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Hive Mind Conformity Wounds! Illumination & Healing.


Hive Mind Conformity Wounds! Next Layer To Alchemize.

Uploaded 3-23-22

Hello, light wizards. So for this transmission, I want to bring up the idea of healing our hive mind. Conformity wounds. So. This morning with the transmission made earlier today. On March 23rd, 2022, I was greeted with more of a, let's just say a new layer of the onion to peel back and examine some more of that which needs to be healed. Right. And all throughout today, I was sort of affected by it. I was just, you know, the energy was cracked open and I was just synthesizing it. I wasn't fighting it. I was just feeling it, containing it. And then this realization dawned on me that this is. An aspect of my own hive mind conformity wound. Moon's warnings. Because, you know, pulling back these layers. Right. And now that we, for the most part, are out of the survival emotions of the last two years, and most likely you and I are hip to the same notion that we were not under the survival emotions concerning a deathly illness.

We were under the processing of the very real, you know, understanding that the last two years was a manipulated affair by those who wish to. I in more control, medical tyranny, deletion of individual rights, and so on and so forth. So we went through that for the most part, and we were processing and we've kind of gotten out of the notion of waking up the next day thinking, okay, well, am I going to get. Someone stabbing me when I walk out the door. We went through such a mind. Fuck. Oh, but it made us stronger. Make it really like I learned so much about myself. And I could only have. Done that process by living through the last two years. So now we are on this new journey of post the last two years, right? The hivemind conformity wounds are surfacing and everybody on this planet has wounding concerning the hive mind conformity.

Everybody, no matter what level of your awareness is, let's say no matter how much you are or not hip to the plan and what's really going on in the world the beauty, love, light and the dark, evil, psychopathy, sociopathy, you know what I mean? Right. And this was actually sparked by the blue, an illusion of mind breaking, which coalesce into an understanding of my a major hive mind conformity wound that is asking to be healed right now. And that is concerning me in the way I view myself and my human avatar and beauty standards of the, you know, the Barbican Down syndrome, that is, of the hive mind conformity. Because let's share the story. So on Sunday, my lovely boyfriend, he's so such a sweet, little, kindhearted man. I love him. He walks past me on the couch. Right. And he was like, Jake, you know, he took a picture and he showed me that it had this look bald spot for me. Right. And I was in the blissful ignorance. I don't see the back of my head. I mean, I didn't notice that this is starting to go, but that's the severity of the little spot for me. And I was like, so I was allowing that to fall away, that illusion. And it really was because I just really like long hair men and I like having long hair, but I didn't know that that was there. So and I'm tall, so you can't really see unless you're taller than me. But I was like, Wow. So I'm being met with more of those wounds I've had growing up, being a fat kid. And obviously, like, you also have those high of my conformity concerning beauty standards and now I'm being met with, okay, well, the look that I wanted to go for is not really happening anymore because of jeans. Like my dad has a full head of hair, but both my grandparents don't. Well, one has transitioned, the other one is still alive as like fuck, fuck. Okay. And I'm processing that and it is superficial in a way, but it also is an initiation into a next chapter in my life where I'm now being met with the the standards of beauty for men, with or without hair. I didn't think I'd have to go through that because I was under the illusion that I was having a luscious full pull of hair. And now I'm going to cut it my appointments next week. Otherwise, I would have had a cut by now because my friend Liz cuts my hair.

So I had to go through that which dovetails into this high, my conformity. And I thought I had a lot of it healed already, but then it came into more of an understanding that there's so much healing of the hive mind conformity now because I, I process a lot of my mother's passing. I mean, I'm sure there's still grief wounds in there. And I also am unpacking the hive mind, conformity wound of me and my abilities and the mind control program. So this transmission for you is for you to figure out, like, well, where are you right now in your healing journey and have you during this time, are you being met with your own hive mind, conformity wounds, and how are you handling them? And this is why I do my active meditation, i.e. cardio in the morning every day, more or less, because I need to face mike conditioning and my potential. I need to process, burn away, release, purge and integrate. And this also helps me establish more empathy for my fellow human beings. Even if you are one who believes in mandates and everybody should be jabbed against their will, so on and so forth. And I really don't agree with I still have compassion with them because we've all throughout our lives have been sent through the indoctrination into a death cult, a death cult, it anti life cult and anti-India views. You are called an anti thinking cult, an anti intuition cult, a death cult and all forms. And we are here as his master souls that we are.

Oh, I can't believe you're here. Right. To come in and move through this, experience it and then heal it from inside. And then he kills the collective. And it's not an easy task. And we will always be through an ever unfolding way of healing. And we'll just as we move through a healing process, we find more, better and better strategies and skills to cope with it and to heal the hive mind conformity wounds. And I think that really it all clicked me for me today through my own personal experience and coming out of the hoopla of the last two years and those survival emotions. And now the next layer of the onion to peel is. Figuring out how much I am still have so much pain stored in my field regarding having to conform to the hive mind, to keep me safe, to navigate my childhood, and then now embarking on my new path as an adult who actively engages in my own psychic abilities and. Counteracting the low frequency control program to install this high frequency freedom program. The Hivemind conformity runes. Hot. Damn. Enjoy daylight wizards.

