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The Experience


     It is my intention for my client to comprehend the process of a reading to ensure an experience that can be a blend of delivering accurate information with messages for clarity, guidance, and healing. This is an expanded version of the speech I deliver at the beginning of each reading. It is through my participation and observation that I learned how information is funneled through my mind tool as I allow my energy system to be an instrument to tap into your auric bio-field and Loved ones. My experience taught me what my role is as a psychic medium and about a genuine psychic and mediumistic reading. Please note that my client will receive information that cannot be validated at the time of the reading. There will be images, words, names, etc... that is unknown at the time which is either due to "Psychic Amnesia" or it has not been revealed to my client. This is the nature of the intuitive arts and I think the mystery is what makes this work so exciting! It is a complete adventure!


     View this as an instruction booklet that is to be read before beginning a new board game. This guide was developed over years of engaging my abilities and analyzing the streams of information that was received. Real examples from my sessions are used to reflect the information below for my client's benefit. May this serve as a tool for Light to illuminate truth regarding the intuitive craft so those requesting a reading can have the knowledge of what to expect.


     I am a "radio/antenna" that is tuned to receive information to help my client align to their path of highest good. Every reading I do is completely unique to each client because everyone’s energetic signature is an individualized expression. I am relaying the information of a loose structure of what I observed occurs when I set the intention to be used as an intuitive instrument and medium. My accuracy range is dependably between 70% - 90%. Even the very best of mediums known are not 100% so I urge my client to keep his/her expectations in line with the reality of the intuitive arts. I take this work very seriously and I understand that many potential clients' perceptions of this work are skewed based upon television, myths, and assumptions. May this experience be enlightening to the intuitive potential housed within all humans. 

     I try to explain what reading is to appeal to the logic mind that is over emphasized to keep us in scientific materialism. Every reading is unique and this is the same creative processes as to create works of art. This is of the aspect of the hue-man which is returning to our awareness. Every reading is a work of art. I can only use my experiences reading for others to inform my client about what could potentially occur throughout a session. However, I am always learning more and I am continually surprised by the mysterious, unknown nature of the Universe. 

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     *It is VERY common that my client will hear information that he/she is not aware of at the time of the psychic and/or mediumistic sessions. I expect this to occur because I am not a telepath - I am not reading my client's mind. I urge my client to not discount it and label it as wrong. My client will receive a recording and a transcript of the session to review.


     *I do request for my client to read the Psychic and the Mediumistic sections regardless of the service selected for the processes and mechanics are intertwined with one another. A few examples from my experiences with mediumship are laced within the psychic section because mediumistic information involves the same senses as psychic information.

     *For both Psychic & Mediumistic sessions, I discovered that if my client goes into the session with an intention to share the recording with other people then there seems to be more information streaming through the session that will require research to validate or may pertain to others listening to the recording.

     *I do not control what information is received nor does my client. I am just a radio.

Psychic: Information & Sessions


     Prior to the psychic session, I download the energy forecast which I will share with my client throughout the session. I will receive the themes and messages for my client along with the time period that this applies which will include initial evidential details. This is the introductory phase of my energy connecting with my client's energy and the theme will be expressed throughout the reading. The themes and messages will be received through my lens of perception such as an Animal Totem(s), chakras, colors, and other symbols to detail the core energy and spine of the reading. I will read through the channeled writing along with detailing every additional impression that I receive. 

     It is my intention to illuminate the anchors which are preventing my client from navigating life on the path of his/her highest good. To deliver information that will empower my client to transform every challenge into an opportunity of growth by way of renegading against the victim archetype. I always ask to connect with the highest truth and wisdom of the Universe to deliver accurate information.


     My observations suggests that I will receive evidential information to mirror what my client is consciously aware of and what is unconsciously known at the time of the reading. I will be moving back and forth between relaying information to my client that can be validated at the moment I speak what is received along with what is unknown. We experience time linearly, however, all time is in the ever-present now moment. This information will be received as streams of thoughts/impressions that are used through my frame of reference by way of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance. What is unknown will be validated by known information. 


     It is my job not to judge what is received. I must relay everything I see, hear, feel, and know first and then interpret if need be. I must honor the information that is given. Our Future is fluid and is comprised of our daily thoughts and actions. I am decoding your energy at the time of your session, the momentum you're building, and it is up to you to create. I do believe that there are life events predestined by the Soul before incarnation along with free will choices and accidents. 


