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A Call For Clarity!
The Emergence Of Four

'In Port Peterson, New York, a wicked presence injects its venomous nightmare into a pool of victims on the first of May. On a Fool’s journey, a devil’s minion renegades against the tainted whisper’s itinerary and is electrified by four individuals’ desire for release from their respective illusions of their present denials. As Nancy, Patrick, Holly, and Adriane encounter the foul wooden ghoul, their perceptions are tuned to an awareness to the town’s unnatural infection along with their ignorance to their emerging talents for their naivety casts a dynamic compulsion to bind the strangers with friendship’s contract. They construct self-fulfilling prophecies and fortify their unique strategies in honor of their strengths armored by their unlocked, true potential grown from the birth of their decaying pasts. They must decipher the origin of the wasted potential user while residing in their suffocating hell-stay, search for the meaning of their blossoming gifts, and discover if they are super-humans, sixth-sensed-sentinels, or simply just witches. Follow the introduction to the emergence of the Four as they seek an answer to their call for clarity.'

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