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Bravery & The Descent! Exorcising Inorganics.

Uploaded 3-9-22

Hello. Likewise there. And so we're back with our morning transmission. And this is through the data in print. The encoded imagery of American Horror Story Coven. When the initiates were doing their tests of Seven Wonders to determine who would be the supreme which of the coven, the leader and one of their tests involves projecting their consciousness into the underworld, the afterlife. And it that imagery, that process, that that ritual is, I think, one of the the most mature est and wonderful representation about the actual aspects of what. Going down the path of true divinity, let's say, or a true understanding of oneself. That process involves the perilous descent into the afterlife or the underworld, into the subconscious, into the darkness by bringing light there. Oh, I could talk a million things about American Horror Story Coven and loved it for what it was. But we're going to read my Instagram posts because as you are already aware, this is an extension of that and I am totally going to be buying a new camera because the light, the windows here is much different than my other place. Okay. They soon deciding to journey to the depths of the unconscious is an endeavor which is popularized as a keen idea to manifest riches like wizards.

Today's to honor the perilous descent into that which makes you mad that which makes you devoid of free will, that which enslaves you to falsities and in organics external validation through likes views comments on you can manifest anything. Posts are an infantile representation of the great work calling to the human avatar from the soul. Today's for identifying that which is producing infantile sick history, for it is the blending of mystical truths along with the programed hive mind. If you choose to descend into that which makes you mad, then you are about to shine light on the hidden realms of your world. This work is an initiation and is to allow the aspects of inorganic self to die so the organic self can be reborn. Do not take this process likely and beware of the infantile. There's so much to unpack there. But the biggest thing I feel like that screaming at me at this moment is the infant tablet, i.e. the infant tiles, the the the bare scratching of the surface, the very tips of tips of the iceberg of this work in bringing the divine into self. For a lot of these the I think I did a transmission called the about wombats and Sabrina the teenage witch and it really is about this infantile representation about what it means to be on that path of understanding yourself through this human avatar while trying to embody as much of your soul as much as you can.

Because to go on this path, this real deep, great work, this this descent into what makes you mad requires courage, strength, dedication, discipline. And to have the bravery to find out what is keeping you enslaved and out of your free will mechanisms of operating in this realm of reality. And manifesting riches, manifesting abundance is wonderful, and that's what we are to achieve through decoding our social contract and bringing ourselves into this initiation of the alchemical process to destroy the inorganic streams of reality that we are existing in so that we can be reborn in that organic realm. And to go on that path, it's. It's shining light on psychosis and shining light on what makes you mad. And it's not for everybody, as you are very well aware, when you look around in the external world, people are mad. They're not who they really are. Oh, oh, the camera. Maybe this can be a gremlin, you know, because that's actually true. Many aspects of this work is facing those forces that are assisting those wounds inside of you, from your unconscious, to take over yourself, which is the facts of enslaving you and keeping you out of your free will, which is your God given right as an expression of the God force. And abundance is beautiful. We need that. Money is a great tool. Having more of that financial stability and having more wealth allows you to do more of your soul work here and to share more goodness and to be that light wizard who is able to meet one's needs, the root chakra needs as well as extend your forcefield into the world.

So it's not against manifesting riches, but it's against that notion that when you go down the spiritual work, this path of divinity, this descent into facing madness, it's not for the sole purpose of materialism. It's not for everybody. This path is not for everybody. And it's interesting, too, when when you observe the scene, you can Google it, too, spoilers. But you know, when they the coven is doing their rituals, they're dressed very well. And in my fraternity, when we would do rituals, we were dressed well. And especially with sororities, too, you see them all dressed very well. It is an aspect of the ritual, and I think part of my cellular DNA wanting to go down into the pledging process was because it was reminding me of ancient mystery schools back in yesteryear, in ancient times where my soul lived in. So that was calling to me to do that again. And that work symbolizes your sincerity and your dedication to your craft and dedication to your path in breaking down those ties to the inorganic streams of consciousness.

