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Discernment & Responsibility! Realize Diffusion Of Accountability.

8am 6-27-22

Nourishing our minds with knowledge of occult forces should be a process of descending into humanness and then ascend into spiritualizing one’s soul-avatar matrix by initiation.

I do have a protocol established when discerning between information worth reviewing and fantasy. I read material that is aware of occult forces along with trauma-installment programs which ensnare the subconscious to enable disempowerment.

Authors, speakers, teachers, XYZ are to acknowledge the very real human factors essential to life through the soul-avatar matrix via current incarnation conditioning and that which is translated from parallel lives.

Automatically blaming an entity or group of entities for one’s misfortune is a strategy to disassociate oneself from responsibility. On the other hand, just ignoring the Low Frequency Control Program mechanics involving occult forces is also a disassociation from aspects of reality which is defaulted in the New Age ideology.

Believe you me, I definitely submerged my consciousness within the New Age ideology which was a stepping stone. It was a branch I could pull on so I could start thinking alternatively from XYZ narrative. There were many faults within this submersion, but it did serve me.

For you reading this post, are you following a teacher, mentor, XYZ person because they are telling you what you want to hear rather than what is necessary for you to hear? Bringing LIGHT to this subject will force you to review aspects of yourself which are self-prohibiting you from examining your Shadow. Are you also possibly following a person who only discusses occult forces without psychological soul-avatar matrix programs?

Let us successfully move out of black-white thinking through a strategy of evolving our awareness to the totality of this human experience.

We are here to destroy a parasitic, vampiric world that is inorganic to human nature. We are uploading a High Frequency Freedom Program template which souls can incarnate to learn evolved lessons.

It is through our personal Dark Night Of The Soul which will assist us with realizing our responsibility and the forces outside of physical sensory data.

You are here to lighten up your life and you are here to diminish the vampiric forces by surrendering to the Divine by anchoring your Ego with the Light of the GODFORCE.



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