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Giles & The Light Wizards' Bazaar

10 years ago, Summer 2013, I watched the entire series of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. This morning, Giles appeared in my mindscape and it ushered in a symbolic decoding of the last 10 years.

I was greeted with the symbol of Giles and its meaning. The Library of Knowledge. The books for the Slayer to learn about that which is encased in the sinister and the insidious. A passion for research. A passion for exploration. A passion for that which is hidden from the common-folk.

I was met with an overview of the last four months since the creation of The Light Wizards' Bazaar. I was asked about the Why and the Value. I was invited to explore the reasons I focus my time and energy on recording and publishing Bazaar episodes.

Team Light - Higher Mind - Essence is very clear with directives to keep myself in check so I do not fall prey to the identification with my skills which may result in an inflated ego. A trap to live in my 'Specialness'. To remember that I am not special and that no one is special. To remember that I am special and that everyone is special. The paradox.

I witness those in my field who are consumed by the wounded Ego. Consumed by the praise for their specialness and an exaggeration of their skills. To create an image that is tainted by the Darkness of the Underworld. Then there is the Delusion of Stargate 69, Ascension, Cosmic Psychic work that is a Fantasy Play. The presentation of the Ancient Art of PSYCHISM through a distorted lens to sour perception.

I realized that the Value I place on The Light Wizards' Bazaar is Knowledge. To create a Library based upon my experiences, my work, and what I learned from research. is Fun! The moment the Bazaar becomes a chore is when I will stop.

No library card required other than a tool to listen to the episodes. Demonstrations to provide an opportunity for listeners' expectations and perceptions of this work to align with the reality of these skills.

I also see the Paranoia that Darkness installed in people through misinformation, distraction, and agendas to divorce a people further from their Intuitive Instrument. Believing that Darkness is the true force behind the Sacred Intuitive Arts. A web of lies woven with the trauma programs running throughout the human species.

The Light Wizards' Bazaar is my Library and it is open to seekers who desire information that is unbound by a House of Publication.

Giles is my compass. The last ten years were designed by Higher Mind to instruct me on the human potential, the agendas of the Light and the Dark, and to be a mirror for humans' Intuitive Potential.


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