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Habit Of Disempowerment! 'De' & 'Re' Construction.


Uploaded 3-19-22

Hello, Wizards. So I literally just hopped off the bike because when I was done two, I did not want to lose these downloads impressions the the eagle eye of what wants to pass through me for this video to you. So when I went on the bike it's Saturday, it's March 19th. I want my glasses on and I had a lovely morning. I've been really focused in on self-care more specifically, like deleting the Instagram app and just really plugging into me more so than ever before in that first hour upon waking up. And I was I was fine. I said goodbye. My boyfriend, he went to work, went over to the bike, and I was like, okay, well, I feel like I want to watch a concert performance for my first lift off of the bike. And I was met with a post on YouTube from somebody discussing the potentials from the darker forces for, you know, like the social credit system project, blue beam, fill in the blank, which I'm sure you are aware of those potentials.

And I was like, Okay, well, he might talk to me. Because it's what I realized in that moment is how habituated we are as humans in this low frequency control program that we are dismantling to birth the High Frequency Freedom Program in the FCP. We are habituated into disempowerment. And victimization. But more specifically in this transmission, it's so easy for us to go right back into a pattern of thought of disempowerment. And how does one who has snapped out of the trance, who is in the process of descending into the underworld to rise with the Phenix Flames? How does one build a more consistent pattern of thought of empowerment? And how do we renegade against the disempowerment habituation? I was like, Oh, my God. And then I was shown a couple of things. The first thing I want to pop my head is, well, okay. Yeah. Every time I go into the bike, part of that 40, 45 minutes to an hour engagement with my body. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. I have to clear out my chakras and I do get a real physical sensation. So when you hear people and I understand how fluffy and airy and well all that sounds when people talk about clearing chakras, right?

But I get physical sensations. I might get a little gurgling, I might release some gas, might have a stomach gurgle as well, especially more specifically, the first three chakras, which I'm sure you are aware have been assaulted. Throughout all of our life. And it is continuing and it's up to us to shield ourselves and to clear out those bottom three chakras, because it's inverted so heavily in this realm of existence that we are dismantling. It's not an easy job. So that aspect and empowerment goes right into your solar plexus chakra, right? Willpower that that sun energy the lion if you want to look at it like that to the Leo who and all Mars is also popping into my head and I'm always like angel woman, celestial arrow. Or you can also look at Katniss Everdeen the which is the the potential to really deconstruct the inversion. So definitely go into that, and that could help with empowerment. And what also popped in this came in to me more so than ever before.

During the height of 2020, that the pandemic in my note was that we all, every one of us are situated in a particular zone, particular coordinate longitude and latitude on this plane. Of Earth. Right. And. To focus back into empowerment is to realize, well, I have my own specific potential to reconfigure my energy bodies and then my physical environment through inspiration, love, creation. And I am able to witness then the consequences of my transfiguration, my descent into the underworld and rebirth. And then it warps around us. And coming in with that also married with the the download that there are many humans that are also a part of those darker forces and they have their own soul had all that say where they have to figure out like okay am I going to do x, y, z or ABC? And there are people who are in different areas of life on this realm. Who. Part of our mission is to see what their potential is for unlocking the High Frequency Freedom Program in their life and then those mechanics.

Pretty much like you and I most likely are not going to be able to manipulate for the good the stock market like those underground things going on or the underpinnings of those bio labs and whatnot, or the project blooming people. We most likely are not a part of that, but also to is to remember that we have our own creative force and we had to get back into perpetuation of the creation. Oh, yeah, it's that. It's that Excalibur sword energy, right? And that was helping me. Reconfigure myself. Okay, well, let me check myself right now. Am I working on my human homework? Yes. Am I actively creating when I'm feeling inspired? Yes. Am I deconstructing and reconstructing my energy, physical, spiritual and mental emotional bodies? Yes. Am I taking care of my responsibilities? Yes. So that whole checklist and then another thing that came into it was just a remembrance of part of the habituation of disempowerment also is our habituation in falsities and the inversion in the inorganic streams of life.

So we have it's almost like we have we're too plugged into the dark arts book and we have to go back into charms, transfiguration, potions and whatnot and that. Hidden the occult knowledge. Is to be infused in our awareness again and then live it and then watch that ripple effect happen. Because you and I are also really not aware of how magnificent and delicate and intricate and interwoven this world is that we live in, but we're remembering and rediscovering right now and building our thoughts to go back into that habituation or plugging into that habituation and having that really be our habit of thought. And it's the delicate balance between. You know, being aware of the potential of the dark side, but also being aware of the potential of the light side that we don't see in the MSM. And how many people are also in that paranoid state which some gremlins use to their advantage. So it's just there's so many layers, but I hope that may assist you with snapping out of that disempowerment, trap the habituation of disempowerment. Enjoy daylight wizards.

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