You're sacrificing yourself to the underworld so that you are able to rise again with the Phenix. And when I say sacrificing yourself to the underworld in this instance, as you're allowing yourself to descend into that pain, that trauma, that everything that you were keeping away because it's painful to feel and to be involved with. But when you sacrifice the withholdings, the blockades, and you just you fall into that tension soon. You're beginning that journey of figuring out, well, why am I the way I am? What aspects of myself is inorganic? And how am I able to relinquish exorcize, vanquish those ties so that I can be reborn back to organic life again? This path is not for everybody and we all have gateways and keys into going down this path. So maybe when you're introduced to this work through some spiritual teachings, plugged into the hive mind that appeals to your materialistic ego, that may be your gateway, but then you're just going to open, open up more and more. And then you realize, I'm just trying to know myself. Enjoy daylight wizards.


Descensum! Symbolic Of Awakening.

Uploaded 3-12-22

How are they? Wizards. So we're back with another transmission. And this is of you and I watching, reviewing, discussing dissent soon from American Horror Story Coven. Now, I could do a whole series of me talking about the symbolism from Coven and my likes, dislikes and whatnot. But this really is focusing on design Zoom, which I received an Instagram post to do when on one of my daily posts this week about Tish and Zoom, and it's been with me all week, especially with this new understanding I have of the symbolism, this representation encoded through that film. Stripped the filmstrip of the moving pictures, the movers and. Watching this from who I am today. And today's March 12th, 2022, is completely different than when I saw this back in 2013 or 2014, whenever it aired. Because of the initiation I personally went through from 2013 to 2022 is one that required me to descend into my subconscious, to descend into the underworld, to descend into that which I kept hidden from myself, to descend into examining those subconscious programs that I have that were self-sabotaging, victimizing, and were keeping me instilled in aspect of the hive mind, along with preventing me from really fully embodying who I am as of today, more of my sole essence in my body, more understanding, more of awakening, and also represents the awakening process and how not everybody is up to this challenge.

Not everybody will be able to pass this day sensing trial in our own personal tests of Seven Wonders. So we're going to watch it and then we're going to discuss and actually saw that it took it off Netflix. However, I bought it on iTunes and I had the Blu ray behind me. So let's do this share screen. Again area, and there I am again. Oh, this movie can't be played on display as a support. Really? I didn't know that. So this is what we're going to do. We're going to open up a new window. I guess I probably should have tested this. Right. But that's okay. You don't mind? You can just skip ahead. And that's the beauty of a fast forward button. And we're going to go to a just common sense. We're going to make me bigger. Here. Here we go. And which one do we do? Let's do this one. American Horror Story.

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Okay. So there's a couple of things we need to impact right there, is there to go back to the beginning. And the first off is acknowledging how you know this. Test this this incantation, this this trial is part of. Their Seven Wonders, which, as you probably already know, is that you have a test to determine who would be their leader, who is a supreme, who embodies all of the magic and whatnot. I love their law. But when you translate that symbolism through our life is that to become a supreme of your own life and to become your. Entire being to be a reflection of potential unlocked. It requires the. The strength of will to be able to descend and look at. The truths of the world. The truths about. The Low frequency control program or some called The Matrix. As well as to shine light on all of the lies that you believe to be as truths, to shine light on all the lies in the world that you believed to be truths. And then you have to look at aspects of yourself that need some fine tuning to look at that trauma that was stored and locked in. And that's what you do. To shine light on that darkness makes you become that embodied supreme.

The descent into another world will be our next test. Getting to hell will be simple for girls and their talents. It's the getting back, darlings. That is the challenge. If your soul hasn't returned to your body by summer time. Oh, I love Myrtle Snow. One of my favorite characters ever, I think. If your soul doesn't return up by signing up, you'll die. Getting to hell will be simple for girls of your talents. It's the getting back, darling, which is the challenge. So if you unpack that right there is. The, I guess more or less the act of thinking or contemplating, like, okay, you know, I think I'm ready to really look at what is going on. And then when you start playing some videos about truths about the world, right? Some material really comes in to challenge that paradigm that you constructed your whole life around through the mechanisms of the low frequency control program. It's going to shatter and kill all of the aspects of self which were constructed on lies. And some people don't make it out of that alive, quote unquote, meaning they don't come out of that rebirthed. Because it's really destructive and it's designed to be destructiveness. This willingness to descend into. Discovering what makes the world psychotic. And how. Psychosis, pathology. All of this is running amok when it's normalized and nobody believes it to be unnatural.

