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Hades & The Underworld! Archetypal & Symbolic.


Uploaded 3-31-22

Hello. Light Wizards. So this transmission is regarding Hades and the underworld. And a brief definition through my lens of perception deity gods goddesses are through my lens a personification of a collection of attributes, characteristics, traits in the form of a totem, more or less so. Hades is comprised of a collection of attributes, characteristics, traits that are housed in this form, labeled with a name. And then we have the underworld, which is symbolic of our unconscious or shadow. So today I was just going about my business and I was just slammed with impressions, let's say. And this has actually been marinating over the last couple of weeks where, you know, just this is awareness of the underworld and the descent into the underworld. And that process is the ritualized symbolism of our willingness to go into the darkness of that which we keep locked in our unconscious through many different types of imagery, symbolism, archetypes.

So I actually wrote all this down today, and it really has been sparking such great interest to me. And we're going to just dove into these brief definitions because I feel like I need to share them, as I always do on this platform of mine, if you want to call it that. And I find it really interesting because Hades really comes in with books. I'll just read this and then we'll I'll explain.

As I read it, Hades represents the attributes of self which are guarding, guarding the entrance to the unconscious, the keeper of their world, the aspects of us who is well aware of what lies in the catacombs. Sheathed in darkness the self which is aware of the power required to walk down the tunnels into the caverns of the underworld. The aspects of self, which is very well aware that the descent into the underworld will take great grand, gargantuan bravery, courage exemplified through the thoughts and actions of literally deciding to look at why one operates the way one operates, whether it be an individual or collective body. The projected qualities which are diminished into believing that these qualities of life experience are to be deemed unwatchable. Hades also is the projection of taboo, projection of the unspeakable projection of our wounding concerning our attempt to identify abusers, identify pain, identify that which is inverted in our individual and collective bodies. Our individual experience. Our collective experience. And that's why that imagery of Haiti's could be deemed through an image of something to be feared and something to be untouched or not. Watch. Of all the symbology of suffering with pain rather than transducer pain. So there is pain which we experience. We feel it, we transducer, we trans morph fit, transform it. And it leaves her body. It's expelled, it's released. We learned we moved on.

But he Hades represents that. Constant reliving of that painful experience, the embodiment of hell frequencies which are derived from not synthesizing and not allowing one to purge pain, trauma, the dark humor realized through action of the observer and no emotional attachment Beetlejuice. It just came in like that. Dark humor, the ability to laugh at. Really bad moments in our life. But. Able to laugh at it when we have synthesized that emotion and we're able to look at that memory without an emotional attachment. So like for me, looking back in yesteryear, getting bullied when I was a kid for being fat or being gay or and. That whole lot. I can look back and laugh at it now because I've pulled my energy out of that, synthesized it, and there's no emotional attachment. Haiti's is a self who was aware of the greatness within the underworld in the invitation to embrace courage, to fully immerse into the dungeons of hell Hades as the aspects of self.

Which understands that when one takes that ring that to more and go through that grand journey. That is the next level of advancement. That is evolution. That is social evolution. That is the series of tests and lessons to catapult oneself into a higher octave of expression. If they open up the door and descend into the underworld. And just Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, you know, but Hades is all of that and I can go more and more into that. But that was what I wrote down as well as what I just added to, as you already saw. So now the underworld and the underworld just it's a scenery. It's a land that is symbolic of the unconscious, our shadow, individually and collectively. The underworld is the shadow with an unconscious pain unrecognized and unleashed as suffering. So it's that arena of the experience. It's the actual experience. It is the consistent reliving the corrosive chemicals in our body, the infliction in our energy fields, in our bodies, mind, body, emotional body, physical body, spiritual body. It is that constant reliving until one expels. The pain by synthesizing it, extracting the wisdom, detaching their energy from it, and declawing their way out of. That sinking hole and clawing oneself out.

The puppet strings webbed by infliction of the external in modifications of behavior thought. It is the land where the spider web is pulling the human avatar without the avatar's awareness. So it's us going into the realm to see, well, where my life are, these webs, these puppet strings attaching to me, how is it influencing me? And where is the the cause? Because the underworld has that collection of synthesized memories waiting to be expelled. Of their power over us. The land waiting for a hero to conquer to evolve greater. It is photos trip to. More to. Destroy the ring. It is Harry Potter's. Collection of the Deathly Hallows and defeating Voldemort. It is the Supremes test of the tests of Seven Wonders. To push the boundaries of craft into art. Conquer their personal hell. And then be deemed as one who is supreme. Land of the taboo and the shackles of external hivemind programs to delete individuality.

It is that collective unconscious of the installation of the hive mind and our wounds of the hive make conformity. It is the land where we are seeing in our collective unconscious the systems in place to delete the individual. It is a land of illusion by way of willful ignorance. It is that which we are not wanting, not desiring to look at individually and collectively. It is akin to the leper not touching the leper, putting the leper away. It is that it's the infectious diseases that we think are infectious. But really we are the disease for not acknowledging it. We are the reason for the. Resulting of our experience in a way that we wish did not manifest. The seas of untranslated realms to berth the Phenix. It is the birthplace of the Phenix. It is the land where we have that opportunity to rise out of the underworld stronger, purified, of more clarity, of more strength, shielded with so much fortitude and knowing thyself because of our descent into the underworld. Answers to why when y was slash is unseen, it is the land of why things operate individually and collectively. Hope you enjoyed that light wizard. I thought that was cool. I'm going to be doing more of these Hades in the underworld through my lens of perception. Enjoy. Daily wizards.

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