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Astral Jungle! Piercing Ceilings & Embodying Awareness.

8:13am 6-25-22

The ceilings constructed on our world-view-perception are as cavernous as the caves in which we hide aspects of reality for challenges to our paradigm are greeted as easily as we wish to remain comfortable.

Psychic attacks are orchestrated to confuse the human avatar into a deeper state of madness to conform to the insane inversion of our current collective consciousness.

A major difficulty I have with listening to and reading many psychic and medium material is this unwillingness to break the ceiling with a purpose to construct a higher level of awareness. I find too many “mystics” clinging to the sunshine and rainbows paradox without acknowledging the urges housed within those who are void of the Light.

It is mirrored in practices which do not acknowledge the “bad” information coming through during a session. Intuitives clinging to the flaccid understanding of reality which is designed by occult forces to prohibit human consciousness from expanding into a deeper sense of reality’s construct.

Psychic attacks are incredible real and I have battled many entities throughout my journey of awakening. These attacks ensnare my mind tool with a plague of unconscious wounding which is the hook for entities to enter and manipulate my energy field.

I spoke about this in a few of my transmissions. This is a delicate subject to introduce to people which is often met with eye-rolls and laughter. To perceive this aspect of reality is to destroy the ceiling to further evolve consciousness.

I remember a specific day when I worked at a day job. A sudden and an intense confusion blanketed my awareness in which I was actively doubting the realness of my abilities. I find that even logic does not make sense. 1 + 1 does not = 2. A severe chokehold on my ability to comprehend life through what I am actively experiencing. A tremendous doubt in that which I experience.


For you reading this post, have you allowed yourself to break the ceiling? Are you ready to immerse your consciousness into the nooks and crannies of reality? To shine your light on aspects of yourself which are actively psychically attacked?

I always say that the students of Hogwarts engage with learning material regarding the dark forces through their Defense Against The Dark Arts classes. That is a true Light Wizard. Someone who is able to embody the awareness of the Light Forces and the Dark Forces.

I was guided to purchase ‘Psychic Self-Defense’ by Dion Fortune. I found it as a resource listed on

May you anchor the bravery necessary to push through cognitive dissonance, gaslighting, and general flaccid spiritual teachings so you can master your life’s path with greater ease.


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