I like that. It's helping another friend now. And then here. This is a beautiful representation of how when you start going through your awakening and you start having psychic experiences and your the dimensions of reality, start opening up into your conscious mind. You never thought when you're just opening up that you would have to descend into. Really uncovering the low frequency control program. I didn't expect I wanted my ability started opening up. I thought sunshine, rainbows. I didn't look into what mechanisms were locked in place in this perception trap to keep us asleep. So this is where you also see a lot of spiritual people who really are stuck at the tip of the iceberg, and they really haven't embraced all layers of reality. So you're getting sort of like half assed. Bullshit. And this is where your discernment comes in, where you're looking to see with all three of your eyes, like, is this somebody who is, is a light wizard who is a supreme, which.

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Was watching that and getting goosebumps. What was popping my mind is also a past life regression, like going into a regression. And going through the willingness this practice of. But the subconscious mind because when I did my one and only ever passed life regression. I didn't know and I've talked about this, I think in a video correlating with this topic to send to him. And Kevin was my body started to tremble on the table and it started to it looks like I was having a seizure and I wasn't able to control and I didn't even know why. And this is before I started to even descend into that life and my body, the cell that I remember was about to relive. This terrifying moment in my life, during that life where sharing my abilities was an act of getting you killed and it got me killed. That was fascinating.

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Oh, and now with the whole Queenie thing, because in earlier episodes, she already did this handsome chocolate puppet like that. But in that instance, what's coming to my mind is like when you are trained in really looking at your projections, your triggers, looking at. The not so nice things in the world, it becomes normalized to you in a sense that you don't get as easily affected and you can easily get yourself out. You have ways to pull yourself out of being in a low DAU frequency, which you absorb as you start looking at things that are not nice. Inside and outside. I. So I'm stuck on a network musical. There's a lot of version of Sound of Music. I wasn't even the lead. Okay. I'm with Zoe. I mean, I'm sorry, Madison. I think that, to be honest, I don't think that that really was her. How? I think that or representation I think she in this at least speaking to me right now is that she's representing. The the bypassing of admitting to oneself and to others what actually was occurring in your trauma. So you're like, you're making up a story to not to sugarcoat it or not express it to other people. But you're acknowledging and you reliving it, but you can admit it to other people that that happened to you.

When you sit with whoever you are and keep talking. And the Zoe. I mean, I hate Kyle as a character. I wish they got rid of him and focus more on the witch LA. Okay. But the Zoe thing breaking up over and over with Poppy in my mind is the need to have an external source to fulfill your love. Take. So it's about in this sentence speaking to me is looking at aspects of self where you really think that you have to be dependent on someone else's love to fulfill your self. And that's really never going to happen. So you have to fulfill yourself first in self love and then be able to immerse yourself in the external love. As you move into that space. Back.

And then Misty, which you can look at in I didn't realize it wouldn't show her how she gets stuck and how. And. She has, she keeps cutting up frogs. She's not able to get out of it. So she represents clearly someone who. Is broken. And was not prepared for somebody who. It didn't meet this level yet to be able to withstand. This next test in your awakening. So somebody just who is not ready and also symbolizing how you can't push others to awaken or go down their path, they have to willingly do it, to willingly say those words, to descend into that which. Is making them not who they really are. Crazy. But I really liked. That whole scene. It spoke to me. It's just speaks me so much right now over the last week. When I received that download for that Instagram post of that day. So maybe this may inspire you and also just also to for you is that. You're becoming your supreme self. Which requires. That descending into your own personal underworld. Enjoy, de la wizard's.

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