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Interference! External Manipulation Tactic Example.

11:55am 6-26-22

There was a moment in my “current” incarnation where I now see how an entity or group of entities interfered with my lightwork through a client’s trauma. This being or beings were very much aware of this interaction and knew that manipulating the wounding within my client would be an opportunity to disrupt both of our life paths.

The subject of interdimensional warfare interests me to no end! Synchronicity is aligning material with my trajectory which is providing a new layer of awareness as I engage with retrospection.

I think it was the year 2019. Early 2019. I was asked to read at a party. 1 on 1 readings separate from the rest of the people so that I can read a person individually. The first few clients were aligned with my energy and everything was going well.

I then had a woman sit down for her reading. By this time, I was pretty tired after reading for 1 -2 hours. I can’t quit remember the exact amount of time I actively read before her. I proceeded to then open up and provide information. Based upon what I was seeing.

She was annoyed with what I was picking up on. She was triggered to no end and was against what I was doing. From my experience, I was receiving clips of data streams and I was relaying these song clips. I do not control what I receive…I just share. The data bites were snippets of ‘literal information’ meaning I was picking up on “randomness” and I was unaware of how they all connect.

This is what I noticed was also my mistake. I neglected to share with her the entirety of my opening speech. Also, the depth of understanding within my being at this moment in time in 2022 is much more advanced than 2019. I know what information is brought through and how it may relate. I know what my role is and how my client is actually participating in the reading. I am just a radio and I do not know something unless I know it. I see things, but I do not know why I am seeing them most of the time. I do not know how they correlate with your organized, linear time.

She got angry and exclaimed how I am not to ask her questions. The questions I asked is how are these related to her. The songs came through as these clips and I did my job which is to honor and not judge what I received.

She threw down the money and I informed her that I will not accept her money. She scowled at me and left the room. I then let the host know what occurred and how I was not going to accept the money which remained in the same spot where the woman threw the cash.

So, a few weeks or so later. A friend of mine let me know that she actually knew the woman who hosted the party through my friend’s mother. My friend informed me that the woman I read lost her husband and her son within a very short time frame of one another.

The woman was shrouded in her unhealed grief and current trauma which layered upon her existing trauma. This woman was the perfect person for an entity or group of entities to interfere with both of our life paths. She was operating in trauma-based-mind-control and her shadow overwhelmed her through manipulation from these external forces.

The knowledge of the woman’s trauma did not help me though. She made me feel like I was inept. That I was insincere. That I was taking advantage of people. That I wasn’t intuitive. That everything I did and will do is a lie.

This was the last party I did until offering group mediumship readings in 2022…pretty much a month ago. I also stopped doing readings after this event. I stopped honoring my Divine Path.

I realize that the entity or group of entities also used the wounding within me and used gaslighting principles to confuse me. To make me doubt myself. To make me hate myself. To make me descend back into madness.

This was a great opportunity for me to further realize my unconscious wounding and my unconscious programs. I went on a 3 year journey to then learn more of who I am, why/how I operate, and to further understand my abilities.

These interdimensional forces use the emotional/mental wounding and exaggerates them while also manipulating other people through the entry points originating from unhealed trauma.

This really was an initiation and I can see how it was necessary for my trajectory. It opened a great education and I consciously chose to evolve and to understand.

For you reading this post…maybe others in your life were manipulated by interdimensionals. Aliens, demons, ghosts, malevolent XYZ to disrupt you psychologically, physically, and spiritually.

Maybe the enemy of your life really was just a puppet.

I think this awareness will further evolve your path as you now learn to embody psychic self-defense. Synchronicity is leading me to establishing consistent psychic self-defense practices.

New Agers and “psychic mediums’ consumed by the Hive Mind do not speak about these taboo subjects. Humanity is ready for this awareness and it begins with you and it begins with me.

I transmuted the experience and it was a great lesson sheathed in a “bad” experience.


This is a fantastic interview to assist you with furthering your psychic self-defense through strategy and knowledge of occult forces.

"Psychic Self-Defense" by Dion Fortune

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