Consciously Aware

-Known information about my client’s past, present, and future.

-Details known of people/events/places in my client's life.

-Conversations spoken and thoughts occurred from the past and present.


Unconsciously Known
-Possible future events.

-Past and present details of people/events/places in my client's life.


     I will be “singing” songs to my client. There will be songs that my client will recognize each lyric, melody, and tune. Some songs may be sung which my client cannot recall when/if it was heard previously until halfway through or after the reading. This is similar to when a song is being played and a person denies ever hearing it until later when the song is remembered being played at ABC during XYZ. What also will happen is songs streaming that my client has absolute no connection with because it either hasn’t happened yet or the information just isn’t known. I will then sing a song that can be validated as consciously known to balance the unknown.

     It is my job to tell my client what I receive. My client may engage with me as he/she wishes and validate if desired. If I ask for validation, I request for my client to be open to saying yes or no just so I have an understanding in case the information received is out of my frame of reference. My clients are not to be afraid to validate and to talk to me. I will actually request for my client to stop sharing if he/she is telling me too many details and too much information. It is my job to talk and to just be the transmitter of information. 

     I highly recommend my client to listen to the recording and/or read the transcript following the session with an open mind as he/she reviews the opening speech which details on the types of information I can receive. I learned that it is beneficial for my client to have me speak without judgement to capture all of the impressions on the recording. Details received are out of time when expressed as visions so I can share something that was in the past only to be forgotten during the session as well as seeing something only to be realized in the future.

     My observations show me that information can stream through in a variety of ways and I trust that the details received are exactly what is necessary to understand. Some 'songs' are one 'notes' which would just be one specific image detailing a conversation, memory, event, etc.. Some 'songs' stream through as 'chords' and are generally married by three or more 'notes'. 

     I learned that I may receive an "Introductory Noun” to establish the subject that Spirit would like to address. The next detail received will validate if my client is aware of the subject/time/setting. I noticed that most of the time information is delivered without a ‘time stamp’ meaning that I will just receive impressions without details of it being the past, present, or future. I may wrongly interpret the information as something that is occurring presently, but the sitter can validate that it already happened.


-I received a download that my client was waiting for a response on whether or not she will receive a job offer. This established the subject’s time/setting to be in the present and my client is consciously aware. I then saw a ‘Green Light’ interpreted as green means go/will get the job offer along with seeing the letter “C” which was interpreted as a person connected to the job offer’s energy.

-To balance the unconsciously known song I received this stream of information: “Dad – Ford Car – Bumper”. My client validated that her father drives a ford car and the bumper was recently damaged. This was information that had nothing to do with the job offer. Its role was to validate the information delivered that was unconsciously known to my client.

-After the reading, my client contacted me to let me know that she did receive the job offer and the person that told her had a “C” name.



-I concluded the opening introduction/energetic timeline of my client’s reading. To validate this message, I received: “Teacher – L – 2”. I interpreted this as my client knowing a teacher with “L” name that she recently spoken to/saw in the last 2 days. My client stated that this was correct. I heard “Teacher” which established the subject and I saw the letter “L” to provide more evidential details confirming subject/time/setting. I saw the number “2” with a feeling that this number reflected the time frame. Sometimes the “2” could also be 2 weeks or 2 months, but I had a feeling it was a shorter length of time.


-I heard “3 kids” and I felt that 2 were the same and 1 was different. I interpreted that as 2 girls and 1 boy which was true. I then saw the letter “K”. My client validated that one has “K” name. I was drawn to the “K” name and I saw a Horse/field. I interpreted it as horseback riding which my client validated that this child recently went horseback riding. I then provided unknown information and it was confirmed by me being drawn to the second daughter. I heard/saw “July” and this was the daughter’s birthday. I then received information about the daughter that was known/unknown. Lastly, I was pulled to the son and I had a download that the name was passed down. My client validated that the son was named after his father.

-This is to show how I will receive streams of information that are connected and further emphasizes how it is important to observe how the details are received and connected.

Initial Impressions

*As of 5/17/22, I evolved my readings to integrate what I learned from using these templates below for the energy forecast. Psychic readings will now reflect the upgraded dynamics of my abilities along with sharing the wisdom I acquired. These documents will no longer be in use for they served their purpose well. Please continue to read this section for it is incredibly useful in understanding the services I provide. This process further validated to me that I was picking up on genuine information because I recorded the impressions prior to each reading.


