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Creation & Destruction Mode! Overview for Empowerment.


Uploaded 7-3-21

Hello, Wizards. So I have been fueled with a turbo, like, electrifying energy while at the gym to record this transmission for the creation mode versus the destruction mode. Ooh, something just got my eye. Um, uh, this has been percolating throughout the last year and a half about the, just the awareness of these two modes that we can be in as creative beings, and that destructive energy is actually a part of creation because we need that fire to clear the forests so new seedlings can have that fertile soil to sprout to birth a new world, a new terrain. And this has popped into my mind. I decided to write it and oh, we're just going to read through it, because I think it's important for us to have an awareness to the fact that there are. Benefits to being in both modes, and that the destructive mode just serves us to understand like, all right, so I am disconnected from the true essence of myself and just by having awareness of it, it nullifies and transforms that energy. So that like, okay, you know, I'm in destructive mode right now, so me being a wise light wizard, I'm not going to act, make any big decisions or do anything that I will regret later. And I guess we're going to start off with the destructive mode first. And if you do notice that the energy is all planted in the lower three chakras, which is part of the low frequency control programs agenda, to keep us disconnected from our whole essence, ah, and from the soul expression coming in so destruction mode.

The first thing is that the life force is depleted. Our vibrancy, our whole being, this field of consciousness, operating this human avatar is just like bleeding out. It is bleeding out. It is going to our old traumas that we haven't process. It is going to the energy vampires around us in physical bodies in our physical. Constructs. And it leaves us lethargic. And a complete disconnection from the vibrancy of who we are as a force and an expression of the God force. And when you're in destructive mode, this overlays new experiences with past trauma, which will then create the same experience. So when a new experience comes in. And I guess we're going to talk about. Okay. We'll do it like this. You're in school, right? And the teacher calls on you to. Answer a question. And you didn't even have your hand up and. You're in this destructive mode. And the last time you were called on that memory comes into your head of a time where you were called on and you didn't know the answer, and everybody laughed at you. So the teacher's calling on you. You, Jake, answer this, and then you're like, okay, well, I see that I am called on and I'm in destructive mode right now. So then it's like immediately the flashback to that time when everybody laughed at you just comes flooding in and then you get hot, you get sweaty, your face turns red, and then you're like, you just start stuttering and you don't know what to say. And then the same experience happens where as whereas if you were in creation mode and you really didn't know the answer. You could be like, okay, well, this enhancer. Or if you didn't even know the answer, you'd be like, you know, I just don't know. And then it really wouldn't affect you. But in destructive mode, you don't know the answer. You just, ha ha, you're freaking out. And then everybody else starts laughing at you.

And now that would. Obviously vary and different experiences, but I think that a lot of us can relate to that kind of example. And, you know, that also transpires through the rest of the life. Where? Wanting to speak up or having to give your opinion or to give any sort of feedback blocked. So it's really just important to be like, okay, well, from selling all that unprocessed trauma, that unprocessed trauma will just regurgitate and turn on the new experience and then it will just create that same feeling again. And the next part was our free will is hijacked to inhibit creation. So. With that kind of means is, okay, we're in destructive mode right now. Just totally disconnected from lifeforce energy, from the God force energy. And. The. Ability to do free will is hijacked because we are then just unconsciously projecting our past onto the now moment and we're acting as that same old person. We're still feeling the same emotions of those old traumatic experiences and. We are unable to create new things. We can't exert our free will because. We're not. Who we really want to be. In other words. If we want to start creating, if we want to start going to that mode, be like, okay, I can, I can take this, this, this molded clay. I can turn this clay into something beautiful. And I'm going to I see it in my head and I'm going to work with the clay to create this image. But if. We're still in destructive mode. Will be slammed with the. I can't. I'm not good enough. There's no way I can create that in my head. And then even though we want to create in our head, we just are unable to translate that image into the physical reality that we're in.