Transcript Hive Mind Conformity Wounds! Inorganic To Organic Life.

Uploaded 3-24-22

Hello, Lady Wizard. So we're back with another transmission. And this is actually continuing on the notion of the hive mind conformity wounds. That really struck me when I received that name for a set of wounding inside of us that are because that we were unable to meet the standard, normalized, naturalized, unnatural way of being of the hive mind, which is designed that way. It's designed to install shame, guilt, unhealthy expression of those because there could be healthy expressions of guilt and shame where we are able to identify like, Oh, you know, maybe I shouldn't do that going forward, so on and so forth. And while I was going about my day today, I was just, you know, contemplating really, really more about the hive minds design and how these all these conformity wounds could serve us on a soul lesson. So it's always when I try to really zoom out and take that eagle eye perspective, the Hawk-Eye looking and see it from a way that. I can sort of grasp why the soul would want to further its evolution through a low frequency control program that has a hive mind installed. And this age is like burning out of control. But I don't want the fire alarm to go off while I'm doing this. So I actually made this when I was a senior in high school. Now, I did definitely needed help creating this ball because a wheel is really hard.

Anyhow. So this is the understanding that I came to be regarding on a soul lesson. And there are many, many lessons that are learned through an experience of transmuting a low frequency control program to a high frequency freedom program. And one of the things that was coming in is that. When we came in here, we knew on a soul level that our little human avatar self would. Experience part of their life or the entire life if they have not chosen to take the invitation to awaken, let's say, using those words, that the soul would want to experience life. Inorganically as a cyborg and android more or less. And when you think about what an Android cyborg is through this lens, not just with nanotechnology and metal and transhumanism, but in a sense that individuality is deleted where they their mind is the hive mind. They're just another drone for the hive mind, another bee in the hive. Which is why they call it a hive mind. Right. And I was like, whoa. Because there is that, you know, the indoctrination, the conformity, and then the pain for not being able to be in the entirety of the hive mind and then not having the validation from those who are also indoctrinated into that system, which is where you get, you know, virtual signaling and where you get the needing that validation from other people. Because another part of this, and I've spoken about it before, is part of another soul lesson.

Having these the hive mind conformity wounds partly could be for the the the self not needing validation from the external world. Because if you're looking for validation in the external world that we are destroying within us so that it can be destroyed outside, if you're looking at validation in that dying world, that destroying process, decaying world, you're not really going to get it because that is the inorganic world that's dying as we are uploading this organic template, or should I say reinstalling the organic template? And we all have so much pain that we have haven't even really begun to just dove into. And now there are many, obviously. And if you're listening, as you most likely are, on your own journey of doing your healing process. But, you know, the that that, that soul who is expressing in their human avatar, who is still trying to meet those unnatural standards of the hive mind, that's so much pain.

Like, if you could just go back into your own story of life during this incarnation and see all those times where you felt rejection or neglected or not being valued or fill in the blank for not conforming to that or having the ability to conform because you're just so individualized. Oh, my God. We all need to give ourselves a big hug. A huge hug and all the kisses that we can as we unpeel more and more so that we can. Go back home within us. And it does help us have more empathy for our fellow human or a fellow Android who hasn't even discovered that they're human. But I think that it really struck a chord with me as like, okay, well, the hive mind is inorganic. And that's where those systems come in where, you know, like communism and all that which are derived in that demonic, inorganic, synthetic way of being. Because it's also too, when you think about it, you know, on Earth is just her own being. And then it's we're here, but it's our mindset. It's our emotional habituation. Excuse me. It's our continuous thought processes, our are habits of belief, habits of thought or beliefs in action, behaviors all conducive of this synthetic overlord that is hooked into our subconscious minds. And then we are all actively destroying together in a healthy way. But to those who are not ready to destroy. The falsities inside of us. It really feels like to them that we're destroying their world. But in a sense, we are destroying the world because their world is an illusion that is fortified with. Inversion.

Hmm. And I was thinking that today, too, especially like like a lot of our core family wounding things could be derived from. Not meeting the standards of that hivemind. So we have like the mother hivemind, right? I keep calling that the mother hivemind and then the individual high minds, which are just originating from that. Borg And then, you know, we can obviously go down the many avenues of the actual physical quote unquote. Borg But we're just going into the the implant in our society. So for what this is for you, if you made to 8 minutes and 2 seconds is just understanding, then maybe possibly in some way, shape or form. A sole lesson for us is to experience life as an android, a cyborg. And then that that process of. Becoming organic again, going from inorganic to organic. Food for thought. Enjoy de la wizard's.

Transcript Hive Mind Conformity Wounds! Dismantle Influence Installation.

Uploaded 3-25-22

Good morning. And hello, light wizards. So this transmission just spurred from my adventure on the bike. And I actually will do my first trigger warning for this video. So trigger warning, because I would watch this transmission. When you are feeling good and you're feeling strong, you're feeling empowered, you're feeling like you are the human who is here to create the life of their desire, move through their social contract, and here to help and dismantle the low frequency control program to create the High Frequency Freedom Program through you, i.e. destroying hell within you and birthing heaven within you. So and this is to come in with this imagery, right? Power Rangers, I as you may already know, I love Power Rangers. I don't watch the new ones, the originally original ones up to say Turbo. I really want you know, I watch Los Galaxy Lightspeed Rescue anyhow, we're talking about Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the original. And right now, let's just imagine that our heart chakra is our power coin, and this is where we're transforming, right?