Energy Forecast & Initial Impressions Process

Energy Forecast | Songs | Soul | Energy System, Chakra Scan, & Power Distribution Assessment


      As written previously, each reading is unique. However, as of late, I observe that there is a 'system' that was created as my abilities evolved. The energy forecast manifests similarly for each of my clients as a loose rubric. I find that I will receive introductory themes and messages which manifest as symbolic language which I then extract and decode the meanings. There are exceptions to this such as me receiving information which I would put onto the 'songs' template and then the 'standard' sequence of the forecast process will manifest.


    The energy forecast will then evolve into decoding the energy for specific months, period of months, etc... I do find that the longer of time a session is selected causes me to download more details. The time period for the forecast is usually around six months, but it is not certain for each client dependent on what wishes to channel. 


     I find that I will start to see 'literal images' of things which I identify apart from symbolic sight. I record these impressions on the 'songs' template. These exist outside of time for I only see now because time is not linear. I will explain this mechanic further down this page along with how visions are not accompanied with labels. The 'songs' template is structured to exemplify how I do not see Past-Present-Future. Clairvoyance is a different sense compared to simply just knowing something through claircognizance. These exist as potentials and they are either unlocked in my client's conscious awareness or lie in the unconsciously known.

     The 'soul' template is for me to have the soul of the client share information pertaining to the incarnation's life themes, personality's skills/talents, parallel lives, etc... It is up to the Soul to share.

     *I urge my client to alert me if I am relaying information that is occurring now and my client wants me to continue 'discovering' additional impressions for information. I encourage a dialogue without the fear of me trying to 'fish' information. I do stop my client when too much is shared to me without me receiving the information first.

     This process involves me capturing all of the impressions without judgment and me writing them on the appropriate template which my client will receive a copy. Below are just a few examples from readings since I began the energy forecast process. These examples were of 'songs' that were unlocked potentials in my clients' conscious awareness.


-I received details regarding a court case involving child custody, a specific month, and a letter. As I reviewed this song, I asked my client if this potential was realized. My client let me know that her husband was involved in that situation now. The month was of the child's birthday of whom is involved and the letter related to a name of a person involved as well. I then relayed the additional impressions I received which was not initially recorded.


-I saw a car dealership with a knowing that it did not involve a 'standard' car. It was impressed that it centered around a tractor, golf cart, or something of that nature. During the session, I relayed this to my client who let me know that he was interested in purchasing a golf cart and he requested for me to receive information if it was a good or bad idea.


-I saw a washer machine with a knowing of leaving washed laundry without transferring it to a dryer. A knowing that the clothes were going to have a off-putting scent. I relayed this to my client who validated that she had washed, wet clothes in her washer machine for a few days and she felt that they now had a bad odor.


-Throughout my client's energy forecast I saw multiple 'single songs' which were comprised of just one image. I received an image of Adidas sandals and a design of a perfume bottle. My client validated that she wears the sandals everyday and that the exact design of the perfume bottle is her favorite brand that she wears everyday. This example exemplifies how I could pick up on anything and these objects are involved in my client's daily life.

     The above examples are 'songs' that were not tethered to a month. When I decode the energy for specific months, there are messages housed within them. The 'songs' are to further validate the themes and messages.

     The themes & messages expressed in the energy forecast may have one meaning to my client at the time of the session. However, when my client reviews the recording/transmission following his/her session another realization of how it pertains to his/her life path arises. I have clients tell me that they listen to a recording months to years later and find additional meanings. 



     One of the most interesting experiences that may arise during a reading is when I am seeing something that my client is looking at right at the time I receive the vision. This further reinforces to me how I mustn't judge what I receive - I must relay without judgement. It is as if I am seeing through my client in 'real-time'. Here are just a few examples that I remember. 


-My client was walking outside during his session. I heard and saw letters spelling out 'Boulder'. I already knew my client resided in Colorado and this information was not psychically received. So when 'Boulder' appeared in my mind tool I didn't know what to make of it. I relayed what I received with a disclaimer that I wasn't sure how this would fit because of my unfamiliarity with the state of Colorado. I logically couldn't grasp it and I was unsure if I received the city since it was one of the very few cities I knew in Colorado. My client validated to me that he was looking at the mountains of Boulder at the exact time I received that 'song'. 


