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Creating Identity Example: Absorption & Shadowed "Free Will"

As we navigate our incarnation throughout this terrain of time/space, we absorb the influences of culture/society, family constructs, and our personal experiences which create our Identity.

It is imperative that we remain curious to excavate our thought, emotion, and action patterns to recover our True Free Will that is in alignment with our Optimal Path.

I remember when I was addicted to celebrity gossip. I would read celebrity gossip websites and magazines. I was infatuated with the Idols of our time until I gained more lines on my face to take these Idols off of their pedestal. Understanding the mechanics of Industries and Business. The marketing and manipulation of paparazzi to create narratives to align with the notion that all press, bad and good, is good press. I even wanted to become a celebrity psychologist when I began my freshman year of college in 2009. Now I just see celebrities as people with individual arcs of expression tied to a Mega-Business and XYZ.

If I didn't begin peeling back the layers which influenced my "passion" for celebrity gossip then I'd probably be somewhere in LA trying to get into the world of the current Idols. I feel like my drive to immerse myself in celebrity gossip was deeply tied to my lack of self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, and just plain hatred of myself. Gossiping about celebrities and feeding that machine with my attention was to Disassociate from my pain, trauma, and the Great Inner Work to transmute the undercurrents of my unconscious.

Growing up...I was told to worship the Idol. Television shows, magazines, websites, and all other forms of Pop Culture which latched onto my unhealed wounds and influenced my Identity.

My desire to become a celebrity psychologist was my "Free Will" that wasn't my True Free Will. I was influenced by the External which influenced my alleged Free Will.

Life then presented series of psychic experiences that encouraged me to explore deeper into the threads of reality. I chose to engage with the opportunities and dedicated my free time to learn the tarot and study myself as I continued to be immersed in psychic experiences throughout my college years.

Higher Mind / Higher Self understands that me, Lower Mind / Lower Self, is easily influenced via absorption of society and culture. That Me, Lower Mind / Lower Self, must exercise and strengthen my discernment so I can find what I truly Think and Feel about XYZ subject/topic.

Ultimately, it is a reunion with the True I. To Individuate. To release the Absorption of culture/society at a rate that is psychologically comfortable and in alignment with my Optimal Path.

I never expected PSYCHISM to flourish in my life. The External World clearly has a doctrine and dogma that all psychic and mediumistic work is foolish, impossible, and unreal. It is a Consensus Agreement to believe that PSYCHISM is fantasy even though many great studies of PSYCHISM has occurred throughout recent times, but deeply guarded and hidden from the Mainstream. But...hey, now the government acknowledges the existence of Aliens...but if you have studied that field then you already knew that and the government acknowledgements must be seen with the lens of "Why Now? What is their agenda?"

It takes a lot of courage and bravery to be willing to plunge yourself into your Mind to see the forces and origins of what influenced/influences you to Think, Feel, and Act. Doing the Great Inner Work opens up the field of possibility to align with your Optimal Path and to reclaim your True Free Will.

We are energetic, electro-magnetic, spirit beings while we are existing in this incarnation. We are Energy Fields of Information and something that we will never fully know since we have a limited human perception. The Mysteries of Life are called Mysteries for a reason. We must continue to explore and to question and to study and to experiment and to exercise Discernment.

I was the Identity of a Celebrity Gossip Lover due to the unhealed wounds within my Energy Field which opened me to the hooks of the Idol World thus influencing my Thought/Emotion/Action Patterns and shadowed my True Free Will.


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