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Logic As Creation Mode's Ally! Awareness Unplugs Self From Destruction.


Uploaded 7-3-21

Hello. Light Wizards. So felt you know t my knock it. So I was like, all right, I'm going to open up the door and shroud myself in the intention of expanding humanity's consciousness. With the unification with the United. Growth of. Wisdom. In truth and just light knowledge through my lens of perception, through my voice, my very chakra to your ears. And that was a long winded bow. Let's just pop in, see what? Okay. We're going to go with the grasshopper. And this is about. Shifting through tides by tuning ourselves to nature's properties of the. Unification of logic and creativity, of analysis and intuition. Because when we are too magnified by the. Mechanical structure of society. The five physical sense is we are wrapped up and contorted by. The information that we perceive. So if we are moving through life and we only have a set of approved textbooks approved, courses approved. Fill in the blank by the low frequency control program. Then we are decoding reality through the low frequency control program and is locking us in the animalistic nature of our being rather than marrying, uniting with the divine, our higher self, the higher intelligence, our team of light. Our spear guides. Our loved ones. The God force. Inside this human vessel. And the destruction mode. Is. Ramped up. It is completely. Married by decoding with our logic mind with the information that we received.

So when we want to get out of the destruction mode property, we are then going to emerge into the aspect of allowing our intuitive, creative mind to flourish. And the intuitive creative mind is so necessary. Just like when you sit down and you have to write like a paper, an essay, a research project, or just write creatively like a story. It is not. Logic based. Other than. Love is the logic is grammar and the language that you are communicating with. But the actual birthing of this. Jet stream of consciousness. That new paper. That news story. That new. Stream of words that are coherent and of. Innovation that's all creative mind. And to get out of the low frequency or the parameters of the low frequency control program, i.e. the. The chains that shackle us into destructive mode. We know that just conscious awareness of the destruction mode nullifies and transforms that energy, and then we are just automatically in the creation mode because we're like, okay, you know who? I am exerting I am exhibiting these sort of thought patterns and actions. Oh, I must be in the destruction mode.

So by me just bringing awareness to it. We are using our logic mind through that. Awakening. So the. Grasshoppers. Symbolic energy for this transmission is for us to be like, okay, you know. Hmm. For me to get into that groove, that electrifying creation mode, that birthing sequence of. Merging our soul with our human avatar. Allowing our free will to overcome. Any. Excuse me. Any trauma based mining patrol or just. Allowing us to. Ride the wave of newness rather than overlaying this new experience with a past trauma. Therefore. Nullifying once again the energy of that past trauma overtaking this new experience. So that is really what we need to just become. We need to become conscious. We need to use our logic mind, our mechanical computer brain, our analysis. Quality. Ah, analysis. Decode of reality. In a structured. Way that is practical for our daily life. So when we wake up in the morning, we want to be like, okay. Well, how do I want to start my day? Do I want my day to be in creation? Motor destruction? Well, that right there is creation mode because you're bringing conscious awareness to. The building momentum of what you're getting on in your morning. What that will lead you throughout all day, because we know and obviously go watch that transmission I did about the creation and destruction mode. And there are a lot more things about that I can detail in a later time.

But but we know that being in destruction mode. Is poisonous. And it's poisonous because it's unconscious patterns of our thoughts and actions that rule our lives. So as soon as we're like, huh? It's. Really about the self-reflection aspect because, you know, yes, a forest fire is necessary, but the forest fire in our destruction mode through the human avatar, in our experience. It can only help us when we. Need a shakeup. So sometimes living in that unconscious pattern might dissolve a relationship that. We were never going to leave, but we really always wanted to leave. Or it could disrupt, destroy a business relationship to not just a romantic relationship. And the key is to contain that energy and then use a destructive mode. Consciously. Which is actually just creation mode in and of itself, because we are then allowing our free will, our self-love, our ability to self advocate, our boundary establishing. Mind to be like, okay, you know, this isn't good for me and I'm just going to leave it. So therefore that's still empowerment. We're not being tethered by the unconscious destruction mode. So there's also kind of a tool like the creation mode is also a materialization. It is also a de destroying energy because. It is. Of creating. That new vector or that new ray of. Possibility opening up into our mind because we are then matched with the higher intelligence.

So the whole point of this transmission is just being like, you know, just bringing awareness to the distraction mode totally gets us back into power. And then therefore we are using our creative mode to destroy the aspects of our life that have been anchoring us unconscious patterns, anchoring us to unhealed trauma. Anchoring us to the hive mind. Conformity. And then we're like, okay, I'm in innovation right now. I am linked up with the cosmos. I am aligned with truth and the wisdom of. The God force me. Finally. Inserting itself into the human avatar to override the. Charlie Bass mind control. Override the negative entity. Influence. Override the. Unconscious life and override as well. The. Tumor s the cancer its logic mind so that it's back into creation. And logic. It's whole minded. This whole transmission.

Food for thought. Right. And this grasshopper totem. I think is for us to understand, to like that with music, there is a logical side of music and then there's also that creative side of music. Where you know the notes, you know. The harmonies, what chords sound good. But then the creative part is actually writing a new song. So that's where we want to be. We want to be. Of unison with our logic and our creative mind, bringing it together so that we are in creation mode the majority of the time where our baseline is creation modes. So we're finally conscious where we're not just robotic. We're not just tyrants. We're not just crybabies. We're not just victims. We are empowered. So vessels expressing through this human avatar to birth heaven on earth.

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