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Intimidating Inspector Entity! Awareness & Send Off.


Uploaded 4-26-22

Hello. Light Wizards. So this transmission is of me sharing with you an experience I had. I would say two days ago. I would say it did happen two days ago. It was Sunday night. And before that, on Sunday afternoon, I went to a family party. It was very interesting. I just kept seeing silhouettes and lines, lines and rows of spirit everywhere around my family. And it was just a sense of that they were there. But for me, I felt like while one, I've never seen it so in my face before like that. So I'm wondering, is this just because our raising of our energy, my maybe my own personal energy, maybe just an evolution. But it was very interesting seeing just rows of them. And I wasn't engaging with them because I was like, I'm not working today.

However, I was talking to my cousin and her bird came out and I was like, okay, well, a bird I'm picking up on a bird where heart just stopped and you woke up and it was passed away like it was dead. And she was like, No, we gave one away, and it got eaten by a hawk. I was like, Okay. I let it ruminate for 5 minutes. I was like, No, the bird where you woke up and it was gone from this world. She's like, Oh yeah, that did happen. It was the bird before the moment I was like, Oh my God. So I let a bird come in. But other than that, I was just observing. I was like, Whoa! Which then led to the end of the day, I was tucked into bed and I woke up in a weird, suspended like state. It was like a twilight state. And I felt a very intimidating presence in my bedroom. I, I didn't see anything with my physical eyes and my third eye. I really I don't I can't really recall any particular details. I just knew that there was a very intimidating presence in the room. It was almost like when you can sense there is a beast walking around. Well, I don't know here. I mean, you and I, we probably don't have wild animals right beside us.

But if you can imagine, like a bear right by you, and you could just feel it's the tangible niceness of the energy from that bear. But there was just some weird, intimidating presence. And what I had to do was like, Okay, well, I'm not going to let this energy overwhelm me. But I admit I was registering the intimidation in my I felt it in my energy system. I was like, oh, I'm feeling this pulsating off of this entity. And so then I was like, okay, well, I need to connect with God right away. So I just went right into my heart chakra and I commanded my connection to the force to be more in my conscious mind, because we're always in that connection with the force, right?

So I was just connecting with the force more and more felt in my heart chakra. And then I imagined visualized called forth spiraling gold coming out of my heart chakra and just going and immersing myself. It was like rings of gold swirling all around me and I was very stern with this intimidating force, and I declared my space a command in my space, and then it went away. But this is a good effort that I needed to do, and I don't know how long it occurred. I would say maybe 10 minutes. But what I'm curious about, like, what was this intimidating force? How do you even tell my boyfriend about it? The day before Saturday because this happened Sunday night, the day before. On Saturday, I was watching a video about the men in black and I'm actually reading. Um. This book right now, The Travelers from Our Future, by Dr. Bruce Goldberg. And they speak about the men in black. And I've heard about the men in black. Right. So I was wondering if this was some sort of intimidating presence. Right. And like I said before, I did not see any figures. I just felt it. And I also am eyes closed, so I don't know. But then I talked to Tim White because I was like, TMI, what the hell was that?

So we get my sketch book out, and I wrote it down. Um. Forgive me. Okay. You know, like, team. Like, what was that? And I'm going to say this. Okay, an energy phase off of your world, as you put it, and not streaming from the same housing as that which we originate from in the ethers. This presents are sometimes my handwriting. Oh, yeah. This presence has the capabilities to. I don't know what a road must have been like of my mind. This presence has the capabilities to sense when there is a large output of consciousness and connect to evaluate, to determine the next course of action. Depending on the subject's awareness. The indication from their view of you is to rather enjoy the possibility of an extension of awareness to the public for your toolset output of protection and awareness recognition to turn to their plans to install another implant. The implant you had was in a dimension out of the physical senses, the five physical senses 3D and similar to that which you heard on YouTube.

The realization allows light to overtake the darkness. Trust in your power and call on source. And I'm a big fan of Megan Rose on YouTube and I know she's talking about an implant, but a positive one or somehow somewhat or another. Right. And there was that occurring. So I almost feel like, well, what I'm being shot right now is literally the movie Minute Black with that flash. Of forgetfulness. I do feel like a an out of this obviously dimension. Inspector gadget inspector coming with the gadget to inspect. And I was hip to the intimidating factor of their energy. And I called it a way through my connection with source. God, the God force. Very interesting, right? Enjoyed a light, wizards.

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