And now that clay example can be anything, whether it be like a business or a workout regimen. Because even though we really want to do it. We are also continuously overlaying that old experience. Those old emotions like the example before on the new experience. And then the next part was like, obviously just self-hatred. Hating oneself. And I know exactly what that feels like where you are. It's just awful. You look at the mirror and you hate that reflection. Oh, and. Obviously self-hatred turns into not wanting to take care of oneself. So you most likely are going to be choosing those habits, choosing those actions and choosing those thoughts that over time build a pattern that is of destruction. So obviously you wouldn't be inclined to eat a healthy diet. You wouldn't be inclined to work out. There's no motivation for that. And then because you're not doing that, you're creating more pain inside the body, you're creating more, you know, fat being stored, and you're feeling even more and more weak, feeling so much weakness there for on this new day that you have, you're still creating the same thing because your free will has been hijacked by. Essentially the trauma experience, and that's trauma based mind control. Yeah. We all kind of go through in this human experience and then disease. Our genes are coded to then express illness because when we're in that self-hatred mode that, Oh, I hate myself or I hate everything about myself. We're continuously pumping chemicals through our body that are not conducive for restoration, for rejuvenation.

It is hatred, hatred, hatred. And we're getting stressed by that hatred ness. This and we know from that Japanese scientist that all those water crystals that were fed evil, bad, negative thoughts, they turned out irregular. This harmonious. And our body is obviously like what, 70% water or something like that. So this that's just pumping in and our genes are like, okay, I'm being instructed by the chemistry and my blood and the water around me to go off track for wellness. Therefore, all these things start to form because the body doesn't know disease by name. And then it goes into a victim archetype and how that clouds our cognitive abilities. So as I've done another translation on that, the victim archetype seeps on in and it in impacts our solar plexus chakra. It inverts that and. We do not feel empowered to encounter life. And. We only think that everything is happening to me, like woe is me that I am on power, I, I'm disempowered, I cannot change, I cannot transform. And it just gets into this repetitive cycle which further infects the previous things we just talked about. The victim archetype is. A complete.

Attack our souls, contract our souls designed for this life because our soul wants adversity and challenges and to overcome them. But if we're just like in a disempowered, complete disconnection, it's sort of like a sick lion, if you think about it, like a lion. That's mango disease. It's not that made roaring beast. It is something that. Is scavenging the savannah. And it's turned more into a scavenger rather than a predator. And in this example for us, the destruction mode. Continuously picks at. Attributes of our self that we hate. And then it just keeps being brought to our conscious mind more and more and we can't get out of that cycle. And then jealousy surges. So we're super jealous. About everything around us, especially people who have things that we don't want, which connects with that victim archetype where. I hate you, but in actuality, it's sort of like this, right? As being jealous of somebody who has the physique you want, but you literally. Eat shit and you don't move your body and you don't work out. Which makes no sense. But in destructive mode. It makes complete sense where it's just like, Oh, that person has X, Y and Z that I don't have. That person does X, Y and Z that I can't do disempowerment, destruction. And then we go into unable to process external influences and events. Because when an external event happens to us, we're perceiving it as.

An inability to handle it and inability to respond to it and then use that as a way to just be redirected because our creativity, our innovative, is deleted from our conscious mind. And we just are in that, you know, that it's sort of like this, you know, like a meatball for all the way down the hill, kind of like, I don't know why reason meatball. But we're going to talk about that dead flesh. There's no livelihood to our energy. It's just we feel as though we cannot. Organically rise above anything because we're just growing down this hill as a dead flesh people and picking up more and more debris, more and more disease, more and more victimhood, more and more jealousy. And it just the momentum builds so much and so much. And when something negative happens or an event happens that we do not like, we can only view this through that lens of a dead meatball, a dead flesh. And that death aspect of this dead flesh means that there is no way to be the actual self of a God being. Because we are then. At a loss. I think that makes so much sense. But that's what came to me while I'm doing it. And, you know, that's what I do in the transmissions. I just tell you whatever pops in my head, like when I do a reading. And then also this comes into that we become an energetic match to negative entities which will feed off and enact their agendas through us.

So. All of those little gremlins, those little bastards that are outside of this 3D energy that do not have a physical body. They see our energetic make up our field of energy, and they're like, okay, this person's indestructible. And I see that there's only this kind of vibrancy pulsating off of them. That means I am able to just sneak on in there and inject a thought, because as in mediumship, you know, when I hear stuff, it's not someone else's voice. It's my thought voice popping in. So that's just these little gremlins and these lower negative entities. Do they send some thoughts and to you they inject thoughts and you think it's yours. And then it further. Builds upon that dead meatball, dead flesh momentum building. And they love it. They love it. Absolutely love it because that's our that's their food. And then they continuously help to. Pave the way for that dead flesh. People that go down the hill because then. They're using their agendas through us, where our free will is hijacked based on their energy, where they want to see the world burn. Because that's that's the type of energy they are. They're just this destructive force. It's just more fire, fire, fire. Let's continue to burn everything so that the new sprouts can't form. The new sprouts of the forest. Can't be birthed for the new train. And we're just totally left in this state of confusion and distraction, distraction, distraction, distraction. We are either taking so much drugs to just find some kind of dopamine rush. We are. You know, eating all those horrible foods, the processed foods that give like an immediate. Extreme Taste Bud fixation, but then we feel like more garbage after that because we just went through a huge bending of the whole peanut butter container. Fast food. And distraction. Just we're just continuously watching the mind controlled device of the TV. Which. All we're doing is doing this. And then there's no time for creating because we're just. And this also allows for the high my conformity to surge where, you know, an authoritarian figure was like do this like the government, you have to do this, okay?