So just feel like you are that that warrior within you who is aligned with the heart center, who is here to really dismantle and then birthed the new world. So sitting here today, right, especially with this the last few days about this hive mind, conformity wounds and the like, those transmissions, which I create a new playlist and I'm going to be doing a lot more of them because there's a lot to unpack and there's another transmission I want to write. I mean, record anyway. So this one I was sitting there on the mike, was doing it right. I sent my energy, I cleaned out my chakras, went all the way up to my crown. Shock right now. And I was sitting there and I was thinking, well, hive mind, you know, that is inorganic to us humans. But maybe it's organic to something else. And then what was flashing in my mind was Clif High. And I really like him. And he always spoke about the bug. And I. I entertain the idea. I didn't discounted. And I didn't affirm it. I held it within my mind to. But as. The the weeks and months have gone on since I first heard that from him. And especially with this hive mind. A scenario that the label the name that is birthing through my mind will. I totally agree.

Now, I do think that there are many layers of influence on our species. So it's not just this creature of the mountain, more or less, or the ant, whatever shape or form it takes, because I'm sure, you know, demonic, reptilian, other ones that we can't name. Little gremlins. Yeah. And this is when you are standing as an empowered human, that towering terrain, and you understand this world that we live in, but you understand your power. So it's like you can fortify your or your shield who you really are, your consciousness align with the heart and brain for heart. Brain coherence is the force. And why not? And you're able to disconnect from that influence of. The bug creature and I. Am working on my terror from praying mantises ever since I was a little tiny tot and it's been plugged in through my family. So it's it's probably also passed down fear in my current incarnation as well as other incarnations. But we've been terrified of praying mantises. These I think I look at them like devil bugs more or less. And it makes so much sense now because I'm sure, as you may have heard already, especially because I don't know where you are in your journey, if you would have said this to me when I my body started waking up, I would have been not ready for it. But now I'm obviously it's been over a decade. So. There is definitely that that bug influence that hive mind installation onto our species.

Now I don't I didn't do any rational cognition intentions to see what time it could have influenced or birthed on our species. However, there is something installed through our culture, which is another thing I had to unpack and understand more through the lens and the hive mind conformity wound. But for this transmission for you, I was here because there has to be a purpose for you watching it, especially if you made it to 5 minutes and 9 seconds. Is that as you start really opening yourself up, you have to plug yourself into your heart chakra and move up to your crown chakra and you need to develop that connection if the visual imagery of Power Rangers like you're morphing into this. This while you are a creature in this form. Right. But this creature, this humanoid, ready to dismantle and then birth through you. It will you feel strong? And I always say exercise because you want that physical, strong sense. You're able to have endurance. And. Lift things up and put them down. More or less right.

So as we start moving and navigating more and more, we have to be ready to. Grace ourselves with contemplation about all these other influences. And what our role is. So we really are here to delete this insulation program within ourselves and upload a new software more or less of the High Frequency Freedom Program, i.e. heaven and be that human passenger. And combat all these other influences. And once you're strong of mind, body, heart, spirit. You're ready to do that. Enjoy daylight wizards.

Transcript Hive Mind Conformity Wounds! Identical Path Syndrome.

Uploaded 3-28-22

Hello, Wizards. So this is another hive mind. Conformity wounds, transmission. This is more specifically on a topic that you most likely are very familiar with the concept, and you've probably heard it through many various people throughout your life. But this is through my lens of the hive mind conformity wounds, which I feel like us humans as a species all collectively share. And if you really can conceptualize this hive mind installation process and the wounds that us humans have trying to sort of assimilate that inorganic stream of living to our species, we all really do have those wounds associated with the hive mind conformity. And this is this particular transmission is through the lens of the wounds we have for the hive minds idea of an identical path for each of us, which is so inorganic to our species, because we are creative beings and we create out of the unknown and we create in the realm of infinite possibilities through our own direction.

You know, we each have a a list of possible choices for us in each moment. And it is our accumulation of those choices which light up our path to see if we actualize the highest expression of our being during our incarnation. Now, so one of those giant wounds that we all share is the comparison trap of believing that our path in life will be as identical to our brother and our sister, our fellow human, especially with a particular field. For example, my work, like I always say to I can only speak to you through the lens of being a psychic medium. Because that, you know, is. It's just who I am. As well as I am also love to write. I did write a book so you could say author as well. Well, let's look specifically. Psychic medium path. You know, when you start opening up and you start realizing, oh, you know, I can actually pick up on accurate information and I am perceiving things that the normal human is not. And I'm able to decode the energy and provide it. What I do. So for me, I thought that I would. You know, develop. And then all of a sudden I would have a long stream of a waiting list because, oh, well, I'm a genuine intuitive and people should be lining up to see me, which also comes into like part of like a little spiritual ego trap, which you work through. But what I really learned is that I know my path can't be the same as someone else because I need to learn how this information funnels through me. And I am the instrument. And each reading I do, I learn a little bit more and it grows a little bit more. The muscle develops a little bit more.

