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3 Examples of the Type of Person who'd Benefit from a Reading

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

I was inspired to write this entry after watching Astrologer Maria DeSimone's YouTube video titled Don't Follow Astrology If.... This was very enlightening and I appreciated her delivery and her information. I actually watched a few of her videos detailing her journey to become a professional astrology so maybe you may also benefit from browsing her channel.

This led me to think about what type of person who would benefit from a Reading.

1. The type of person who understands the Cycles of our Lives - the challenging moments and the moments blanketed by beauty. Being alive on Earth, being a Human navigating life, is incredibly difficult. It is not easy. There are beautiful Highs and crushing Lows. I feel like a person needs to understand that it is our strength that will carry us through life's most difficult moments. It is for the type of person who is not willing to blindly go through life with rose-colored glasses nor is it for the type of person who is unwilling to transform as the fires of life create an opportunity to forge swords from steel. Ultimately, readings are to empower you without sugarcoating information as well as to deliver tough information delicately and compassionately.

The type of person who isn't scared by contemplating challenging events occurring. This is where many of the "New Age" material broadcasted throughout social media platforms promote ungrounded notions that enable listeners to disassociate from their lived human experience, their emotions, and what it means to really be a human.

The type of person who also isn't driven to be of Doom and Gloom. An authentic practitioner of PSYCHISM will deliver the challenging information as well as STRATEGIES to help you TRANSFORM the energy so you are EMPOWERED. Doom and Gloom Scrollers are tethered to their hopelessness and are unwilling to pull away from Black/White Thinking.

2. The type of person who is ready to Explore with an Open Mind, Healthy Skepticism, and Discernment. Clearly...this field is not regulated. This field is rattled with scams, con-artists, and snake oil. This field is also full of many kind-hearted people who discovered their talents, honored their talents, developed their talents, and realized the immense benefits to share their talents with others. The type of person who is Curious. Who desires to receive assistance and information through means that are of the human's extrasensory capabilities. Every developed, trained, and authentic psychic medium that I had the pleasure to meet are very devoted to his/her craft and are not blindly following delusional, fantasy material under the guise of "Psychic Information".

Authentic practitioners of PSYCHISM realized that they are receiving accurate information funneled through the lens of the reality of Psychic and Mediumistic Skills. They understood that it is their job to learn about their skills and to accurately describe their skills to those who desire a reading so the clients' perceptions and expectations are aligned with the actual reality of PSYCHISM. To defy the delusional fantasy role playing material and to demonstrate PSYCHISM as a mirror of clients' own intuitive abilities.

You have to have an Open Mind. You will waste your time, energy, and money scheduling a reading when you're trying to validate your Misperceptions and your believed Falsities about the Reality of the Sacred Intuitive Arts. This is why I always equate Readings to Board Games. You cannot play a board game and refuse to acknowledge the Instruction Manual. It's like you're about to play Monopoly with your skewed perceptions of the game and then force the other players, who are knowledgable about Monopoly, to validate back to you your inaccurate perceptions and rule book. Authentic Psychic Mediums know what their craft is and know how they can help people with their Real Skills and Talents instead of conforming to the Lies portrayed in media.

3. The type of person who is genuinely seeking Help, who is asking for Help, and who is willing to integrate the information into his/her life. Every Psychic Medium that I know does not go up to random people on the street and provide them with information without being asked. I quickly learned that I can only help those who seek my help. People can only benefit from a reading, especially Psychic Readings, when they accept that they are responsible for their lives and they can use the information given throughout a reading to navigate the energy forecast.

I observed that I can receive and relay accurate information that is then followed by guidance, inspiration, encouragement, and suggestions. A client validates that he/she is aware of XYZ - Evidential Information. Not vague nonsense - and they then discount or do not act on the guidance and suggestions. I also observed clients who integrate the information and worked with the information as Clues to unpack in the Game Board of Life.

A person has to be willing to Change. This pertains to every profession that helps people navigate life.

Readings with clients who understand what readings actually are, how readings can help them, and understands that they are to use the Psychic Medium as a Tool....they are absolutely magnificent and a joy to work with!

I worked with people deeply immersed in horrible divorces, custody battles, business issues, and more. They were able to perceive me accurately as a tool. They were able to validate what they were aware of and then hold onto the pieces of information not yet revealed. They were able to use the Foresighted Knowledge given to them to navigate probable, potential events that were brewing in the energy forecast. Now...some things revealed to be true following a reading were unavoidable. Other things were potentials that could be avoided if the client chooses a different path.

Truly, the Type of Person who'd Benefit from a Reading is someone who sincerely desires to use the Psychic and Mediumistic Service as a Tool to navigate life. To use a Medium as a tool to receive evidence that his/her loved ones are still very much alive while in energy form. To use a Psychic as a tool to receive information about current events, possible/probable future events, and to act on the guidance that is validated by evidential information that is known during the reading.

Psychic Mediums are humans who went through the same cultural and societal influences as every other human. They are to mirror to you your Intuitive Potential, be an example of your Intuitive Instrument, and to be a Lighthouse.


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