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Mediumship Demonstrations


I have a series on my podcast titled the Raw Mediumship Demonstrations. I created this with an intention to provide my audience with an opportunity to listen to a genuine mediumistic reading that is unedited compared to what is presented to people through the television. These demonstrations are to help align the audience's perceptions and expectations with the reality of these abilities so people can get the most value and best experience possible when scheduling a mediumistic reading.

I record a mediumistic reading with a participant through Zoom. Then I add a short introduction to the audio without tampering with the recording. The participants are asked two questions. "Is your camera turned off?" "Do you give me permission to upload?" Sensitive material does come through during a reading so if information is relayed through me that will make the participant uncomfortable for the audience to hear then I will edit that portion out of the audio file. As of now, I haven't had to do this. I believe it is because Spirits see the intention of this series and they wish to contribute to a library of knowledge. Spirits also wish to respect the participants and to honor their gift of contributing to the library.

After the reading, I record a Decode. These episodes are to review the transcript of the reading so I may teach my audience about the dynamics, mechanics, and the art of genuine spirit communication - mediumship. I ask for my participants to follow up with me if they are able to place information/energetic data that could not be validated during the reading. I either discuss their findings during the recording of the Decode or I add it to the show notes. 

I record these about once or twice a month and I am requesting participants. The participants receive a voucher for a free 3 Questions Audio Read as my gift to them for their assistance. You may use the form below to request to participate in a Raw Mediumship Demonstration at The Light Wizards' Bazaar. Please follow up with me if there is information revealed to you following the reading. As you may know from reviewing my website, I am not a telepath and there will be information received and relayed during a mediumistic reading that will require research and/or it has not come into your experience yet. This is to provide evidence of consciousness existing outside of the physical body. How I am not a mind reader. 

Request Form

Participation Request

Please email me if you'd like to participate. You can provide a code name, use another person's email, or whatever else that would make you feel more comfortable.

My email is

 Once a date and time is chosen then I will send you a Zoom invitation. Please ensure that you are alone and in a quiet space during the reading. Ultimately, this reading is for you! You are the reason why I am able to continue to add to the library at The Light Wizards' Bazaar. I'll eventually have a system in place so that I can do blind readings.

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