Because there's no it's just you're a dead flesh meatball. Rolling down the hill and who cares? You're not going to want to stand up for justice. You're not going to want to challenge anybody. You're just taking orders. And you will want to. Then conform to everybody around you because you don't have the confidence in yourself to be who you are. Hive mind conformity. And we will also be in emotional outbursts that will occur. Emotional outbursts will occur from unprocessed emotions to create more emotional chaos. So. All that unhealed trauma, all those wounds from inside of yourself. Any sort of. That sort of energy, right? You'll get triggered and then through that triggering, you'll just be like, right. Over whatever disrepute. If someone literally. Just like. I bumped into you on the storyline accidentally and says, I'm sorry. It's like a little old lady. And then you turn around and then you go over air and breathe fire, basically at this poor woman who just bumped into you. You know, you're just so easy. And these negative energy, they just want to poke at you and just get you to like that. React to react, react. And it's just more destruction. Because then those chain of events that occur because you emotionally outburst at something so simple. You're creating more experiences of destruction. And it's just robotic expression. There's no life force there.

But, you know, the conscious awareness of destruction mode will nullify it and transform when you're like, okay, you know, I'm in destruction. But right now I'm by my me. No one's saying that me using logic I can. Not. Create more destruction. I can just sit with myself and this will then get us to creation mode and to get into creation mode. The gateway to that is. By. There's so many different examples. But I think the biggest thing for in this statement is that momentum picture. And it's really about. Beginning those steps to break patterns and habits. Which is for another transmission, but that's the first thing. But also just being knowledgeable, being like, okay, well, am I going to spend my whole day in distracted mode or am I going to revitalize myself, to rejuvenate and to transform by enacting some of my soul expression, my free will, energy into this new force of who I am, which will get us to creation mode. And that's what we want to be. We would like to have as ground into the Earth's chakra and then move all the way up where our lower three were. So they're healthily expressed and then move into our heart space through third eye crown and then up to this star crown as you notice too, like we still have that star one, but it's not illuminated with these. But we want our field to be a very vibrant, colorful, energized with life, creativity, the full spectrum of surgeons in life. And this goes into care. If we're increasing mode, we want to take care of ourselves.

We love ourselves. We all want to eat those foods that will continue. A future reward. A future reward where we will not have to be on pharmaceuticals. And especially if you follow a whole food plant based diet for that's another conversation. So self-care, obviously, we will be financially responsible because we understand like, okay, I'm not going to just spend all my money, I'm going to budget, I'm going to allocate the necessary funds for my needs over my wants. And. That whole like which we're also linked to the higher intelligence part of being in creation mode means we are in the heart space and then we're going up. So therefore we are able to hear, feel, see. Be linked to that energy of creation where we'll get new ideas. And because we're feeling good and we're in that crazy mode, we'll follow through with taking healthy risks. And then we start to perceive the world as a land of opportunity that there's so much different moving parts. There are things that we do not like but that we understand of that moment that is just teaching us more of what we do like. And we will have the confidence to respond to life.

Like, Okay, I am able to respond. I have responsibility. I can, you know, take this deck of cards, pull a new hand and see what I have. And I'm able to strategize, link with the higher intelligence. Get those good ideas to flow. And we'll also be of self advocacy. We'll self advocate where it's like, no, no, no, no, no, you cannot pull this on me. This is not what I want. This is not that's not the treatment that I want to be treated, so on and so forth. And our boundaries will be enforced where we're just feeling so good about ourselves, we will just be like, This is not what I signed up for in this moment where you cannot and peed on my. Right to life. You cannot impede on my sovereignty. And you'll stick up for yourself. And we'll also be able to extract the wisdom from our past. So the best part in that creation mode is being like, you know, I see that there's that traumatic experience and what did I learn from it? Because I understand that I cannot perceive it in a way that is of of empowerment. I can perceive it in a way that I learn something and I can make decisions moving forward, which. Can only. Be of positive energy. And will be empowered to transform.

