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Bonobo, Imagination, Laughter! Pineal Gland: Antenna.


Uploaded 1-18-22

Hello. Light Wizards. So today is a bonobo day. When I woke up, I just started seeing things, seeing this smiling little ape. And lo and behold, it was a bonobo. And I'm going to read the passage. And then we're going to dissect. All right. So today also is the 18th of January 2022. However, this can be obviously listened to and used in your synchronistic journey through the ever unfolding journey of life. All right, Bonobo. The intelligence of a man or woman is determined by their resilience, perseverance and adaptation to life's challenges. By way of the imaginative world today is to plug out a plot to plug our psyche back into the solution fix, which is invoked by swimming in daydreams. Let us break out of the scar tissue, the calcified pineal gland, the cancerous logic mine, which was overfed with poisonous preys to lock us into a cyborg reality. Consciously making it a point to laugh every day, bursts, light through our vessel and blast us off into a dimension where the dark forces cannot comprehend.

The land where God dwells. The Promised Land depicted in scrolls of yesteryear. Psychic and medium basic abilities are housed in the imaginative faculties of the human. Human. Get yourself into a practice of allowing images to flow into your mind to all without you manufacturing the sites. We are remembering our birth birthright, remembering our organic nature by breaking the cyborg takeover. And it's a little bit of a. Cute little thing. And we have a couple of things to unpack in there. And I'm sorry if this is a little not ad vanced or I should say repetitive for you light wizard if you're familiar with this stuff already. But this could just be a helpful reminder. But you know. The imaginative faculties of our brain. Help us problem solving, help us think of new solutions. Be in innovation, be in creation. We understand and we understand. This is why the school system has been turning kids into little drones for the government. To be more big pharma slaves and. To delete their intuition, their creativity. Critical thinking. We understand this. And it's been going on for a hot minute or more than a couple of hot minutes.

However. You and I most likely are around the same age or older or younger. And we went through the indoctrination program and we were able to get out. So this is not a doom and gloom thing. It's just awareness. And remembering that we chose to incarnate into the low frequency control program to learn lessons that really can only be learned in that type of environment and then heal ourselves. Learn what we had to learn. And then bring through the High Frequency Freedom Program and then implement it in our life to change. So there's no victim mentality here. It's just this is the realm of experience that we're living in the bonobo. This totem, the symbol, this archetype. This collection of impressions housed in this image. Of a bonobo. Is talking about really swimming in imagination. And. This can be through a couple of ways. You know, just picking up a pen and paper and start doodling, getting a bunch of color watercolors and start painting. Learning a new instrument. Just exercising your throat chakra and singing. Anything too, just simply that creativity and then just start daydreaming again. Because when I say this time and time again, when I'm just doing a reading for somebody, I'm telling the person my daydream that I had while I did the initial impressions, as well as what continues to occur while I am in the session at the time. Where my body is used as an instrument.

Sights. Hearing, feeling. Knowing. Sometimes smelling. Tasting. That's just what it is. And that is an aspect of you and I, because we're still we're both the same species of animal. In the laughter aspect. Especially over the last two years. It was ramped up to. Conspire to get us really disconnected from our larger aspects of ourselves. However, the God forces smart and knew we had to go down this deep little tsunami, go be hit by the tsunami to rise above better than ever. And at first begins with you and I consciously making a point to laugh every day somehow. One thing I recommend that I find hysterical. Everybody's sense of humor is different. But if you Google or YouTube, David is dead and you see New York Tiffany on this Big Brother UK show. It's funny to me and that may be funny to you, but find something to laugh at every day, or even just laugh at the absurdity of what's going on in the world. I. I made a post yesterday because the energy of Hades and not that I think that. My understanding of like. Gods goddesses have evolved. And now I don't think that this Hades energy is a literal God laughing, but it is just that energy inside of us that invokes death. To destroy that which needs to be gone to create newness.

So I read this little post of Haiti's. No. I can see it. I will. You? You know, Hades and Hades just kicking back and enjoying his energy, working magic to destroy all the illusions. Allopathic medicine's domination, identity built from the matrix and pedestals. Because that's Pluto. Haiti's the death of everything and the Panopto data, let's call it also talked about the pineal gland. Excuse me. And. Once again, Wizard. I'm sure you've definitely heard about becoming supernatural by Dr. Jo dispenser. If you have it. Oh, this is a perfect little toolkit to go around. And we're going to talk about the pineal gland. Now, there's a lot in here about the pineal gland. So we're not going to talk about everything, but like whether we know what fluoride does. We know about the pollution in our food, water, air. However we understand. That we are here to transmit that and we are doing that. Slowly but surely. All right. So this is in the pineal gland chapter and it is tuning into higher dimensions, the pineal gland as a transducer. Depending on the translation you're using in Matthew 622 Jesus said, If I be single, my whole body shall be full of light. I believe he was talking about activating the pineal gland because this allows us to experience a broader spectrum of reality.

