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Burning Mandala! Synchronistic Jung-Wave.

Transcript Burning Mandala! Exorcise Pleasing Trap.

Uploaded 1-19-22

Hello light wizards some fresh off the bike and I went through a beautiful I have to say purification ritual intention. Which correlates corresponds is in congruence, alliteration, power with today's totem, which actually is not an animal. It is Sailor Mars, the fire priestess. And side note. The these symbols are the energy decoded through my frame of reference, my lens of perception. Where I'm able to most, most easily of most is decode the energy. So it's not always an animal. Sailor Mars. Burning Mandala. Today's energy is encoded in the symbolic data of Sailor Mars, the fire priestess. Let us burn the lie of the self-fulfilling prophecies which were birthed through the events housed in yesteryear. The events which told us to behave and to please so we can be rewarded with praise. So I'm so catch my breath. I literally just got off the bike. Oh, excuse me. Let us create a space to image purification flames to surround our bodies so we can ritualized the sacred act of exorcizing exorcizing.

The compulsion to need others to praise us by complying with our lists of traits, deeds, accomplishments, etc. which would deem us worthy of acceptance. The fiery purification adds a physical component. Let us find a way to sweat out this energy as we are bathed in imaginative flames. Imaginative flames, cardio, sauna, what have you. Anything to physically purge this compliance code programed throughout our lives. The self-fulfilling prophecy begging to be reformatted is manifesting through our ill feelings. When we are confronted with the choice to stand by our principles, speak the objective truth, share our opinion, and go our own path. We are burning the ingrained need to be a people pleaser. We are acknowledging that not everyone will like us, nor is everyone supposed to like us. We are to be gods in this realm, not servants. Oh. And I had a. And not an awakening but an awareness to some aspects of my. Oh, I think there's the delay with the camera, but I'm sure you can hear me fine. So it is what it is. Mercury is a good. I had an awareness to. When I was in fourth grade, Mrs. Bethel's class. And every morning she had a list of. I guess working to do where you had to pull this textbook outline, do another one. There's like five of them, let's say, and I and my little government drone, little Jake. Needed to be the first one done. It needed to be the one to get the praise from Mrs. Bethel. I needed that. Figure to praise me for finishing the quickest. So we're going to do what I did. Okay.

So we're going to connect with the God force. And we're going to imagine. Flames. Circling us. Red, orange, yellow. Flames. And we're feeling the heat of these flames. And these flames are. Calling out a memory of ours. Where we. We're trying to get. Praise for pleasing someone else's list of x, y, z, which we deem is worthy to receive that praise. Oh. And what's coming in right now. For me, and I'm going to be honest, because, you know, people let me read them in their lives. So. And this is a reflection for you. So. My mother. I remember this one memory. Where? In the kitchen. And it's coming back full swing. I had to have been 13, 12. Fat kid. And she was telling me, you know, you have to lift weights. Girls won't like you. And I was very. Affected by that. Memory. But now with these flames, right. We're understanding that that was just her projection of her and her guilt and her shame. Because I was a fat kid because of the foods that she had me. It's okay, Mother. She passed away when I was 13, so.

For this type of work, we need to really be honest with ourselves and see what comes out. Because what's going on in the world right now? Is an external reflection of. That pain inside of us and our compliance code. The need to please an authoritarian figure. So now we're seeing it all externally with the diapers and these unlawful injustices x, y, z. So that we can move inside and invoke these flames. And exorcize destroy vanquish the need to please other people. And get out of that loop, that self-fulfilling prophecy. Which is housed in. Those events from yesteryear that we haven't healed yet regarding having to please other people and live up to their expectations. So today is a. Burning Mandala day. And I didn't pick a book, but I feel like I'm supposed to pick one. So we're going to go to. Where are we going? Mm hmm. I think I'm supposed to pick Cynthia Sue Larson. Reality Shifts When Consciousness Changes the physical world. By Cynthia Sue Larson. Let's see what we pick. Chapter five literally just opened up to it, allowing reality shifts. Nothing is too good to be true. Open yourself to change.

Life is a journey, not a destination. Reality shifts helped me realize that many more possibilities exist than we are typically aware of. If a woman can be walking down the street towards me one minute and begin the next, I've seen a vivid demonstration of the universe's infinite array of choices. We make choices about whether or not to go for a walk and whether or not we become more conscious about how we live and interact with the universe. Even though we all are in the midst of changing every day, most of us resist making conscious changes. We prefer to believe we have already made enough changes. We don't need to change. We will change later or we can't change. So there's no point in thinking about it. We also might feel our life is not under our control, that we behave as we do because we're not responsible for our attitudes, actions and beliefs. The truth is that each one of us can be fully responsive and responsible, and it usually takes less energy to change than it does to fight changes. We may or may not be able to control what others do, but we can always control how we respond to what is going on around us. We can choose to view ourselves as struggling, or we can gain a higher perspective of our life. And trust will receive exactly what we need.

