Round 2 is really to fine tune, modify, and prepare for Round 3.

Please have a writing utensil and paper while also ensuring that you are in a quiet space so we can avoid any unwanted noise.


Mediumistic: SIGN UP HERE

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