Many of our students can attest to the fact that when their pineal gland becomes activated, when they fully connect with the unified field, their whole body becomes filled with energy and light, beginning from the cosmic field. Energy from beyond their senses enters through the top of their head and travels due down throughout their whole body. When this occurs, they experience downloadable information beyond their memory base or the predictable knowns of their daily lives. And it all begins with the chemical alteration of melatonin in the pineal gland. In all my research about the pineal gland, I have evolved my own understanding of it into the following definition. The pineal gland is a crystalline superconductor that sends as well as receives information through the transduction of energetic vibrational signals. Frequency beyond the senses, also known as the quantum field. And translate it translates it into build biological tissue. The brain in the mind in the form of meaningful imagery. The same way as an antenna translates different channels onto a TV screen. Which is why I really. Yes, you could say I'm psychic medium, but I also say antenna radio.

None of that gender bullshit politics in here. Sorry, I just. I can't take that work culture. Oh. Guess I'll take. I'm in a funny mood. You have to laugh about this stuff. You know, this insanity. Insanity? When the pineal gland is activated because you now have this tiny antenna in your brain, the higher the frequency it picks up, the more energy it exerts toward altering and transmuting the chemistry of melatonin as a result of this change in chemistry. You're going to get a very different experience from what melatonin normally produces. Perhaps a better way to say it is that you're going to get a clearer picture. Think of it this way. The higher the frequency, the more you experience will feel like you've gone from the pictures of a 1960s television screen to a 360 degree IMAX 3-D experience, complete with surround sound. Melatonin, the dreaming neurotransmitter evolves into a more powerful, lucid neurotransmitter to make our dreams more real. Throughout this process, the pineal gland has a coconspirator called the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland looks like a pear and sits behind the bridge of the upper nose right in the middle of the brain. Side note pituitary gland.

I remember back in the day as told by Ginger, I think they were talking about the pituitary gland, about puberty, and that just finally is popping into my head. It's bonobo. Weird to laugh. Me, me, me, me, me. The front intent in interior part of it is responsible for making most of the chemicals that influence the glands and hormones associated with each of our energy centers. Once a pineal gland is activated and it release certain upgrade metabolites, the back posterior of the pituitary gland weakens, causing it to produce two important chemicals oxytocin and vasopressin. The first chemical oxytocin is known to produce elevated emotions that cause your heart to swell with love and joy. It's been referred to as a chemical of emotional connection or the bonding hormones hormone. When oxytocin levels are elevated above normal, most people experience intense feelings of love, forgiveness, compassion, joy, wholeness and empathy. Now, on an interstate, you probably be willing to trade for something outside of you. These states are, after all, the beginning of unconditional love. When oxytocin levels go beyond a certain level, research shows that it's difficult to hold a grudge. In a study conducted by scientists at the University of Zurich, Zurich, 49 participants played a variation of what is known as the trust game. 12 consecutive times.

Excuse me. In this game and invest. Yeah, an investor with a certain amount of money must decide either to keep it or to share it. Some share some of it with another player called the trustee. Whatever the sum the investor shares with the trustee is automatically tripled. The trustee is then faced with the decision, keep all the money, leaving the investor with nothing, or share the troubled sum with the investor who is obviously hoping to make a profit. Basically, the either or decision comes down to betrayal, while a selfish act is a win for the trustee and leaves the investor at a loss. But what if oxytocin is introduced into the equation? In this study, the researchers gave some players a squirt of oxytocin in their nose before the game, giving the other squirt a placebo. The researchers then took MRI. Functional magnetic resonance imaging scans of the investors brains as they made their decisions regarding the amount to invest and whether or not to trust. After the first six rounds, investors were given feedback on their investments and were notified that their trust had been betrayed. About half of the time, their participants who received the placebo before playing the game felt angry and betrayed. So they invest as much less in the closing six rounds.

The participants who received a squirt of oxytocin, however, invested the same amount as they had in the first rounds, despite having been betrayed. The MRI scans showed the key areas of the brain affected where the amygdala associated with fear, anxiety, stress and aggression. And the dorsal striatum, which guides future behaviors based on positive feedback. Participants who received the oxytocin had much lower activity in the amygdala, equating to less anger and fear of being betrayed again, as well as fear of a financial loss. They also had much lower activity in the dorsal striatum, meaning they no longer needed to rely on positive results to make future decisions. As this study demonstrates, the moment the posterior pituitary releases, its chemicals and oxytocin level goes up. This shuts down the survival sensors in the brain's amygdala, meaning it cools off the circuits for fear, sadness, pain, anxiety, aggression and anger. Then the only thing we feel is a love for life. We've measured the levels of oxytocin in our students before and after our workshops at the conclusion of the event. Some of them had elevated their levels significantly. When we interviewed those students.

Many of them kept saying, I'm just so in love with my life and everyone in it. I never want this feeling to go away. I want to remember this feeling forever. This is who I really am. Now there's a lot more to read, like whether you should have this book in your arsenal of spell books. Let's say your library of. Mystic texts. And I think what that is with the whole bonobo thing and what I've been talking about so far is. You know, the the mechanics of the low frequency control program is to cut us out of our pituitary gland and to keep our body dysregulated and horrible pollution fucking with our hormones. And why? But when we become empowered by this knowledge, we're able to make decisions differently and then create that high frequency freedom program. And it's the pineal gland and its effects and whatnot. And. That's what we're doing. You know, we're coming out of the. The trauma of the last two years. And we're moving into unity because people are really realizing that everything in the division was manufactured by the elites. I think this is really the awakening is occurring. To all those who are answering the call. Enjoy daylight wizards.

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