-I was reading for my client who decided to have the phone session in her car. I shifted into mediumistic information coming from my client's mother. Her mother showed me an image of a 'taco shop' and my logic mind was trying to understand if the Spirit was conveying if my client recently had tacos or that the Spirit really enjoyed the food. My client shared that she was literally staring at a Taco Shop in her rear view mirror which emphasized how her mother was truly with her.


-I was reading for my client at her home which was at the time when I would travel for readings. I was facing my client's backyard while my client had a clear view of her front yard and the street. I suddenly received an image of roller blading. I didn't judge the vision and just shared what I received. At that exact moment, my client watched people on the street who passed by the window and they were roller blading.

Psychic Amnesia 

     Let’s further explain the experience of Psychic Amnesia which is when I sing a song to my client which cannot be validated at the time I receive the information even though my client is already aware of it. My client will be able to validate the song upon listening to the recording of the reading at another time or just by remembering the details after the reading. There are numerous times when information delivered during the reading are validated later leaving my client dumfounded because the information was not recalled. It varies from just one detail to an entire stream of information that my client is very much aware of but experiences a sensation akin to a deer in the headlights. The entire memory is seemingly wiped from my client's awareness when I communicate what I receive.


-I saw an image of the Rocky Mountains and I knew that it was referring to Colorado. My client could not connect with this introductory noun. I then received impressions that there is a girl that lives there with a “T” name and she is a singer. The song streamed through unvalidated and I was to move onto the next song. My client then said that he did know a girl with a “T” name that is his sister’s friend and is a singer who lives in Colorado in which he recently saw on social media/thought about.

-I was reading for my client and his father came through bringing introductory details for my client to ensure that this was definitely his father's spirit. I heard "mom" so I knew that the father wanted to talk about my client's mother. His father 'threw' the letter 'C' at my client's mother and that usually means to me that Spirit is naming the person that my attention is drawn to. I shared this 'sentence' and I stated that his mother was connected with a 'C' name. My client denied this and declared "No". I was absolutely sure of what I received and I knew that I interpreted the message accurately. Moments later when I moved onto the next bit of client was stunned. He validated that his mother's name begins with the letter 'C' and he apologized for his forgetfulness. 


Unknown Song

     There will be times that my client cannot connect with a 'song' being sung and it is not due to psychic amnesia. It is simply just unknown. It is in my hope that my client can look at these songs as opportunities for the Light to truly express the realness of this craft. I learned that I must truly honor and trust what I receive for I am not a telepath. I may also receive streams of information that may just seem so not possible to my client such as receiving a job promotion, buying a new car, being asked to move, a new person, etc… More often than not, that information can be validated at a later time as it falls into place.

-I heard “Lucy” and “Schnauzer”. My client was unaware of a Lucy or a schnauzer. This song came through during the middle of the reading, so my client had more trust in me because she could validate the other songs that were sung. Five minutes after this phone reading my client sent me a screenshot of a schnauzer named Lucy that she saw on Facebook. 


-I saw a power line and transformer explode which I interpreted as a power outage on the block. My client could not validate that this occurred recently. I then received information to validate the images I saw. I received a knowing that she had a female friend on her peer level with an 'A' name who has a son and a Mercedes. My client confirmed that she did had a friend with all of the details received. There was a power outage on my client's block a week or so later to validate the information I received.


-My client shared with me that the white car connected to the name "Jane" which I saw in the previous session was revealed to be my client's new landlord which was unbeknownst during the time of me receiving the details. 


-I received the download that my client was experiencing migraines. She denounced my statement and denied this to be true. One year later I read for her again and she let me know that I was indeed correct. A few days following her reading, she had an appointment with her doctor and was told that she was experiencing migraines. Optical migraines. 


-My client's grandfather joined the session. He shared enough details for my client to identify and to validate that it was her grandfather's energy. He mentioned that my client will be going to Ireland. I shared this with her and she denied this stating that there was no planned trip to Ireland. I told my client to hold on to the information. A week or so later, my client messaged me stating that the choir she is involved with will be taking a trip to Ireland which she will be joining. This shows how her grandfather was aware of an upcoming event out of my client's conscious awareness.


Consciously Aware Information Regarding Another Person

     Sometimes I will relay information received and then interpret it as something going on in my client's life which is not true. Instead, it is just something my client is aware of that pertains to someone else in his/her life. This piece of information is simply just used as validation. I encourage my client to let me know if I am not correct because I want him/her to sift through the songs being sung to accurately analyze if the streams of information were of the past, present, future, or about someone else. It is my job to say what I receive first and then interpret. I try to understand logically how the information is received. I noticed that I could be picking up on information about a living loved one of my client in which he/she would like to relay guidance.