And then you, me, I found that I like learning about different topics and I like talking about things that may be taboo to some people, such as, you know, like the horrible big pharma medical mafia industry and the inversion program with that and whatnot. So I learned. Okay, well, then I'm not everybody's psychic. Medium. My path. Growing my business and my career as doing an intuitive work will not be like anybody else's. Because really, this energy is using my lens of perception. In my lens of perception is completely unique to just me. So for you, let's say you are an architect. You're a budding architect. You just graduated from a school. Then you have too many lists of choices presenting to you, and those lists of choices will be very different compared to another architect, because you may have your own lines of perception regarding the types of buildings you wish to design. Mike Do you want to do homes? Do you want to do commercial buildings? You want to do skyscrapers? And then you dial into, well, I prefer my homes look like this. I like the modern look, I like the Victorian look or I like the X, Y, Z look, so on and so forth. And then, oh, well, maybe you actually need to do an internship after you graduate versus someone else who went right into, let's say, an architecture firm, for lack of a better understanding. And then you start deviating and saying, Oh, okay, well, through that internship I actually that took me to Japan. And then all of a sudden I'm in Japan and I didn't even know, I didn't even conceptualize that, which is you being in the unknown.

So to dial this back in. Really? To counteract the hive mind identical path wound. Hi. My conformity wound for the identical path is to really be be bold and be more brave if you have more courage to not give a fuck about how others path in life unfolds. And to really put all your energy into following your inspiration, following when you get that download that comes in with neutral motion and that is your connection with the grid of intelligence that is creative. The grid of creative intelligence, let's say. Where you are being a creative individual being because the Hive Mind installation is to delete your individual expression of the God force. Just like how you find, you know, some beings and you start opening up when I really been learning. You know, we have those those little bug fuckers that scare the shit out of me only because I'm terrified of tremendous things. And now I really think I know why, as I've spoken about already. And then we have the the little drones of the certain gray skinned ones. And, you know, we can talk about that for a while because I'm so. Opening up more and more and more to that as this high mind conformity wound lens has downloaded into me.

So to counteract this wound is to be more bold, to be more brave, to have more courage being yourself and really daring to not give a fuck about others people's path in life because it cannot you cannot be identical to them and feel that you are doing. No matter what. Because, you know, for me also, I didn't realize I would like to do videos just talking about these topics and sharing my experiences. This would not have been possible to me three two years ago. Because I had to go through more. Healing and shining light on those shadowy aspects of my pain before I was healed. Could be healed enough to. Sit with the microphone, pop open that camera and talk. Do you? So yeah, there is another wound that we all collectively share from this hive mind installation program is the identical path syndrome. Which is so not what a god force expression, species of individuality. Has in their organic blueprint of being a being. Specifically humans. Huh? Joy. Delight wizards.

Transcript Hive Mind Conformity Wounds! Awareness Of Cult Programming.

Uploaded 3-30-22

Good morning, Wizards. I actually am midway through my workout, but the download came in so crisp, so clear, so of so much clarity that I had to hop off midway through and record this before I forget. So. Right? Yeah, it's working. Okay. Also, this is a little, I would say a little warning. You know, if you're not having a great day or if you're feeling very disempowered or if you're feeling like the world is out to get you a victim. A victim, a victim of sabotage. Sabotage, sabotage. I would save this recording until you are prepared for a better one. Okay, so. This transmission is of the hive mind. Conformity wounds. Repertoire. And this is coming through the lens of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige, the Charmed Ones from Charmed, the original one, not the new bullshit one, which we all know is bullshit. Okay. So if you look at those two lenses of that brilliant media, of those brilliant medias, we see that those two characters, those two characters, well, two, one, four, five characters. And you can also go into Willow and Zander. You follow me. Those two representations mirror you and I, because obviously you are like minded, like me. Otherwise you wouldn't be watching my videos.

So through the lens of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed. Those characters. Have their own original experiences that completely go against the narrative of their life. Challenges, all of those synthetic paradigms that I thought were organic. And then they realized, Oh, the world is not really like that. We have X, Y, Z. And then they start to awaken to their true power. We have the Slayer and we have the Charmed Ones. And then so on and so forth with their awakening. So they are realizing the light. And the dark, though, the real polarity, the real organics of this world that we live in. Not the synthetic low frequency control program. So they're pulling away from reality and you see them having much difficulty of maintaining relationships to the people, places, things, ideas that are twisted and contorted into this synthetic realm of the low frequency control program of their respective universes. And especially with Piper's character, she has a huge struggle with. Wanting to be normal and then accepting her role as a Charmed One and then mean Phoebe in the beginning. She loves she's all about the witches. But then you see her push pull and especially with Paige going from social work and then going right into witch duty and then wanting to go back. And Prue, who, you know, she's Bucklin Prue, and then she is photographer Prue and she can't maintain relationships and her life.

