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Descent Into Underworld! Weight Loss Initiation.


Descent Into Underworld! Weight Loss Initiation.

Uploaded 3/31/22

Hello, Wizards. So I am in the midst of my workout and this just dawned on me and it felt like I needed to share this transmission of this download that I received and just really this awareness, this realization, this notion that when you are about to embark on your own personal weight loss journey or even just any transformation. Service of your life or you're about to undergo transforming your mind, body, spirit. It will. B the descent into your underworld. You are about to descend into that which you've kept hidden. You're descending into your personal hell frequencies. You're about to find out why you did everything that you did. What inflicted trauma onto you that you haven't synthesized. And those resulting in afflictions and unresolved wounds. How that modified your behavior and modified your thoughts. You're about to plug yourself into yesteryear where you were greeted with that inflection. You're about to experience it. You're going to have a sensory overload of it, especially as you start working with your body. It's almost like cracking open energy and the dust that comes out of that pixy stick will come in as.

A sensory experience, your time traveling back to that time when you were inflicted with such horrible pain. That it? Shifted and transmogrified aspects of your personality and. Had a consequential ripple effect. In your life, which resulted in modifying your behaviors and thoughts. So when you're about to do this right, it will invoke those warrior energies. You're going to dance with the shaman within you. You're about to. Move out of the the the unhealthy saboteur, the unhealthy victim archetypes. You're going to really look at yourself and be honest with yourself. Be like, okay, well, this is everything that I did because of what this infliction was. So am I going to live each day as if the infliction is still happening? And this is really why people who go down a weight loss journey, they don't stick with it, or they may do a fad diet, but they're not looking at those emotional, traumatic wounds. They're not willing to descend into their underworld. They're not willing to be overloaded with that sensory experience of yesteryear in order to nullify the emotional attachments, synthesize that emotion. Release it. Purge it. And become more of a warrior after that process to be that shamanic warrior.

So for you, lie wizard, because as you may or may not know, I went through two significant weight loss journeys, one when I was 15, because I was a fat kid my whole life. 15 I was like, you know, I'm enough, enough. This went through it went to college. Ended up, you know, doing drugs and alcohol because it was a way for me to detach from that. Even all of that, the emotional wounding that I have, that process that was in my shadow and was just an easy way to escape. And then 2013, I graduated how to go through that journey again. And here I am now, 79 years later. Oh, crap. I'm getting old. So. It will require you to really put your faith in the universe, put your faith in your higher self, your team of light being like, okay, help me work through whatever will surface during my workout and please help me find the strategies, the tools, the teachers, the mentors who can assist me with this initiation into a more evolved version of myself. Please assist me with extracting the treasures of gold, the wisdom from that experience, and how I can release myself from that infliction, release myself from the hell frequencies that reside within me. And it's going to take time, especially when you don't see progress right away.

But it really does train you into every other aspect of your life where little by little you're doing something each day for, let's say, your career, but you're not seeing progress at that moment. You'll remember back when, in the beginning of your exercise regime, your transformation, you realized, okay, I'm not seeing progress, but I will one day. And then when you do see it, you're like, Oh my God, I can keep doing it, doing it, doing it. So like Wizard, if you are about to do some sort of transformation of your life in one area or more than one, and be ready to descend into your underworld to purge the health frequencies. And really be ready to evolve through that initiation process. Enjoy daylight wizards.


Descent Into Underworld! Weight Loss Initiation Part 2.