-I concluded the energetic timeline for my client and then I saw a real estate sign, the letter “S”, and number “4”. I interpreted this as my client moving, there is someone with “S” name, and there are 4 people in the family. My client denied this information, but then expressed to me that her sister’s name begins with the letter “S” and she is a family of four that is currently moving. This shows how I incorrectly interpreted the information and that it was just something that was consciously known to my client to validate the introductory message.

 Frame of Reference

     Please note that everything filtered through my mind tool is of my own frame of reference. I am unable to receive something that I do not know. This means that I cannot receive a name of a medical diagnosis with seventeen characters that drops into my conscious mind. I would instead receive sensations, be drawn to various areas of the body, and be provided with other descriptors which my client could then understand as the medical diagnosis. I just am unable to know the exact names of things, but I can interpret the collection of impressions that I receive which my client can validate. I also can just logically think the information means one thing and my client will just know what the song meant without my interpretation.



     I may receive names of people in my client's life which he/she would deem “insignificant”. However, these names are significant to the reading if they are used as an introductory noun to establish the subject/time/setting. Names are an easy way for energy to identify the stream of incoming information. I could receive a name of someone my client works with along with other validating details about my client's work. I often receive names of people that my client just thought about or saw on social media along with other details as a way to validate the unknown information that was delivered prior to the name.


     Names are also an extremely easy and efficient strategy for energy to use as a validation of the subject/time/setting for the introductory noun. I could initially pick up on information about my client's work and then be given a name of a colleague, boss, and/or client.

     There are many names that I do not have available in my frame of reference. I could be picking up on some of the spelling of a name or a sound of the name. I may also have a knowing that the name I’m picking up on is the last name of a person that begins with a letter and sounds similar to another name.

     I request for my client to just please keep an open mind and observe the proceeding details after hearing a name.

Visions: Time & Labels

     When I receive an image clairvoyantly it is not accompanied with a time stamp. I do not "see time". We experience time linearly, however, there is only Now. I encourage my client to listen to the details that follow the introductory noun. I may see an image and receive details about a job and my logic mind may interpret it as the present, however, my client validates that it was a previous job. I could see and receive a layout of a home, but it is his/her childhood home that I am seeing. Sometimes I will receive an image with a knowing or feeling of a time, but that is not always the case. The images are also not labeled with a topic. In other words, I could be seeing images and it is actually a conversation my client just had or a reoccurring thought rather than something 'physical'. Visions will also come through as unconsciously known information at the time of the reading only to reveal itself to my client at a later time after the session or it was a case of Psychic Amnesia. 

Psychic Amnesia
Unknown Song
Others' Info
Time & Labels

Mediumistic: Information & Sessions


    Mediumship is a similar experience as when I receive psychic information, but the flow of information will reflect that I am connecting with the energy of a person who transitioned. I’ll personally feel a ‘magnetic pull’ to a particular source of information and I’ll receive impressions/thought patterns. 

     Spirits exist as Energy so it is important to note that this is not an experience that is 'logical' for this work is using the creative wiring of the human vessel to become an instrument. This is not like film and television so I wish to convey this so my client may understand this process with an open mind.


The Introductory Linking Phase

     When I first feel a shift from psychic information to mediumistic sensing (or when I make the intention for solely mediumship) I will immediately perceive a transitioned person trying to grab my attention. I will sense the relationship between my client and an age bracket of the transitioned person. Not all spirits abide to this rubric exactly. Some spirits all decide to talk at once during a session while other times the entirety of the reading is a connection to a singular entity. 


The sensations will manifest from this particular set-up:



Older than my client.

Client's Mother’s side of the family.

Very strong Mother Figure.

Connected through Mother’s side of the family of another person known to my client.



Older than my client.

Client's Father’s side of the family.

Very strong Father Figure.

Connected through Father’s side of the family of another person known to my client.


Peer level of my client.

Younger than my client.

Mix of non-family and family.

Sometimes older than my client who is unrelated. 


     Spirits introduces themselves through the above rubric to dictate the age relationship my client. Not every spirit provides their title such as Mother, Aunt, Grandmother, etc... Some may present themselves as their title in the introductory linking phase while others identify if they are older/younger than my client, position in the above rubric, and details that would signify their identity.