So all those dynamics represent you and I, especially if you are now the Charmed Ones age, if you grow up with it. Or if you were in high school, you had the Buffy who couldn't keep going to school. She had a she realized her role, what her duty is, is to slay vampires and demons. And you see her struggles as well. And especially with her mom, you know, with her dynamics, with her mother and having to lie to her mom and whatnot. So we have all of that. And what this also represents is our awareness to the cult programing. The the awareness of the death cult were birthed into the trauma base mind control practices of our society. And our own navigation through detaching from the low frequency control program, realizing our light, and then realizing our darkness, as well as the light and the external world and the darkness in the external world. And then having to decide what path to follow. Do we continue? Trying to do the push pull with the the old synthetic world? Or do we fully embrace what is before us? As we move with our new awareness. And this deals also with the hive mind and formerly wound specifically with our wounds that we the pain that we carry with realizing the world that we were birthed into being like, Yo, this world is fucked up and this is why it's fucked up because I see the puppet strings and I see the parasites and the vampires and the demons that control the systems on our planet. From the variety of that, the industries that you're you probably know about and the, the also pain that we get from identifying. X-Y-Z is fucked up. It should be another way around. And then we see the brainwashing come through the unconscious of the people who are still housing so much pain and trauma as well as their light attributes that they have not realized or nourished all within their shadow. And they're just operating like an android, a robot, a cyborg.

So at this translation, if you made it to 5 minutes and 55 seconds, maybe going back and watching Charmed and Buffy could help you navigate this world that you're coming into. As you start realizing your own light and realizing that we were never meant to fit in. I think that's a big point to remember, is that we were never meant to fit in because if we fit in, then we'd be consumed by the hive mind conformity, which is an inversion of organic life. And I think that we really do have this inner battle going on with trying to decide, like, okay, am I able to talk about these topics with this person? What do I have? What neutral topics can I talk about? How do I interact with people who are androids, zombies, cyborgs? And how do we do? How do I develop more empathy and compassion for them when they clearly are swallowed by their unconscious and they're just operating out of pain, trauma, all that which is not healed, and they may never heal it if they don't choose to do so. It's a doozy, but I think we can all identify with that that wound in that pain that we have of seeing the death vampire vampiric systems in the programing we're in and then having to navigate other so swallowed by that and realizing our own light in our own darkness so we can take the steps to create this high frequency freedom program. Enjoy your daylight, wizards.

Transcript Hive Mind Conformity Wounds! Unspeakables & Taboo.

Uploaded 4-6-22

Hello, Wizard. So this transmission is another in this series of the hive mind conformity wounds. And this is about unspeakable and the taboo. The the. The. The speech that you want to. An act voicing that which completely defies the hive mind conformity that which is taboo to speak about. And it's. Infliction on your throat chakra and the healing process of that. As you start to really identify like, you know, there there are aspects of my childhood where I was not able to voice something. Four. It was deemed unspeakable and it was deemed taboo. And how is that affecting my adult life? How has that translated into my adult life? And how am I triggered by those in the external world, which is just poking at that wound that I have from the hive mind, conformity wounds. And this actually just transpired over the last few days for me, and I've been unpacking and deciphering it, and I've put two and two together, and it's making a lot of sense for me. So hopefully this can help shed some light on areas for you as well.

And I think that, you know, just listening to one of my favorite duos of the Cosmic Nature podcast, they were talking about how Kyran conjunct the new moon injuries and deep childhood wounds coming in and this just like, holy shit, this is just illuminating and giving me more of a language to detail to myself why this has been surfacing. And it really has been about for me because I live a non mainstream life more or less. Right. And it is I've spoken about it. The job that I do is a paradigm challenger. And, you know, being gay and a homosexual used to be more of a paradigm challenger, but it's been easing up and that has become its own hive mind entity like that. So a lot of hoopla in that, which is an knowledge transmission. So that's not so much of being in when I was younger and not be able to access myself that I would see throat chakra issues manifesting through my actions of heavily smoking, cigarets and weed, but also just a lot of throat problems coinciding with that. So the physical action and then the energetic action which translated into issues here. But over the last few days, right. I had a big family party over the weekend and I haven't been around that many people in that type of setting since the hoopla of 2020 began.

So that was like cool. And, and I had to be like, well, what do I tell people that I do? What do I tell people as my job? And I realized throughout this whole past few days and specifically at that event, was that there is a giant wound in me that is about speaking my psychic, immediate mystic abilities to people around me and the norm of that and a wounding coming in like, why do I have to silence myself in order to keep someone else feeling comfortable and in their own locked paradigm? Trance like, why do I have to not be proud of what I do? Why do I have to shush in fear of speaking taboo? And that really affected me and I should shut up about it. I really avoided any discussions about what to do, and that really made me also realize my triggers and projections about the one that any victim programs I may have like why me? But also triggers that I get when people are proudly discussing their work as, let's say, a doctor or an engineer or a teacher, and they're getting the praise from other people. Meanwhile, me, I have to stuff it in and not talk about it because it challenges the hive mind conformity. And then I was like, well, I'm overlaying a projection on these people and they have every right to be happy with what they do and if they like it. And so I should as well. And I've also just seen the shackles. I place it on my eye. Place and place said if that's a word placed on my throat chakra and how that effect and that translated over the last few days I've been having a lot of pressure on my teeth and me working through this.

