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Child Archetype & Layers of the Total Psyche

I'm going to illustrate to you the threads of synchronicities that were woven together to show me a new layer to peel within my Subconscious so that I have an opportunity to move ahead in clearer alignment with my Optimal Path.

As I've said many times...Mediumship (and PSYCHISM) leaves me with a lot of questions that I never know if I'll ever get the answers to them. MYSTERIES as they say.

I'm nearly finished with the book Journey: A Map of Archetypes to Find Lost Purpose in a Sea of Meaninglessness by Beth Martens. This came into my life on October 2nd 2023. I felt compelled to read her book since her life was greatly inspired by the book Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss. Archetypes. The Hero's Journey. I read Caroline's book a few years ago and this was a wonderful tool to use as a Reflector/Mirror of my Psyche. So! When I found Beth's book, it was a no brainer for me to purchase!

Journey walked me through a series of Archetypes that Beth found to be important to the Hero's Journey. My attention was smacked with a Flashlight when I read the Child Archetype. This was an Illumination of my Unhealthy Child Archetype expressing in patterns that were preventing me from a clearer alignment with my Optimal Path.

Patterns of Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions that were tied to a Subconscious Fear of believing that I am able to be Responsible for my Life. Alllll while triggering deep Subconscious Foolish Beliefs that no one likes me, that I'm not good enough, that everyone is just going to make fun of me.

These beliefs were cemented into my Subconscious because of years of bullying, not feeling like I fit in, and also my interests and passions were/are outside of Normal Mainstream XYZ. Hellllllo PSYCHISM!

This past week, I received the download from Higher Mind to record and publish my Psychic Development Circle. I was led to a YouTube video which taught me how to use Quicktime on my mac so I could record the screen while also record my voice.

I learned that Higher Mind really provides PRACTICAL instruction and that we must cultivate our ability to FLEX our Intuitive Muscle so we can have a deeper awareness and healthy guidance throughout our day to day experience.

Well! Recording my Psychic Development Circle was....absolutely brilliant! It ILLUMINATED all of these DEEP WOUNDS housed within my Subconscious / Unconscious / Underworld. The PDC teaches about the Great Inner Work and the process of Soul anchoring deeper into the body while forcing a series of Purging of unhealthy XYZ undercurrents to release.

As I was recording and uploading the slides....I was in states of Observance to see the Undercurrents of my Unhealed Child Archetype running thought-emotion-action loops. My Unhealed Child Archetype was given space to be acknowledged and it really was an experience of holding space for that wounded little Jake from childhood/teenage years and even young adult/college years.

I was given the opportunity to see how DEEPLY I have an Undercurrent of Self-Loathing and LIES that no one will like me, everyone will make fun of me, and that I'm of no use to the world.

But! Here is the tricky trick. The Flashlight/Lighthouse shined onto these Undercurrents. My TASK is to Reprogram my Total Psyche. I see these undercurrents and I must not allow myself to Identify with them, not to remain in Victim Consciousness, not to have my Inner Wounds become my Identity...I am to Insert Truths when these patterns emerge.

Habit of Thought.

The last few days were very enlightening. I wasn't in a loop of beating myself up. It was actually quite wholesome to see these Layers of my Psyche show themselves so I can heal them and rewire those patterns to align with my Optimal Path. I was just the Observer and now I am the Electrician of the Psyche so I can connect and create new patterns.

I also was DEEPLY Proud of myself. With all of my Knowledge and Wisdom and Experience. How I put myself into new situations. I overcame my Obesity. I DARED to be BRAVE enough to go into this world sharing my developed Psychic and Mediumistic Skills.

It was just a new Layer REVEALING itself to me so I can mend/heal then move onto the next leg of my Hero's Journey. I was astonished with this Revelation because I thought those Scripts detailed above vanished.

It is about the process of Healing and Psychic Development is ultimately about the relationship between You and You and You and You and You. To descend into the Unconscious and SHINE LIGHT on the patterns ruling your life that were cemented into your Subconscious from XYZ experience.

It is about you Reclaiming your Free Will and your Optimal Path as you discard and sacrifice the patterns of Lies you believe to Truths about yourself.


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