We'll be looking for new ways to be like, okay, you know, I have a weakness here. Where can I strengthen and how can I strengthen it? There is an aspect of myself I may not like, so I'm willing to transform because I'm in that creative mode. And we'll feel and process emotions hopefully so that when we're feeling a low negative emotion because we're in creation mode and we're just acknowledging that we're not going to emotionally react to the external world through that energy. We'll just feel it and process it and allow the time to be like breathe through it. And then our extrasensory perceptions increase. Our psychic senses are on fire because. We are clear minded. We don't have that confusion, that distraction, that cloud in our head. And we are now able to. Finally. Allow because our energy's up here. We've moved up. We've become whole bodied, whole energetically bodied. And we can start. Perceiving the world as a multi-sensory, multidimensional being and our free will merges with destiny. So then, this time we are finally able to react to new experiences from a space of being like, okay, you know, and called on by the teacher. And I don't know the answer, but I'm going to say it and I'll be like, You know what, Mrs. Hancock? I don't know.

And then you shake it off because you're like, I just don't know. And I'm not going to be beating up on myself and I'm going to be punishing myself. And we'll have more increased focus and discipline where because you know, we're just. Our energies in here we're not bleeding our life force out. We're able to do type of way. Focus on the task. Have a regimen, a healthy regimen, where we're going to the gym and we're doing cardio for 40 minutes. Strength training for however long. You know what I mean? We'll have the discipline to do that. We'll have the discipline to sit down. Work on our project, work on our goals. And our blueprint for wellness as observed by our genetic makeup. So because we're just feeling good, we're in that creative mode. We have rejuvenate, rejuvenate for restorative rejuvenate and chemicals love chemicals pouring through our body. And our genes are like, okay, this means we're in wellness mode. Our cells get all that nourishment because also too, we're having a healthy exercise. We're taking in all the good foods for our body. And now we have good chemicals pumping through from our. Perceptions and our beliefs because we're perceiving the world through creation mode. So we're not pumping destructive chemicals through our body.

We have the love hormone through and through love of thyself. And we're going to also have the ability to dance with vibrational, high vibrational, inter-dimensional beings. So that includes like a really angelic being or a super advanced interdimensional alien, like being or even just clearly hearing our spirit guides and our family and loved ones. Friends on the other side or pets. And then we'll start getting thoughts that we may be like, where did that come from? It's such a good idea. It's so wonderful and exactly what I needed. And it probably was from an assistant, a guardian assistant that would find that the space to perceive them because we have our thoughts, are able to then be of that energy of creation. And we're of innovation and so expression, we have the confidence to just stand in our self, to be individual and to be like, you know, that's not what I want. This is what I want, and then go for what I want and then be able to defend ourselves and be the anti hivemind where it's like, okay, well you guys can go do that. You can go over there and do whatever you a little party you want to do with those activities and such.

But I'm going to have the confidence to be in my own party. I'm going to just have fun with myself. And I'm going to then do what I can to. Enjoy being bliss, doing what I want to do, and I won't have that fear of missing out or that compulsion that I need to. Conform. There need to be like everybody else because it just is gone. Because you just your individual and you love it because you're in that self care mode and you also have empathy. So you'll have you know, you won't be a pushover, but you'll have compassion and empathy and you can understand why someone's going through what they're going through. You could feel based upon situations that you've had in your past. And empathize with them. But, you know, boundaries are up and you're not going to be taken advantage of because you're in that creation mode. So this is, you know, an overview. There's so many different layers to creation and destruction mode, how to get out of destruction mode. But this is just. That overview. But our job is to be in as much creation as we can. And then when we are in destructive mode, just being aware of that nullifies that energy and we're like, okay, you know, I'm in Chuck's mode right now, so. I need to go do something that I like to do or just stop watching what I'm doing or watching what I was watching that took me into distraction mode or stop having that conversation. That's all negative. Just go over here for a little bit to my energy up and then we'll be at the space to perceive everything from empowerment and we'll want to transform life because we are able to respond to life with our whole connection to the force. There we go. Light wizards.

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