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Define: Low Frequency Control Program


Uploaded 7-16-21

All right, light wizards. So we are going to set this space up so that we can define the low frequency control program. And I've been meaning to record a transmission that clearly defines what it is, because I always discuss the low frequency control program and we're just going to cut away. Any. Attachments to that which may want to conceal contort, distort any of these. Light. Emissions from my physical vessel to you. Okay. Um, so the low frequency control program, this has come through, my understanding, for the last year. And a half since the whole storm of 2020 began. And the main function of the low frequency control program is to keep us in a state of continuous destruction mode as defined in another transmission creation mode versus destruction mode and the perpetual destruction mode. Prohibits us from the connection to our God force potential and our God for self integrating with the human avatar and the main function of this continuous destruction mode. Allows for our consciousness to be hijacked by those energies that wish to use our physical body to create and enact their will.

Pretty much hijacking our free will. And this is also for our solar energy, the emissions of our ORK field, our bio field. From this human avatar. To be leeched on. Snatched. Fed on by that which wishes to. Be fueled by those lower energies, those lower frequencies. And the main structure of the low frequency control program is trauma based, which is why our society, our global society. Is in this inversion where trauma based may control is pervasive and the. Trauma. Attachments of those low frequency attacks. Keep us in a state of continuous destruction mode because we have a tendency to not recover from those low frequency attacks. We continuously be dampened with more and more of those energies where we cannot recover. Or should I say, many of us are unable to find those. Strategies of. Being able to recover from those low frequency attacks in a way that can be enriched, can be empowered and wisdom extracted from those events. So our society is in this control fence, let's say, and the continuous destruction mode, as said before, allows for those.

Wills, let's say, of the forces that we can't see with our physical eyes. Who wishes to use our bodies to enact their free will? Their free will. And it keeps us in the lower three chakras. And these lower three chakras are damaged. So they're not the healthy expression of the chakra system. They are the locked in physical aspects where there is an exaggeration of fear. Power, sex, greed. Anger. Lust. Envy, I guess. Oh, this is new to me. Like the seven deadly sins. That whole. I don't know if it's a myth, but I mean, I guess it kind of has some truth to it, right? So the main purpose of keeping us in these distorted, unhealthy expression of those lower three chakras gets us out of our heart center. And we know that when we're in a heart center, we are able to move up to connect with the higher intelligence, to integrate our soul, to connect to the God for us, our team of light. And then use the external forces around us as a way to find what we prefer, what we wish to desire, what we wish to create, and then have the self-love and the confidence in ourselves to adapt to the external world, to receive those new ideas by linking up with the higher intelligence, and especially like a higher self that's just coming in.

It's like, okay, do this, do that. And that allows for us to have creative potential because the universe wants to continuously create through us. And there are many different factors of the low frequency control program that. Keeps our vibration so low that we're disconnected out of our heart. We're disconnected out of our creative potential. And we're disconnected from our actual free. Because I feel as though since many of us are just very unconscious, unaware to these principles, we are actually not even really. Exerting our freewill into the world. We either are continuously projecting the past trauma that we never recovered on to a new experience, therefore creating that same experience. And we also are not unlocking our true creative potential by way of. Connecting with our heart center right now. So the main thing is that since we're born into this low frequency control program, the trauma. Base practices wants us to be in self-hatred, self-loathing. They want us to hate ourselves because if we are not in self-love, if we are not in self or energy, we do not have the confidence or the belief in ourselves to actually make changes.

By way of how we wish to use our skills and talents to come in here. Because being in self-hatred mode, that also disrupts our discovery, the potential to discover those skills and talents and then guarding them, nurture them, and then use our. Skills and talents to uplift this world. One person at a time. And this disconnection from the self-love principle automatically keeps us in the distorted lower three chakras because we feel as though we are unable to make changes. We feel so disempowered. The victim archetype is pervasive. Create a potential is zapped away and we are then regurgitating projecting our self-hatred on love on those around us so that just. Creates more and more cycles of. Bringing that energy out into the world of on love, self-hatred. And the physical aspects of the low frequency control program is to. Sway our perceptions. Based upon marketing or government funded. Food suggestions. Keeping us inactive. And. Being of dairy. Processed foods. And very, very, very high consumptions of meat.

So then we have the synthetic sick care system overlaid on our society, where we have all of these horrible dietary problems that we consume, which makes our physical vessel have horrible consequences based upon our choices. Of food. And therefore, we have all these lists of. Pharmaceuticals that only regurgitate that same sick frequency. So that's the physical aspect, because we know in that previous transmission transmission, if we're in destruction mode all the time. We are. More or less unwilling or don't feel the urge in her motivation to make the proper food choices, to exercise our body, so on and so forth. So that's like the physical aspect as well as also. Preventing us to be in action mode, inspired action, because when we're in the distorted lower three chakras, we have a harder time hearing that subtle voice of the subtle senses of the higher intelligence guiding us. And then we when we get a new idea, we won't feel the confidence to move through those ideas and to take those healthy risks. And then we have the spiritual side where pretty much the low frequency control program makes God not believe it himself or herself, i.e. we are an expression of the God force.

