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Fear Of Psychic Development! Burst "Safe & Effective" Bubble.


Uploaded 5-3-22

Hello, wizard. So this transmission intrigues me and it is regarding fear of psychic development. And there are a couple of fears surrounded by this notion of developing your intuitive capabilities as a human. The first fear I want to talk about is the the fear of illusions breaking. Fear of truth's one hold as to be truthful. And then once one goes down the path of discovering the. Magical nature of our multidimensional selves. Really reinforcing to oneself that you are a psychic, medium risk being and then having experiences of your dream or your trance or your hypnotic self-hypnosis, having validation and confirmation from the external world, telling you that what you received, the data that you received is accurate. Real. And something to pay attention to if one really surrenders to this and goes down this journey. It's not sunshine and rainbows, which I think you are aware that already. But like, it's it's really like if. From someone who is fearful. If I accept that this is real, I have to then look at everything else in my life, especially the programs that exclaimed to me. Pressured me gaslit me to denounce all intuitive work as tomfoolery fake.

If I really believe that, my life will change. So this is where the fear, I think an unconscious fear comes out, where people don't want to examine their life. They're comfortable living in the the bubble, the safe and effective bubble, let's call it. I'm going to use that from now on. The safe and effective bubble. Because you could totally understand what I'm saying with that. People don't want their safe and effective bubble burst. And you know, obviously, this isn't for everybody because we're all in our own path. But that is, I think, of one big fear of really. Even entertain the idea, especially like the fear of going to a psychic and or medium and also paying the char like the fee, which a professional psychic medium charges is not like a $30 thing. It's it's an it's a service, a genuine service to assist you, a professional service which includes a price tag because, you know, we got to pay bills, we got to eat and we want to enjoy our life. Right. That's one fear. I think the other fear is then. That you are then seeing the world in its entirety. You're seeing the polarity. Especially yesterday. I had such a deep sense of like the yin and yang of life. The solar eclipse was tripping me out. I was just like, Oh, Lee, holy, holy shit. So it's almost like the I think it was an American Dragon. Jake Long Back in the early 2000 where there were the two series. One was really happy but only saw bad things and one was really depressed but only saw good things. You have that realization as you start doing psychic development that like, okay, well I'm seeing the polarity and I'm seeing lies as truths or truth as lies. Another one is I feel like a fear of the the dark aspects of reality in the multi layers of reality. Where we have the Gremlins or pesky little imps demons, which really are just our greatest teachers, for they teach us aspects of self which are not whole.

And that's the only way that you can turn up the volume is because there's something already in there to. Fuck with. I curse a lot. I'm sorry. I'm not sorry. I like sentence enhancers. Check myself further. So we have that. And then you go into. The layers of ufology. Interdimensional extraterrestrials, which as you if you've been watching my transmissions, that was something that I kept so far away from me until I was ready to explore that. And then I was like, Oh, that's my next course to take. So for you, like Wizard, are you holding any fears of developing your psychic abilities? Are you holding fears of even going to a psychic in our medium? Are you afraid to? See what illusions you're believing to be as truths. Are you unwilling to entertain ideas that would make you jump out of the safe and effective bubble? Enjoy daylight wizards.

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