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Healthy Mind Tool Ecosystem VS Distorted 'Spiritual Teachings'

This morning, I was greeted by a memory from Summer 2019. I started a new job while also embarking on a journey to learn about alternative information. A discovery! To find a new bridge that I can travel that would involve a paradigm to incorporate the reality of my psychic and mediumistic experiences. My thought process was that XYZ 'Spiritual Teachings' must be true if they acknowledge the realness of my skills.

This led me to the Delusional Idea that if a person ignores, does not acknowledge, absolutely dismisses recognizing that which what a person doesn't want in his/her life...then XYZ will disappear.

I met up with friends and a friend asked me about my new job. I would not discuss it. I adamantly declared that I will not talk about my new job. I did not provide a reason to my absurdity. I just ignored the job.

Thankfully...Higher Mind invited me to go deeeeeper. To dive underneath the diluted 'Spiritual Teaching'. To extract the Golden Wisdom from that idea so it can ground down to Earth in tandem with my Healthy Logic Mind and my Psychic Art Mind.

The danger of 'See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil' is crucial to understand. Ignoring one's challenges. Ignoring the collective's challenges. Not facing that which you don't want in your life and foolishly believing that it will go away without any hard work and effort. This distortion leaves you defenseless and attacks your Creative Power to Actively Change by using Guidance from Higher Mind and using your hands to work work work.

On one hand...not giving all of your energy to 'that which you don't want' is true. However, many are falsely led by the distortion.

This led me to understand the Mind through the Aquarium Analogy. Our Mind Tool is like an Aquarium. We are capable of synthesizing Waste/Pollution. We can take in small to medium sized doses of thoughts that make us aware of Darkness and what we don't want. The key is to not be Consumed by those thoughts 24/7.

A fish tank has bacteria that breaks down fish waste/food so that the water is suitable for fish to live. When the Nitrates become too much then the fish will die which is why a fish keeper has a water change routine and vacuums the gravel.

We are equipped to handle doses of acknowledging Darkness, but we are not to focus solely on Darkness.

We need a Balanced Ecosystem of the Mind.

When we are in Balance...we can acknowledge what we don't want while having the room in our Mind Tool to receive Guidance and Inspiration from Higher Mind.

Engaging in the Great Inner Work to purify our mind/body/spirit is necessary. To transmute trauma. To cultivate self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love. To strengthen our ability to rely on Self. To take responsibility. To put in effort to create change. To be disciplined.

When we ignore our reality...we are left for Darkness to consume us. We are not able to Respond to Life. We are not able to take Accountability for our actions and to be aware of Cause and Effect.

Actively looking at the horrors of the world will not leave you in a paranoid state if you are of Balance.

Engaging with your Healing Work allows you to embody Spirit, Courage, and Bravery to see the world and your life as they are so you know what you are up against then you tap into Higher Mind to receive the instructions to Change.

You are a Strong, Individualized Expression of Spirit. You are not meant to navigate life under delusion believing foolish 'Spiritual Teachings' that are not of your Healthy Logic Mind and your Psychic Art Mind.

The world does not want humans who are Active, Strong, and Aligned with Spirit.

You are equipped to Change and falsely believing that if you bring your attention onto Darkness and what you don't want will create more of that....well, you are in Fantasy.

Develop your Strength of Will and face yourself in the mirror so you know what you must do to Change. Align with the GODFORCE / Holy Nature to receive inspiration, guidance, and navigation to travel down a new path from within the unknown that is aligned with your Optimal Path.

When you stare at the collective madness and insanity of our isn't pretty. It is natural to feel fear and heart-pain. However, not acknowledging the insanity and the Darkness will divorce you from your Optimal Path because your Optimal Path is a key to helping to Heal this world from collective madness and insanity.


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