Uploaded 3-31-22

Hello. Light Wizards. So this is a part two of the descent into the underworld. Weight loss initiation. Part two. I just finished my workout for today. And I was ruminating. Marinating. Digesting the transmission I recorded, which I uploaded in the middle of my workout. And what it all boils down to with this initiation process of this giant transformation that you are willingly choosing of your free will choice to override the infliction upon you, to descend into your underworld, to purge those health frequencies. You are more or less doing perception magic. You are. Looking at yourself in the way that the divine perceives you. You are perceiving yourself of your highest expression, which is cleared of all the emotional litter, physical litter, mental litter. All you're shedding the decaying skin of your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

You are plunging yourself into the transformation Phenix via. That is only presented to you if you willingly descend into your personal underworld, which is. Symbolic of. Everything's stored in your unconscious. That was too painful to experience synthesize alchemists until you decided to undergo this transformation process. As you go through this initiation, you were starting to then see the world for what it more or less is through 2020 vision. Because you are then noticing all of the marketing schemes of those who are in obviously diet fads. The, you know, the surgeries that are offered to people, but it doesn't do anything for their emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, the trauma, the infliction, which will probably result in another some sort of addiction which will mirror the attraction to unhealthy and large amounts of food. You are then also perceiving. The realm of, you know, the medical mafia because you're like, well, why haven't these so and so, quote unquote healers offered me actual healing instead of a prescription for a pill surgery, whatnot? And then it just goes even more deep in that.

And then you're also going to be greeted with this initiation of the flaccid principles of a lot of new age teachings, which are not the the the the whole depth of. Your organic nature as a spiritual being, because you'll be greeted with these false teachings of just thinking positively to enact this great physical change, but does not mention the shadow. It doesn't mention your self-sabotaging tendencies. Those inflections that have contorted modified your behavior and actions, which is just behavior in your thoughts, which resulted in. Who you are about to undergo this transformational process of your own free will choice. You really are peeling back the layers of illusions, lies, deceit, and you're introducing yourself into truth. Awareness. Consciousness. Fire of transformation. And the the undergoing of this descent into your own underworld to purge those health frequencies. They're going to realize it was you all along that you needed to go to. You needed to talk to yourself. You needed to bring in your highest expression. You needed to face yourself in the mirror. And. Talk to you in a way that. Pierce's the false illusionary perceptions.

You're looking at yourselves objectively instead of this subjective lens which is contorted by the inflections that are not harmonized. Synthesized. Alchemist. Purged. Released. So as you really become more introduced with your power to transform your mind, body, spirit, emotions. Oh. Okay. Energy, right? Huh. As you start to go through this process, you are finding that you are the creator of your reality. By the way, that you respond to the world. You react to the world with choices you make and discovering the motivations as to why you make those choices. Because you'll start realizing as well through this initiation process that those choices that you made that you really thought was of your own free will was actually. Operated through those puppet strings of those inflections. So you're actually. Making choices. That were not of your highest expression. And it was all in you. Because of this. Dead skin that has not been plucked off. Peeled off. Removed. So the. There are so many factors as you go through this weight loss journey. And it's more than. Just looking good because in your also believe will be met with the perception contortions on your mind about well what constitutes someone looking good.

Do I really need a six pack? Do I really need to look up the Barbie and Ken Doll Syndrome? Do I really understand how much work that it will take for me to achieve that? And is that really what I desire? And then you're also going to be also faced with the illusions of. Just having a body will attract that partner that you want when you realize, okay, well, I may look good physically outside through doing maybe somehow dangerous ways of manifesting that body. But then when I meet the partners in my life, are they going to stay? When I haven't done the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual work that is interwoven to form your highest expression in this reality. It is.

The perception man, and you will start to understand more of the dynamics of the world, which are of the inversion, the hive mind, mentality, conformity, the the prophet and the puppet strings in the world especially. Then you'll start seeing what the plandemic was really about, and then every other thing that came before it and which will come in the future. You are healing yourself. Mind. Body. Soul. Emotions. This is a grand initiation. And that's why so many people fail at it. And it's up to you to succeed through discipline, compassion. Being smart, following your intuition. And discovering, well, what is your intuition? And then you also start. Really? As you clear out the bodies, you start to bring in those psychic downloads. And I'll just take one to even father initiation, which is why a weight loss transformation journey is an initiation into your own shamanic awakening. Enjoy daylight wizards.

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