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CHROMATICA BALL. Lemme tell you my observations as I was prettttty freaked out at some points lmao.

We open up with hypnotic visuals and sounds as Gaga comes onto stage in what looked like a QUEEN BLACK CHESS PIECE COCOON. Bad Romance plays and it literally spooooked me as she emerged from the cocoon (mind you I had some edibles lolll).

Then there is an interlude with images of this cybertronic transmutation similar to Wolverine becoming Weapon X. Freaky as fuck. Cyborg.

Then we have her emerge as the NEW HUMAN as she sings Alice (Alice in wonderland obvi).

She becomes a MONSTER with all this BLACK & RED coloring and 911 & MONSTER play. The monster is released into the public.

At one point the stage then resembled what looked to me like ancient pottery depicting art of DEITY. She is worshipped as this NEW HUMAN.

Then we see her dawned in QUEEN GODDESS garb as she immersed herself in the crowd after her transformation into this mutant creature that is unleashed within the people all normalized and nothing to see here type of deal.

Mind you, I reallllly enjoyed the show. I was freaked out though lmao and I know Gaga is the mother monster and all that but...this NEW HUMAN MUTANT CYBORG caused some shivers down my spine until I grounded myself.

I didn’t expect this lolllll

And some of the interlude visuals looked like the fucking MIND FLAYER from Stranger Things on top of allll these mesmerizing sounds and images looking like portals and I realllly felt like I was in a different dimension. Much more I’m forgetting but it was a SHOW

At the beginning...I even muttered to myself “I don’t consent to this” and I drew a cross on my heart with my finger lmaoooo

Instagram Post



Deciphering this INTENSE experience...55,000 people, stadium, visual/audio art...from a now sober mind called another perspective for further CLARITY.

Gaga’s black cocoon is the PANTHER. The readiness to jump into the UNKNOWN once our energy is pooled for EVOLUTION.

The emergence from the cocoon brought forth the SUPREME. The person who houses the knowledge that reality is malleable based upon our internal software interacting with the external theatre.

The NEW HUMAN is illustrated in the PHOENIX FORCE from X-Men. Integrating cosmic forces to activate DNA while battling human/non-human interference.

Establishing oneself as the GOD/GODDESS of ancient times - realizing that the societal program of the Divine is a control system to eradicate self-empowerment.

Deciding to worship all facets of self while riding the waves of reflection to decipher our HEART.

Deciding to withstand the onslaught of the outer world by intimately understand our ability to brilliantly extend our energy to others as a catalyst to IGNITE the latent human DNA to usher in the organic stream of life.

It really is the LEAP into summoning our individuality so we may LIGHT up this world through HEART.

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