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DREAMBOARD: Prophecy, Seer, Essence, & Monster.

Recorded on 9/10/22

Hello, Light Wizards! This transmission decodes the dreamboard illustrated on my Instagram throughout 9/8/22 & 9/9/22.

*I initially felt a potential for the modern day witch burning through the polarizing Left/Right Wing trap.

*Need to understand Prophecy, Psychic Ability, Mediumistic Ability, the Seer Archetype.

*Examining the many layers of deception and deceit regarding psychics and mediums throughout the external world.

*Reviewing those who understand the value and the mechanics of psychic and mediumistic abilities.

*Faults and consequences of ignorance toward the human species’ ability to realize their psychic and mediumistic skills which are a birthright.

*Prophecy Prophecy Prophecy

*Reuniting with ESSENCE and Soul Retrieval. Activation of self and an advancement in metaphysical skills. Reuniting with NATURE.

*There is a new monster afoot.

*The upgrade downloaded into our being so we have the necessary advancements to counter this new enemy.

Video Clip Links

Harry Potter






Legend of Korra

The Lost Boys

Sailor Moon Crystal

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