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Legend Of A God! Psychic Reading Is Mythology.


Uploaded 4-1-22

Hello, Wizards. So this transmission is regarding information that is psychically received for someone who asks an intuitive to read them to provide a scroll of their energy decoded through the intuitive frame of reference, lens of perception based upon the influences of the past, present and future coalescing in this now moment and the evolution of one psychic ability for prophecy. To decode data that is stored within the bio field of a human to receive messages from one's higher self, one's team of life. This really comes in as a a legend of a god. It is the mythology of the person. The psychic is reading my understanding of my own abilities and observing its evolution over the last four years. Specifically, that came with this clear understanding today that a psychic reading is a legend of a God. The mythology of the person sitting before me, virtually or physically.

The coalescing data of symbolic information and literal information. The the symphony of these organic abilities that is housed in the creative mind, the imagination. It is mythology for the person being read. It is a comprising package of information based upon the data and energy. Building momentum at the moment. I allow myself to be an instrument for energy, for God to speak to itself, for the force to speak to itself, for me to be a mirror for the gods standing before me. That is a legend of a God. And my understanding of readings, too, is, is just genuinely how sacred it is for someone to allow me into their space. And to be vulnerable enough to go into the unknown with me to see what I received for the person. And trusting. And trusting in me. To relay information compassionately. Directly. Not to sugarcoat anything, but also not to deliver information that is to disempower the God standing before me. It is to assist the God to self-correct. To come to be. It's his expression in the Gods current incarnation.

It is for me to be the instrument to receive visions of. The highest expression, which is housed in unconsciously known data. If the God before me goes in a trajectory mapped out within this data package to really make the free will choices. To plunge oneself into the underworld, to come out with the Phenix Flames and to self-correct. To be also warned if permission is granted through energy in the cosmic systems to receive information to help one be in awareness of an omen of this potentially can happen. The momentum is building for this to happen. How are you going to perceive this event? How will this event shift your life through your perception of said event? How are the people interacting in the guy's life? The web of strings within this God who which is a part of this Gods mythology, the legend of this God standing before me. How are those webs influencing the God? And how can the God be a messenger of love? To help relay information given through this Gods mythology to the God that is also walking besides beside this God before me.

The interweaving tapestry of life presented with the the immensity to be the organic instrument, to be able to receive information deciphered accurately enough where the legend presented the mythology given can help change this God's life to be of the highest expression. And then that God's highest expression influences the other gods to be of their highest expression, which then changes the collective dynamic in that gods arena and then our collective arena. My understanding of a psychic reading is so vastly immense. Leigh Different than it was four years ago or even 2010. The evolution of my abilities and my understanding. It's just more knowledge as I as I read more, as I meditate more, as a channel more. It has made me become understanding of how mythology was written back in ancient times with the gods and goddesses of the pantheons of X, Y, Z. They were the gods and goddesses were personifications of attributes, characteristics, traits of humans to present in mythology that is heavily symbolic, that is to be decoded and then translated into their personal lives. It is not the belief that there are gods and goddesses like the vengeful ones in Greek mythology. It was a mirror for those people to see themselves as those gods and goddesses and to assist them with navigating their life through those legends. Oh. Psychic reading is a legend of a god. It is that person's mythology. Beautiful. Enjoy daylight wizards.

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