     Spirits want to make themselves known and want to show evidence of the survival of consciousness after bodily death and that consciousness exists outside of the body. They will work with me to the best of their ability to have my client know who joined the session. The transitioned person will establish more evidence of details of who they are in the first streams of information so my client can be consciously aware of who joined the reading. This is when my energy field will blend more strongly with spirit. Sometimes there are more than one who shows up during the introductory linking phase, but they will sort out who would like to begin the conversation.


      *Sometimes Spirits may talk all at once and completely ignore my rubric. 


     Please note that every transitioned person who comes through is also completely unique and that I also cannot guarantee that a specific person will join the session. They have their personalities manifested through how they use me as an instrument to deliver information. Some are such wonderful communicators. Some are shy and private. Some are eager to talk and overshadow the others who wish to speak. Mediumship varies and I can guarantee that I will just relay what I receive and then interpret to the best of my ability. Sometimes a spirit may join the session that my client does not know. There is always a reason and spirit will deliver enough details of who they are for their identity to be revealed after the session. 


     What Spirits discuss are similar to the songs being sung as directed in the Psychic Information section. It’ll be up my client to observe the information being sung to determine if it is consciously aware of or unconsciously known at the time of the reading. I do notice that the songs streaming will be what can be associated with the transitioned person speaking. Details of their life and my client's life will be received and shared which mirror similar examples above.


    As with psychic sessions, mediumistic sessions will involve unknown information relayed to my client. This could be due to Psychic Amnesia, information requiring research to learn if some family members may know, or information that has yet to reveal itself to my client regarding a future experience. 

     Majority of the information I receive does not make sense to me. They could show me an image or a mini-movie and it is actually just an old memory or something occurring right now. It is my job to only relay and deliver while my client sifts through and determines what it is. Images do not appear with a title stating that it is a memory of a family trip or a trip someone was discussing in the present. Reviewing the recording will help to piece the puzzle and make more sense for this is to truly show that I am not using telepathy - I am using mediumistic abilities. 


Spirit Dictionary

     I do observe much more creative use of interpretive symbology by spirit to get a meaning across to the sitter. The information shown to me will not be defined as ‘literal’ projections of thought. This can be perceived to be similar to the game of Charades.


     I have a library of ‘visual terminology’ they can pull because these were successfully interpreted images in pervious readings.


-Crumbled up paper + Podium = Spirit is acknowledging my client not speaking at the funeral service. My client's mother was speaking and referenced a series of images which I knew I was responsible to relay this message carefully and correctly. The mother showed me a hand writing a speech then she showed me the crumbled up paper + podium, and made me feel gratitude/love. I relayed to my client that the mother showed me the images to say that she is aware of the writing that my client was going to speak at the funeral service, but did not go through with it. She was saying, through how she made me feel, how she loved that and she appreciated the sitter's intention. My client validated that a member of her family told her not to read what was thoughtfully handwritten and to read something that was written by a published author. 

-Livestrong Bracelet: Work is being done in the name of spirit.

-Heart + Blood traveling to Brain: Stroke 

-Tombstone + Engraving + (Additional Detail): Tombstone's engraving  

& Many More!


     I will also literally feel things happen to my body. Its as if I am actually experiencing the transitioned person’s physicality translate into my being. I could feel my throat closing, lungs cannot inhale, pressure on my chest, etc… This will usually be used to identify a sensation for spirit. I do also experience physical sensations that the transitioned person is trying to talk about something that is occurring in my client's conscious awareness. I could feel issues with my jaw where I interpret as evidence of the transitioned person, but my client knows it is something that a living person is experiencing.


     Sometimes streams of information that comes through could be perceived as sentences. This would be like a series of impressions to discuss something incredibly specific rather than just speaking about one subject with one validation. Other times I can just be receiving one specific snapshot of a single item of information that the transitioned person will trust my client to understand such as a reference to a specific month, phrase, memory, name etc..


Sentences Examples

-Mother came through for my client. I received an impression of a living male on my client's peer level which I interpreted as his brother. The mother then “threw” the letter “J” at the introduced noun which I interpreted as the living brother’s name. She then made me feel neurological issues. My client validated that he has a brother that’s first name begins with the letter “J” who is experiencing those issues.


-Father came through for my client. I received the impressions of: “Train to Penn Station – Seeing a Broadway Show – 2/February”. I interpreted that as my client's father mentioning someone taking a train to Penn Station to see a Broadway show in February coming up. My client stated that her father went to Penn Station in February to see a Broadway show which is where and when he transitioned.