Over the last few days and really hardcore journaling about it every morning. And facing this when I'm on my bike, doing my cardio and throughout the day, just to deciphering this wound that I have of the hivemind conformity of the unspeakable and the taboo. And this working translated through this pressure, my teeth, which is being released in the body. And this is another thing I didn't want to speak about to other people being like, I've been having health problems because I know and I'm not going to some authority figure who is going to tell me what it is. I know this is due to in this holographic world we live in, this is due to me working through my high, my conformity wounds regarding my throat chakra, and it's being released. And as I've been going and ruminating and marinating and deciphering and examining over the last few days, it's been getting less and less. So remedy of mine will now be when somebody asks me what I do, proudly say what I do. Because, one, I am very proud of what I do and I'm not here to silence myself just because I want or feel like I have to keep people from facing. The challenge to their paradigm. And I was just like, Holy fucking shit, this makes so much sense. And this is why I carefully ruminate things and before I speak about them.

But for you, like Wizard, if there's something that may be coming up right now, which other one of yours considered concerning you feeling like you to silence yourself because it goes against a hive mind conformity. This may be a wound. That's coming up. So your challenge is to journal it out, write it out, speak it. Have no shame in speaking this. And there could be a lot of things that come up for you concerning feeling like you cannot speak because it will disrupt others paradigm. Whether there be any illusions that they've been living in like this art, this whole plandemic. I have not been shy about voicing how this is. X, Y, Z, which we've already talked about and known. And I didn't get I didn't have any issues with that, but or even issues about me. Talking about my. Some would say lifestyle as a gay man. Right. But when it comes to the work that I do. My abilities. There is a huge silence around my throat chakra that I allow the external world to tell me. So now I am working through that. Going through this. This is my next phase of my healing and this ever ending journey. Right.

And for you, the wizard. There is there probably is a few silencers in your throat chakra considering the hive mind conformity. And that may be a huge wound that may be being triggered through X, Y, Z, and your job is to identify them and then release yourself from projecting that onto anything going forward and learn to really not be afraid to share and speak. No matter how unspeakable or taboo the hive mind may dictate it to be. Enjoy daylight wizards.

Transcript Hive Mind Conformity Wounds! Status Quo Box.

Uploaded 4-8-22

Hello, Wizards. So this is another hive mind, conformity wounds, transmission. And this is regarding the realization that I had brewing the last couple of days as well this week. I don't know about you, but has been very clarifying for me and illuminating so much. And I am I have, I should say, gotten to the point where I'm welcoming this this descent into that which needs to be relived, because I have not, in a way, lived through it completely. I have shunned it away. I have tucked it away where I never wanted to unpack it for a rainy day. But it's important. It's necessary. And this is coming through the lens of now going after me, through the lens of the song. I don't remember the title, but Status Quo from High School Musical, where Sharpay Evans is looking about the cafeteria and she is saying this is not what she planned and she just has to say she does not understand. And all the kids from each. Group starts saying a certain attribute of their preference that defines their group status quo.

So for us in this transmission, because we want to make it like, what's the point in watching this, right? What's the point of listening to me? Regarding the status quo? No, no, no, no. Stick to the stuff, you know. It is better by far to keep things as they are. Don't mess with the flow. No, no. Stick to the status quo. Which, when you think about it, everybody and I've said this in a way, beginning of the hivemind, conformity wounds, transmissions that everybody here has a wounding for not being able to stick stick within the box of the status quo. And for you and I, we we want to see how much this status quo box. Is running our life in a sense that we may have knee jerk reactions to those who are able to fulfill a certain box status, status quo. So let's say, for example, me. And also this ties to wounds we have where we're not receiving that external validation from. Being able to. Be out of the box of the status quo. Like, you don't get the praise for defying a narrative, for defying a status quo. So for me, right in high school and middle school, no magic school. I mean, I don't like sports. I don't like sports. I like to play tennis sometimes, but I'm not a sports guy. And I never understood why, you know, in in high school and stuff, really the people who are celebrated were of the sports males and females. Girl sports and boy sports. I just couldn't wrap my mind around it until now. I understand that, you know, sports people just like sports and I just don't like sports. But I had such a wound within me during those years because I did not like sports, I. Just didn't like it. And I don't understand why they were being celebrated.

So for what I have to own process, which I have been doing really is like looking at. The assumptions I have of people, the judgments I have of people, the the knee jerk responses and reactions to those who are able to fit in the status quo box of sports and being able to get that validation from the external world because they're able to conform to that hive mind or the box of the status quo regarding sports. Now, everybody, even in within that own status quo box regarding sports, has wounding for not being able to fulfill a certain that like, you know, probably maybe not being the best or having the best throw or getting the most games. In my adult mind, I'm able to see through that. But what I've been realizing is, is that. Throughout, especially this transmission. I'm speaking at the status quo box and all that. The core wound is not being able to get external praise. Not getting that validation from the external world. So I think. The hivemind conformity wound. We all like a core essential value of it is not having that. Praise and being conditioned into needing the praise from the external world rather than praise from ourselves.