We are that magnificent creator in this human form. At the moment our consciousness is just projecting this human avatar, and we are spelled by the illusion through religion that there is this external God. There is something outside of us that is judgmental, hateful. Decides everything. All the powers in that force. And then we have these systems where we need to go through either like some hierarchy to get to that God that's very judgmental and so on and so forth. And that zaps away our creative potential. And then it demonizes you for going down the path of. Unlocking your intuitive psychic abilities because the spiritual aspect to wants to delete psychic and many mystic abilities from the collective consciousness. And also to spell everybody into not understanding through that deletion process what actual psychic media mystic abilities are. And then through this unconscious unawareness, we have these forces that we would be able to perceive with our psychic senses intact and alive and very vibrant. But since we are there tuned down so low, these forces are allowed to. Allowed by way of us not saying no by our ignorance to come in. Use us to. Exert their will on the world. And then we also have the scientific materialism that is. Perpetuating the atheism on our society because we have those who do not resonate. And they could already feel that that religious dogma of the low frequency control programs, institutions, organizations of spirituality they can there to feel that that's wrong. So they're like, no, no, no, no, God.

And then they're like, okay, well, the scientific materialism, religion that's going on now is one out of an old paradigm. So that's its own religion in itself because. The consciousness aspect of reality of the actual real psychic media mystic abilities are deleted and therefore psychic materialism runs amok and then atheist and pursues because there is no other force. It's just a mechanical world that we live in. And therefore, that's where it comes in. We're making God not believe in himself or herself. So and then that you zaps away your creative potential because you think that you are just this meat suit. When you actuality you are just a field of consciousness able to connect with the higher intelligence, use your psychic abilities, and to be of creation in this world to uplift the frequency by you loving yourself, to discover your talents inside, nurturing them and sharing them with others. And then we have the cancerous logic mind or the unhealthy expression of the logic mind and the creativity. The psychic part of our brain is stomped out and the creativity music. Ah, this is all to assists in our problem solving and our creative skills to find new solutions. So when we're just in this cancerous logic mind, we're unable to ask. Also connected that higher intelligence to receive those new ideas to find solutions to all of the problems that are occurring in the world.

So we have we are just are creative psychic minds just gone so flat where people also are unable to be in an abstract sense. An abstract sense of decoding reality. Meshing healthily, combining healthily. Interfacing healthily with our logic mind. So then we're just more and more problems are occurring. And we're. Disconnected from the solutions. And then we have part of the low frequency control program is the. Censorship, which has just been kicked on hardcore since the storm began in 2020. So we have even more of the streams of information that people receive being siphoned away to this tiny little fraction of what reality really is. And therefore, they're making all their decisions, their behaviors, their thoughts are in that mechanistic, controlled aspect of life, which is synthetic, fake, an illusion. So all of these many different factors are contributing with us being perpetuated by the destruction mode. And it's like being submerged under water and unable to get a breath of fresh air. But people who are in the destruction mode all the time who only know the low frequency control program, who has never had any love in their life, any belief in themselves and spiritual experiences, this is all they ever know is a low frequency control program. So when you start speaking these things, I get code transmission of one of mine. It is like nails on a chalkboard. It's completely false to their synthetic view of reality that they're unable to comprehend it.

And then we have those forces that we are discussing about in the low frequency control program cut them away, who wish to maintain this because it's their food source and they want to keep their agenda alive of integrating with this world. So then that's where gaslighting comes in. That's where the I think people call the Agent Smith syndrome come in. So this is about also in the low frequency control program is having the hive mind be of that. Excuse me. Let's state of being of continuous destruction mode. Continuous. Perception based only on the locked in five sensory world that we live in, in keeping us attached to linear time. When time is not linear, it is only now as evident in my abilities which I will speak in other transmissions. So may this just be an awakening, if you like. Well. Knowledge is power and our agenda. Of being aligned with the divine is to upload this high frequency to make that normalize. So you make the normalize naturalize. Part of being in the heart space enough that we're connected. We know who we truly are in that expression of the God force, true creative potential unlocked, where we can honor ourselves, honor other people, and birth our soul contract into existence.

In a way of that, what we all come here to learn in this new state, of being in this high frequency program on our planet, with the lessons that we will learn, we'll come here for very different things rather than what we're coming in here now is, I feel, is to identify the low frequency control program and then override that in our being. We want to override that personally so that we can override it collectively. And this energy we're supposed to we're here to transmute it. We are here to transmute this. And we didn't know. How are we supposed to know what the low frequency control program is if we didn't experience it? So this empowers you even more being like, okay, I came in, I knew I was going to be plugged into this frequency control program of the low frequencies. And I know now it's my job to self love myself, be in creation mode. And then recognize how I am participating in the. Berthing of the high frequency program or contributing to the perpetuation of the low frequency control program?

So I really encourage you also to watch that creation mode destruction mode video because this is dovetailing off of that, referencing that. And this is just a basis so that you can understand as I move forward when I talk about the low frequency control program. I didn't write anything down. There may be things I'm missing, but I always in these transmissions just go with what I'm receiving. Because this is what it's meant to be in this transmission.

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