Interpretation vs Literal Imagery

     I try to the best of my ability to discern between the need for me to interpret an image or just relay what I see. Sometimes the image is meant to just be understood literally. These are examples of how my frame of reference is used to deliver a message:


-My client's grandmother showed me a scene of animals rising from the grave from Stephen King's Pet Sematary. I shared the movie in my mind, but I felt like I had to interpret it. My client stated his grandmother had no interest in Stephen King's work. I knew it was then meant to be interpreted so I divined the meaning. I explained how I felt that his grandmother was telling me that once a person is dead then they are dead and will not come back. My client then validated that his grandmother would often say that phrase. 


-A different client's grandmother showed me a scene in Stephen King's IT of George in his yellow rain gear following the paper boat floating on a stream of water. I shared what I saw and I admitted that I didn't know what she was trying to tell me. My client validated that his grandmother loved Stephen King's books. 

-My client's uncle showed me a spatula that was melting. I shared what I saw and attempted to interpret it. However, there was no need because my client validated a specific memory of her uncle revolving around a melting spatula.


    Pets of my clients do come through during mediumistic sessions. It is always a pleasure to be the voice for my client's animal family. Pets will communicate with me just as easily as Spirits who were humans. I do not have a large index of animal breeds for Spirits to use in my frame of reference, but I will detail the pets' features to the best of my ability. Pets often describe how they transitioned and then speak about whatever they wish. 


-I felt a pull to a dog that was trying to grab my attention. The dog presented itself with yellow fur and was medium sized. I received information about how the dog transitioned, but I admittedly do not recall the details while writing this example. What I do remember is the information that streamed through from my client's pet. The dog showed me a blue stuffed animal. My logic mind was thinking that it belonged to the dog. I was wrong. My client shared that the blue stuffed animal belonged to her and that it was one of her most cherished toys as a child. The dog then proceeded to show me a layout of a home. This home had a staircase immediately facing the door. I received a 'mini-movie' of going up the stairs and having a bedroom on the right. My client validated that I was seeing her childhood home, directed to her childhood bedroom, which was when the dog was alive as well as when she had the blue stuffed animal. 

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     I state that my accuracy rating is dependably between 70% - 90%. Any person who calls himself/herself a psychic and/or medium who claims to be 100% accurate is lying. All information relayed to my client is through my frame of reference within the ever-present now moment. Psychically, I am reading my client based upon their current energy that is building momentum. Some potentials shared that are unrealized during the time of the session could be housed in time that is dependent on my client's free will choices which would align the unknown 'song' into my client's reality. Mediumistically, every spirit communicates through me dependent on their capabilities so some may not be good communicators quite yet. Psychic and Mediumistic information are also subject to my error based upon my interpretation. This is why I try to explain so much about what I experience to my client so he/she is informed about The Experience. Also, just like with any other profession, my state of being before/during the session greatly effects the quality of the reading. This is why I reschedule appointments if I feel like my energy is off and/or I am navigating through personal obstacles. I greatly value my business and the services I offer.

     I do not mind skepticism because I believe every person should be skeptical about everything they are told and not to take things at face value. Follow your whole-mind: the blend of intuition and logic. My testing process for Mark Ireland involved five double-blind readings which were scored with a rubric. I suggest my potential clients to watch the transmission I recorded about the testing process here.


     The spectrum of what I can receive is creatively unpredictable. Every reading I do is a complete adventure into the unknown where I allow this expanded awareness of cosmic intelligence to move into this plane of existence through me. It is my hope that my client understands what he/she are purchasing when a session is booked with me. I wish for my client's expectations to align with the actual service I can provide so I may help. It is the connection between me, my client, and the higher realms which produce the quality of the reading.

     Readings are intended for my client to truly experience the power in trusting intuition because all that I am doing is trusting the thought patterns I receive. This can be an incredibly joyful, perception altering session for anyone who wishes to keep an open mind and who is led by curiosity of the unknown. I may not be 100% accurate, but the overall accuracy and breath of the information delivered during the reading supports the realness of psychic and mediumistic ability when understood properly through the experience. 


     This work transformed my life and expanded my awareness tremendously. I now experience a higher form of reality and it is my intention to anchor in a spiritually organic timeline of humanity’s evolution. We are truly consciousness expressing ourselves through these physical avatars.

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