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Cardio: Meditation! Confront The Boss Monster.



Hello. Light Wizards. Ha. So I always start off my transmissions with cell. So I literally just got off of my new exercise bike that I had downloaded to buy because I live in New York. As I said before, and I am repeating myself that Lord Evil Cult Leader said we need to wear diapers at the gym and indoor places, even though there is no executive order and people are still complying. Anyway, I digress. And that actually will come in that little. This transmission is about cardio. And I'm not someone who is a giant fitness expert. I'm just somebody who went from obese to fat to obese again to fit again. And I love cardio for the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional benefits. Cardio is my meditation. When I'm when I we used to go the gym, I would not use the treadmill. I would do elliptical because I plant my body. It goes on autopilot and I just allow my mind to flow, flow, flow, fly. And now that I have my exercise bike at home, I just wake up, make my potions, go downstairs and go swim.

And this is when the the the meat of our transmission comes in. We're going to oh, we're going to just go with what's popping my head first. Okay. So the physical and also so we have the physical body and the emotional spiritual body and the ethereal body, natural body, whatever you want to call it, obviously. Get your heart moving, pumps blood through your body, endorphins going in your brain and through the body. You good stuff. And you also sweating and letting out all that garbage that we put in her body willfully, as well as what's coming at us from the dark magicians tactics. But then we also have our energy body. It's just swirling up and it's getting ready to flow and it's getting activated. And when I don't meditate, like sitting down. No. I got to fix this, okay? I do it on the bike, and I don't do it with the intention of shutting my mind down and being still. I do it with the intention of just having the daydream and just watching what happens. So this is when I get good, good, great ideas, innovation, inspiration, inspired in spirit.

Like, I just had the download for my website to evolve and I was getting the plans when I was on the exercise bike and then we get the shit that wants to come up, mental patterns that we still have that are asking to be broken, emotional patterns that are coming up, facing the way that we handle our day to day world and the like, and also traumas from the past. So it's a very healing aspect. And as your physical body gets more strong, you feel more strong and equipped to tackle those inner demons akin to and this is the download that I had not 20 minutes ago. Think about video games and why not? There's a boss monster that is guarding treasure and that boss monster is symbolic and representative of the emotional trauma conquered in your vessel, the mental patterns of disempowerment, victimization, worthlessness, yadda, yadda, yadda.

In that boss lord, along with the things that you are unwilling to change within yourself, so on and so forth. But when you level up, you build your body up, you grow, your skills develop, you're able to slay that boss demon and boss lord the boss monster to get that treasure. And then there's another boss, Lord. Endless RPG. But this is the point. For me, cardio is wonderful. I do it not really for weight loss or weight management, to be honest. That's what like I used to do it for. But then I found the other devout benefits, especially as my practice grew and I realized this is where creativity lies. It's the kick start to your day. May this inspire you. Jerry de la Wizard.

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