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Group Transformation! Individual Integration Of Energies.


Uploaded 1-24-22

Hello, Wizards. So we are back with another transmission, obviously. And this is regarding transformation, rebirth. The Phenix. Rising after its death. And there are probably many more ways of describing that. But for this particular segment of time, what this video is about. Right. I was sitting here reading this book called Young. There are a lot of things I agree with. Concerning the information that he brings forward. And what I find. Very intriguing is. How we're all perceiving this giant group transformation that we are. All going through right now, this massive fire where we're forging steel. We're forging swords personally and collectively. And throughout this giant group transformation, we all are perceiving it and evolving in our own particular way. So even though objectively there are the same lists of factors going on. Our individual experience is affected uniquely based upon our subjective lens of the objective truth, along with the actions that we're taking. With the knowledge that we are now acquiring. And I want to read some of this, so forgive me, but I think you'll like it.

And this is a chapter of concerning rebirth. And this is the identification with a group. Portion, which is I guess a group transformation, but we'll read and discuss. But I think this is really important. We shall now discuss another form of transformation experience, which I would call identification with a group. More accurately speaking, it is the identification of an individual with a number of people who, as a group have a collective experience of transformation. This special psychological situation must not be confused with participation in a transformation, right? Which, though performed before an audience, does not in any way depend upon group identity or necessarily give rise to it. To experience transformation in a group and to experience it in oneself are two totally different things. If any considerable group of persons are united and identified with one another by a particular frame of mind, the results in transformation experience bears only a very remote resemblance to the experience of individual transformation.

A group experience takes place on a lower level of consciousness than the experience of an individual. This is due to the fact that when many people gather together to share one common emotion, the total psyche emerging from the group is below the level of the individual psyche. If it is a very large group, the collective psyche will be more like the psyche of an animal, which is the reason why the ethical attitude of large organizations is always doubtful. The psychology of a large crowd inevitably sinks the level of mob psychology. If, therefore, I have a so-called collective experience as a member of a group. It takes place on a lower level of consciousness than if I had experienced by myself alone. That is why this group experience is very much more frequent than an individual experience of transformation. It it is also much easier to achieve because the presence of so many people together exerts great suggestive force. The individual in a crowd easily becomes a victim of his own suggestibility. It is only necessary for something to happen. For instance, a proposal backed by the whole crowd. And we too are all for it. Even if the proposal is immoral, if the crowd one feels no responsibility, but also no fear. So that's really interesting, too. So we have like with this giant, let's call it what it is. We went through a fucking excuse, my friend. I curse.

We went through a giant ritual. A mass. Ritual. That's the conspiracy lens through the very real objective truth that it was a conspiracy. People were conspiring. But the universe, as you said many times before in transmission, the universe uses those players to enact change. So we have right now in our group transformation. Right. We have those that are influenced by way of the dark agenda. To have just kind of sunk into madness that it's quite, very sad to watch. But then we see this beautiful rise of the Phenix Energy, of those who. Took the opportunity, took the initiative to. Throw out some question marks and then have the guts to go ask questions and find things. So that's interesting to know. Thus, identification with the group is a simple and easy path to follow. But the group experienced is goes no deeper than the level one's own mind in that state. It does work a change in you, but the change does not last. Yeah. And I think that's really important, too, because even though you may be on the Phenix Rising energy, if you're not doing this internal work. And really transforming from within it. It's going to fizzle out. And it ties into what today's totem was, was the Hercules beetle and beetle Borg's murder or beetle bonder of the transformation process of, well, what are you going to be doing with this energy? So it's great to know these things, but what are you doing about it? How are you integrating your life and what are you doing on your path now?