So this all boils down into knowing thyself. And my most cherished reading again. Sorry. It all boils down to knowing thyself. And training ourselves to receive and and really count on the essential value, let's say, of having our own internal praise first and really caring about our own praise first and really healing our mindset. Our healing, our knee jerk reactions, healing our assumptions and judgments overlaid to those who we deemed were maybe able to get that praise from fitting into a statics box that is quo box. So it is about us nurturing and feeling the love for ourselves and the praise for ourselves. The way that the force. The God force. No CS views perceives us to be. While navigating this world because part of the status quo box. Is to the overall arching theme of the status quo marks is to delete our individuality and to conform to a soulless death cult world. In my vocabulary. Right. And the status quo box is not organic to our species. That is not organic to humans at all. And our job is to remember that and to just breathe through those warnings that come up and surface when we were not. Being validated. And we were also attacked for not being able to fit the status quo box of any narrative or any group. Because for me, you know, I personally don't want to be grouped in anybody's groupings. I don't want to be grouped in the spiritual community. I don't want to be grouped in the LGBTQ plus X, Y or Z community. I don't want to be grouped in a Democrat or Republican. I guess the only really grouping I'll go with right now is human because I am a human in this incarnation at my densest form. And we're also really healing from the status quo box of each group now.

I think that really is the point is to heal the status quo box, conformity, high mind wound which goes back to the hivemind conformity wounds that we all have. But really to boil it down into bullet points. Acknowledge that we have these wounds from not being able to receive the praise for fitting into the status quo box. And we have those wounds manifesting through the knee jerk reactions and responses and projections and assumptions we have of those who we may perceive or have the illusion to believe that they fit into the status quo box, even though they really don't. Because no human can have an understanding that. The status quo box is not. Organic to our species. We had to breathe through that. Ha! What a interesting life to be human. But we need to, I feel like, illuminate that so we know what we're dealing with and how to move forward in creating the High Frequency Freedom Program. Enjoy daylight wizards.

Transcript Hive Mind Conformity Wounds! Education System: Memorization.

Uploaded 4-11-22

Hello, Wizards. So this hive mind, conformity wounds transmission is regarding our educational system and its overemphasis. I think believe, feel on memorization. When I was reviewing my time at school today, this is what was impressing on to me. I was thinking like a lot of what I was tested on in school then was based upon my ability to memorize a program and then be tested on said memorization of the program. Especially when you start, you know, start really up peeling back things and going on your own discovery and whatnot. There is a realization that, wow, history is so manicured and manufactured and put together in a in an illusion, which I'm pretty sure you're aware that by now. But the big warning from this hive mind conformity, because most likely you've also been to a public school. And I'm sure some private schools also do this, too, unless you go to a nice progressive, let's say school is it's based on memorization.

Now, I understand that memorization can come in handy and is necessary for things, but we're being forced to memorize much of lies on one hand, but also memorize things that may not really have that much meaning or memorizing formulas or mathematical equations that we would never use unless we are down that career path as a mathematician or whatnot. And this this giant wounding we have for being placed in a tier system based upon our ability to memorize rather than our intelligences of creativity, innovation, intuition, critical thinking. So for you and I like Wizard, if we really unpeel back some warnings that we have and just descent into the underworld for a little bit, we may find that there are great wounds we have from the schooling system, our education upbringing, let's say, where our sense of value is judged based upon our ability to memorize a program. And I could totally understand how memorization comes in handy. Like I get it obviously for surgery, if you're doing emergency surgery or whatnot and you see or you have to memorize a plan or how the body works, we get it. But it is the the honoring of our memorization for things are not me not interested us like history, never interested in me. And now I really understand why.

Because it's so fabricated and tailored together and illusionary. In a sense. But like this memorization, it did not honor or teach me anything that I'm doing now with my life. Now I remember, let's say, examples of readings and mechanics of how I observe the patterns of information that funnels through my mind to when I do a reading. But it wasn't based on memorization. And I think a lot of our wounding, in the sense of the hive mind conformity is based upon just the value we place are nerve cells, because you were unable to memorize something that really didn't interest us, and maybe on some level and some sensory level, intuitive level, we knew that it was falsified. It was a program to leech our critical thinking skills, our innovation, our intuition, and delete those as well. So like with her, do you have any conformity wounds of the hive mind where it was pretty much inflicted onto you based upon your ability to memorize or not to memorize whatever subject? And I find that it is a it's a diminishing of an intelligence of our innovation and our creativity and our intuition, which is its own purpose.

That's now for the benefit of us, which is why we have to take the initiative to unpack and discover ourselves again. But I was just really surprised that as like, you know, I definitely have a lot of wounds based upon a grade I may have given or pressure I put on myself to be graded on my ability to memorize something that really did not interest me. And it was of to memorize something in the high mind. Food for thought. Enjoy daylight. Wizards.

Transcript Hive Mind Conformity Wounds! Projecting Anger & Jealousy.

Uploaded 4-14-22

Hello, Wizards. So this transmission is derived from a very clarifying morning I had where I realize an intense trigger projection wound trifecta that occurs in my life. And I needed this trigger to realize this deep projection I am spewing in the external world. And I think that you may follow me very well and you may even find that you possibly could be doing this as well, because I think that you and I are pretty much like minded, which is why you are watching my transmissions. So the trigger I had this morning was a realization that I'll have to interact with someone who deemed the UN, those who did not comply to be the reason as to why X-Y-Z continued continues the narrative.

