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Judgements, Jealousy, & Storks! Automatic Thought Responses.


Uploaded 2-7-22

Hello and good morning, Wizards. So today's transmission is of the stork and mercury power. So we're just going to dove right into the posts and we'll examine because I'm sure that this will be a helpful reminder for you whenever you do listen to my voice and watch me talk to you. Okay. All right. Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum. Okay. Today is for us to review the signals that alert ourselves when we are draining our energy due to judgments and jealousy. Humans are in train to shed away the compassionate stance of lighting up with joy when observing another's success. The mission for doing human homework is to observe and then make changes little by little. So the repetition produces a new pattern.

Today is to observe the immediate responses to when you see someone and the seemingly automatic thoughts that are in response to the observation. The goal is to free ourselves from the automatic thoughts and feelings that occur, to transmute the ill feelings of jealousy to feeling inspiration. When you are greeted with someone living a life you'd like to have for yourself. The gifts given. When we do this, human homework will light up our lives, for we won't be automatically consumed with the lower states of consciousness. And this also is with the unhealthy expression of judgment, because obviously judgment does have its perks, its uses. But this is when we are literally. Scrolling through, let's say, social media, and we're looking at someone and, you know, this person may not even be living the life that we want to live or anything on the source.

But we're just met with these thoughts that just pop in, that are of detailing all of the things that are wrong with this person that we believe or everything occurring in our mind that says, Oh, this person is stupid and evil. X. Y, z. Right. Right. And I think it really brings up an important point is that they seemingly they are seemingly automatic, which means that. They really aren't, though. It's just a pattern of thought. So that is an exercise for us to do. Literally pull up your social media, whatever it may be. If it's Instagram, do Instagram and go through the search button or whatnot and just look at all these pictures of people. Especially with people doing dancing videos. Right. And just be like, what do you automatically think? Do you think that, oh, this is stupid. Why are they doing that? They look like a fool. Or if you see people who just love to post. Pictures of their body and they're flaunting it and they love their body. They just really like it. Or maybe, you know, their job is of fitness, so they have to show their results to the people.

And then are you thinking in your mind? Why are they doing that? Nobody needs to see their nakedness. And then what are the aspects of jealousy that come in where you're feeling like, Oh, why can't I have that bod? Why can't I be found in over four and have thousands upon thousands of likes? Instead of the reverse of that would be, Oh, okay, that person just really likes that person's body. They put a lot of work into producing that physique. I'm I'm glad that they are receiving the visibility for their efforts and their business, something along those lines. And it it takes time. It's not like you just. Start doing your human homework. And you're like, okay, well, I shouldn't be jealous of people and I shouldn't be judge judging them. Unhealthily judging them. But once you just make that decision in your mind, then you actually have to do the work. Where? You observe your thoughts and you're like, Holy crap. I'm so judgmental. And then it deals with projections and everything else in between. But we're not going right into that. We're just going into the awareness of these seemingly automatic responses and thoughts. Just come in and we're. We're just taken aback. I mean, like, holy crap, I'm really am in trained so much to just live in that mindset.

And then. Are we able to really feel happiness and joy? When we see other success. Instead of feeling jealous. We've been also trained. Into. Not feeling inspiration when we see somebody being successful in whatever field, especially in the field that we wish to be in. We should be inspired. We should be like, okay, if that person did it, I can do it too. We're no different. That person just happened to either started their journey earlier than me or they've listened to their ideas and downloads and they've taken inspired action and whatnot. So it's almost like. Where is the joy for them? It's that co-op. It's that competition. But the inaccuracy of the competition mindset, because humans are supposed to be in cooperation and competition can be fun, you know, like a sporting game or a Digimon trading card game. When you forge a video game and you battle each other, that is a fun, healthy competition. But I mean, there's more there's more than enough to go around. But that is also another transmission to talk about.

But today, right now, it was there. When you see somebody. Anybody, social media or even in the world. What are those automatic judgments that come in? The and then sometimes jealousy as well. And I am really learning how to. Not be so judgmental with people wearing diapers on their face, especially men. And abiding by the mind control propaganda machine. It's really hard. And this process is not easy. But you just do little by little, right? Enjoy Daylight LA.

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