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Creating A New Connection! Spirit Wants Us To Live.

Just me detailing to you a reading I did last night for a client and her husband came through with allll the validations about things going on in the present as well as bringing up memories from the past.

Spirit wants us to LIVE. To healthily process grief and to realize that our deceased loved ones are still very much alive and wanting to live through us!

6-28-22 Instagram Post

I find that our grieving process is anchored in the incorrect, programmed belief that our loved ones who die are obliterated into nothingness due to our Church of $cientism.

Mediumship readings awakens the awareness to the bereaved that complete death of consciousness is an illusion. A session with a developed medium reintroduces people to their loved ones who are now in Energy Form.

Many issues on our planet originate out of mechanistic ideologies reinforcing the idea that humans are just random life forms with no meaning, no purpose, and are meant to reproduce then become obliterated once the physical body ceases to function.

I really am realizing the Sacredness housed within the mediumistic arts since this ability is to dispel the false beliefs which are programmed into humans for greeeeed $$$$ and XYZ.


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