Right? And I was like, okay, well, one, thank God this occurred right before I hopped onto my bike because I was like, okay, well, I'm going to be on the bike where I'll be forced to process, synthesize and really figure out what the core wound is that is activating this intense emotional reaction. It was like, okay, what's going on? And through this digestion, I came to find that I feel like I am projecting my anger of the fact that I personally think the way that I think and I've come to the conclusions of the conclusions that I've come to based upon the experiences that I've had. And I'm angry at that because it means that I'm not able to be of the the hive mind or the the mainstream, the hive. I guess this is a hive mind, conformity and the anger that I feel like I can't fit in that deep anger I have within me as to why I am the way that I am. And I realize that especially now as I'm speaking in out loud, I've been thinking in my head, but it really does help to speak where you can hear with your ears.

A deep anger I have for me, not being able to fit in or thinking and feeling the way that I think and feel and the experiences that I have, which made me come to the conclusion that I've come to. And then when this trigger happened, it activated that wound within me. Because now when I'm and after the bike, I've come to this conclusion to or just realization that. Well. People are going to think what they're going to think based upon experiences that they have and the information they receive. So if. You realize that it should not bother you. So, Jake, me, you should not be bothered by this, even though it does hurt when you feel like you are personally being blamed for x, y, z. I was like, Well. Because and then I also realize, well, there's such things as healthy boundaries and I am always able to remove myself from a situation. Or, you know, I am an adult so I can use my throat chakra and exercise my respectful and direct communication of to the conclusions I've come to. But I realize too. Especially when I see. In the external world, those who are so deeply warped by the narrative. And my anger at them. One I really do care deeply because they're being fucked with mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically.

But this anger I'm overlaying on to them is really the wound that I have within me for. Feeling pain for not being able to be of the norm. Which then to the camera, which then coincided with another realization that I am projecting. From jealousy. Okay. The camera's going crazy. Maybe this is an intense spirit energy, right? Do you feel, Tim? Like, I was just funny yesterday. I was saying, like, fuck you, team light. You're not here. I'm human. Jealousy. Because they are. Some people are able to fit that mold of acceptance and they're able to think and feel based upon what is the narrative, and they're able to not have to push some buttons or have to feel like they needed to defy society or why not? And I realize I'm so jealous of their innocence. Which then made me come to this realization that. Okay, well. This is the wound that I have inside of me and I need to synthesize it. And I'm glad that this trigger illuminated this deep wound of anger and jealousy because of everything I just said.

And moving forward. I have to remember to really remember the fact that I am an adult now and I am able to communicate, establish healthy boundaries and remove myself from situations when I feel X, Y, z. But. And I should also remember. That I can't allow myself to be consumed by this wound. And be in a reactive state rather than. Being centered and income. Without and not giving my energy to this. Seemingly external experience when it all comes from this deep internal, internal wound I have of being angry at myself, for not being able to conform and to comply and being jealous of others who can comply and conform without a blink of an eye. Dear. Enjoy like wizards.

Transcript Hive Mind Conformity Wounds! Identified: Time To Remedy.

Uploaded 4-19-22

Hello. Light Wizards. So this transmission is one of the hive mind conformity runes. But this particular transmission is regarding our. Already realize identification of the hive mind conformity wound. So we've identified it, right, the last couple of transmissions. I think we have about eight maybe, or however many of these we have. We have identified that there is a wound. And now there must be a remedy brewing for you and I to not lean with our high mike and formerly wound like we have identified it. Right. And now that we've identified with it, are we going to allow it to rule our life? We first needed to come to an awareness that there was this hive mind. And for many women, right, a realization of something that was stored in our personal underworld, stored away in the unconscious, an aspect of self which was operating from that wound.

Now we get it right. We have identified it. We see that there are aspects of ourselves which really are operating from that wound. How many times I have to say that? Right. Okay. We have identified it. So what is the remedy? The remedy is to be unapologetically ourselves, to really jump into all of our passions, all of our interests flourishing within that which sparks inspiration. Having the courage to nurture our skills and talents. Allowing ourselves to feel like our freak flag is flying proudly. It really comes to a point where, okay, well, we've identified the wound and this doesn't even have to apply just with hive mind and for any wounds. It can be with anyone, but we've identified with it. So are we just going to keep talking about that there is a wound or I should say myself to you? Or are we just going to accept it, move on through the remedy of curing ourselves from this hive mind, conformity wound.

And the cure involves, no matter what occurs in our life, to be appreciative, appreciative of the fact that we are so unique and that nobody here will ever walk in our shoes and we will never walk in anyone else's shoes. We are able to empathize with them and have compassion for them. But we are to stay more fortified in our fortress of figuring out how to further so much alliteration, how to further our progress in demanding all of our authentic self to be forefront in this experience that we're having. Because with the whole hive mind, conformity of our own really was essentially designed to destroy our individuality, destroy the love that we have of ourselves and how unique we are, and to destroy the potential for having the courage to nurture our unique skills and talents. So like wizards, these hive mind conformity ones, they have come to a completion, those transmissions of identifying them, we've identified it.

So now we must enact the curing of said wounds. The remedy has to be enacted through being so infatuated with discovering more aspects of ourselves in which we are individualized from one another, so that we can come to each interaction with others around us in our authenticity, where our unique piece of the puzzle adds to the collective. Enjoy daylight wizards.

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