On the contrary, you must have continual recourse to mass intoxication in order to consolidate the experience and your belief in it. But as soon as you are removed from the crowd, you are a different person again and unable to reproduce the previous state of mind. The mass is swayed by participate in mystique, which is nothing other than an unconscious identity. Supposing, for example, you go to the theater, glance meets glance. Everybody observes everybody else so that all those who are present are caught up in an invisible web of mutual, unconscious relationship. If this condition increases, one literally feels borne along by the universal wave of identity with others. It may be a pleasant feeling. One wave of identity with others. It may be. Oh, yeah, yeah. Sorry. One sheep among 10,000. Again, if I feel that this crowd is a great and wonderful unity, I am hero, exalted along with the group. When I am myself again, I discover that I am Mr. So-and-so and that I live in such and such street on the third floor. I also find that the whole affair was really most delightful, and I hope it will take place again tomorrow so that I may once more feel myself to be a whole nation, which is much better than just being plain Mr. X. Since this is such an easy and convenient way of raising one's personality to a more exalted rank, mankind has always formed groups which made collective experiences of transformation, often of an ecstatic nature possible.

Their aggressive identification with lower and more primitive states of consciousness is invariably accompanied by a heightened, heightened sense of life. Hence, the quickening effect of regressive identifications would have animal ancestors in the Stone Age. Hmm. But yeah, we're seeing that too, with all the virtual signaling going on with the people who are just brought into madness. The inevitable psychological regression within the group is partially counteracted by ritual, that is to say, through a cult ceremony, which makes the solemn performance of sacred events the center of group activity, and prevents the crowd from relapsing into unconscious, instinctual ity by engaging the individual's interest and attention. The ritual makes it possible for him to have a comparatively individual experience, even within the group, and so to remain more or less conscious. But if there is no relation to a center which expresses the unconscious through its symbolism, the mass psyche inevitably becomes hypnotic focus of fascination, drawing everyone under its spell. That is why masses are always breeding grounds of psychic epidemics. The events in Germany being a classic example of this, and if Carl Jung was alive right now, he'd be having a shit show right now.

Seeing what's going on right now over the last two years. But here's some good things. So it will be objected to this essentially negative event evaluation of mass psychology that there are also there are also positive experiences. For instance, a positive enthusiasm which spurs the individual to noble deeds, or an equally positive feeling of human human solidarity. Facts of this kind should not be denied. The group can give the individual courage of bearing a dignity which may easily get lost in isolation. It can awaken within him the memory of being a man among men. But that does not prevent something else from being added, which he would not possess as an individual. Such unheard gifts may seem a special favor of the moment, but in the long run there is a danger of the gift becoming a loss. Since human nature has a weak habit of taking gifts for granted in times of necessity, we demand them as a right instead of making the effort to obtain them ourselves. One sees this, unfortunately, only too plainly in a tendency to demand everything from the state without reflecting that the state consists of those very individuals who make the demands. The logical development of this tendency leads to communism, which each individual enslaves the community, and the latter is represented by a dictator, the slave owner. All primitive tribes, characterized by a communistic order of society, also have a chieftain over them with unlimited powers.

The Communist state is nothing other than an absolute monarchy in which there are no subjects but only turfs, serfs. So what? This is for you and I, light wizard. If you made it to one, we had 11 minutes. Oh, I am right. 11 minutes and 6 seconds is like. We're dealing with master psychologists, but we're also dealing with the God force. Who is the good, the great goodness of everything, who is still very much with us throughout this transformation process. We can't lose we can't lose sight of that. God is working with us. And we're forging steel right now. But you know. There. I just thought this is fascinating. Along with how. With these two groups, the Phenix and the dissenters. And among them two are what the individual is supposed to do. So maybe there are some dissenters in Into Madness who are really actually not dissenting in their because they may individually believe in it. They're just doing it to because they are under the false pretenses, believing that if they comply, everything will go away. With this hysteria and the next one that's brewing in the background. Right. And then we have the Phenix hours. Let's say the word of the Phenix and. There's positive, beautiful group transformation, which maybe some people need to feel that in order to have the courage to transform within themselves even more. Photos. Fascinating during daylight wizards.

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