Life can be viewed as flowing and moving much like a river. When we allow ourselves to change, life carries a swiftly and surely past difficult rapids in our lives and onward to living a life we can better enjoy. To gain a better appreciation for just how good change can be for you. Take a moment to think about how you've changed in the past ten years. Consider things you've discussed with friends recently and imagine having those same discussions ten years ago. Chances are you're a very different person than you were just ten years earlier. Think about what you'd like to be feeling and doing ten years from now, and imagine that you are shifting reality every moment to bring yourself to the future you most desire. When you think about changes you've made in the past, consider how much easier transitions could have been if you'd spent less emotional energy resisting and had relaxed and trusted inspiration.

Your favorite memories likely have to do with choices you made that stressed you beyond what you'd previously experienced. Such choices are exhilarating and a bit scary. Our greatest joys in life are usually associated with taking risks that work out well and emotionally. Risk taking his greatest in our relationships with family and friends. Synchronicity. And that correlates I would say with sailor Mars is archetype totem of today which is destroying. The thinking loop pattern in our behavior for people pleasing you make those changes to shift our reality for what we really want and to be a God in our realm and not a servant. Enjoy De la wizard's.

Transcript Mandala & Jung: Individuation! Example Of Synchronicity.

Uploaded 1-19-22

Hello. I was there. So I need to detail this synchronistic. Oh, I don't even know what. What would you even call it? A gravitational force. A a dancing pattern of events that accumulated into this. Just like, oh, I live in a holographic universe. Everything is connected. So. This is my second post for January 19th, 2022. And when I woke up this morning, I was. Planted with the image of. Sailor Mars as the symbol totem for today's energy waiting to channel through me for my Instagram post and then the subsequent video. And Sailor Mars was doing her attack called Burning Mandala. So we go through the post. You and I. I record it, we listen, we think, oh, interesting. And the energy through this post was about purification, exercising, exorcizing, releasing, purging, removing our need to people. Please. Removing our need to abide by everybody's lists of expectations or why not to receive their praise. Detaching from. That compulsory need to comply with other standards, in essence.

Now. I would say maybe four or five days ago, I felt the need to. Really start. To. Study, learn, read about Carl Young's work. Now, I actually do have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. But, you know, I feel like my. Four year degree was more about discovering. Psychic. Niceness. My psychic ability, as I've spoken about in many other transmissions. And I've been really pulled to Carl Young because he talks about the archetypes and I'm starting to really understand more about my psychic ability when it comes to symbolic sign. Because literal images like, Oh, I'm looking at a white car with scratches on the left side and there's a sticker on the bumper. That's a literal image. That's not something. That is of symbolism. However, we know through the transmission that I do when I see something symbolic, it looks symbolic like it's nine times out of ten that most likely a symbolic image. Like Sailor Mars. Burn burning manure. Which brings me to so today. I received in the mail the book that I bought, the archetypes and the collective consciousness, collective unconscious. It's called Young Buck. And I was reading through a random on page 35. Been reading it for the last hour or so. Really just diving into it and.

Here comes synchronicity. We're going through. And he brings up Mandela's. So I'll read this passage and we shall discuss. So we get to this chapter or paragraph, I should say. And he was just reviewing an old dream of. Some of that he knew, and he was pretty much talking about archetypes through that dream. So this is where it comes in and this is all tied together. Now what is paradise? Clearly the Garden of Eden, with its two faced tree of life and knowledge and its four streams. In the Christian version, it is also the heavenly city of the Apocalypse, which, like the Garden of Eden, is conceived as a mandala. But the mandala is a symbol of individuation. So it is the black magician who finds the key to the solutions, find the keys to the solution of the problems of belief. Weighing on the dreamer, the keys it open the way of individuation. The contrast between desert and paradise therefore signifies isolation as contrasted with individuation or the becoming of the self. So my light was your friend.

This for you is really just. A beautiful tapestry connection, example of synchronicity. Of the psychic realm. The Burning Mind. The Salle Mars. And the subsequent events and the meeting from that to Cody through me, to you, through the Instagram posts in that video, I made transmission. And then finding this book. To be in my hands today. So I already. But I had no idea about Mandala when I bought this. No idea. And then actually look in the back, it says, concerning Mandela's symbolism. And there are Mandela's in here. So I guess is also is just an example of. The realm of the unconscious, the psychic realm. The Individuation process for you and I. And this is just also a fucking cool example. Enjoy your daily wizards.

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