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Love Bites, Vampirism, Oh My! Dark Side Of Cupid.


Uploaded 1-8-22

Hello, Wizards. So this transmission is. It's regarding. Well, let's just get right into it. Okay. The dark side of the Cupid love affairs, the supernatural and energy vampirism by eve organ. Now, I heard about her through Lauren Bernard's time of transition podcasts and all of reality. Com And I was infatuated with their guests Eve and the topic of their podcast. You know, once you get her other book, I can't quite remember the name of it, but it was out of print and I think I use copy was super expensive. So I ended up settling for this one, which I got over the summer. And we're going to read through just two chapters of this book. And I know I've been doing just that, at least the last couple of ones that were just me reading chapters. But I love to read. And if you had never heard of this before. Great introduction. Now. It's really funny, too, because when I was a little baby psychic medium. I really was just under the new age pill of sunshine, rainbows everywhere. Right. And then I remember it was funny. I remember listening to actually a David Eick presentation back in 2018 and it hurt my head. I, it hurt. I was like, No, I just. Even if this is real, I can't look at it. I'm not ready for it.

And then right before 2020, it ended up going more than his work because I was ready a year after when I was first introduced really to that work. So this stuff. Right. To be able to understand and grasp this work, I am prior to where I am now in life and where I was over the summer, I would have just completely ignored it. I wouldn't even have given it to thoughts. I would have just I don't think I would have denounced it. I just would have said, I'm not ready for it. Because, you know, in the part of the low frequency control program, part of where we're plugged into at this moment, which we're here to experience, then transform it. We do have things that live outside of the spectrum of light that our physical eyes can see, that our five physical senses are plugged into, that can and they can sensory experience. But our metaphysical senses can.

And this is why you want to put protection around, especially when do psychic work like wizard. We know this. We need to keep ourselves protected and you don't really have to worry about gremlins and whatnot after you become aware of what they are and the tricks they can play. But you know, I always say, like, you know, about rattlesnakes and, you know, not to go near a rattlesnake, just how you also know about elephants and you know. How wonderful those beasts are. You know how dangerous a rattlesnake is. So it's the same thing about spirits or entities that live outside of what our five physical senses are plugged into the dark side of keeping. This was so fascinating. You didn't read about this in college? Of course not. You know, because X, Y, Z. Right. So we're going to go into this chapter of, well, what is the dark side of keep it? Okay.

So this chapter describes the basic characteristics of love dramas, love dramas that appear magically arranged, and yet leave one or both partners feeling emotionally depleted, bewildered and questioning whether Cupid exists. When it comes to love, logic can escape us momentarily. At least we fall into a magical realm full of infinite possibilities where we can cast aside our logical selves and embrace the unknown mysteries of love. At last, perhaps we find the one our soulmate, our twin flame. Each person in love may have one particular reason to believe that their new love is true love. Telltale signs appear that he or she must be the one. A powerful, mystical connection seems to catalyze a love affairs unfolding. It's not simply the physical attraction, but something much more an unseen quality or series of events that the rest of the world. No, sorry thrust. The would be lovers together, as if directed by Cupid himself. Or perhaps is into her interloper. Interloper. Oh, and by the way, I forgot to tell you too, Eve. She is. Is a therapist. Oh, yeah. So Evil Organ May, author of The Love Bite. That's the book I wanted to buy shares her expertize of what may really be happening with lovers or buy together by supernatural sources. Do several case histories identify identifiable signs and symptoms such as a questionnaire and a questionnaire? The author introduces the reader to a new understanding of mystically connected love. Relationships gone wrong. She offers practical tools for recognizing, dealing with and healing from this traumatic force gold soul may connections. So she is a therapist counselor who deals with. I think she calls it anomalous traumas.

So pretty much if you are have a traumatic experience or an issue. Abduction regarding abduction or love a cupid, love by and whatnot, or just some other paranormal supernatural interdimensional issue. She's. She's the woman's girl, too. Okay. So, no, I'm not talking about traditional arranged marriages or incidents where a person knowingly casts a magical love spell on a desired lover. I'm talking about otherwise ordinary people from all walks of life professions, intelligence and cultures who experience extraordinary circumstances manifesting as matches made from heaven in which unusual aspects of a love relationship unfold. These are people who experience supernatural overtones, sometimes for the first time within the context of a love relationship, whether in the form of precognitive, hunches, powerful dreams, deja vu, synchronicities or feeling that the match was a drama manipulated by an invisible force. All were left feeling confused and emotionally drained. In my caseload of anomalous love relationships, I set out to find the main factors associated with the dark side of Cupid. Over a span of 20 years, I've counseled victims of various types of trauma and abuse, those in recovery from addictions, and people involved in anomalous trauma. And the paranormal anomalous trauma can be anything from supernatural experiences near-death accounts, mind control, cult abuse, alien abductions, time travel, reality shows, or even shamanic initiations.

Also, I guess I didn't have to introduce you because it was just about to be in this chapter, but how fascinating is that? You don't find that in the New Age bullshit pill, right? Yeah. I've studied countless relationship self-help books dealing with toxic relationships, trauma and addictions, emotional vampires, dangerous men and psycho psycho pathology. And yet none of these books ever recognize or mention anything near to what I'm seeing. None address the paranormal element of orchestration, interference in conjunction with being drained emotionally in a powerful, connected love relationship that doesn't end well. While there's often a level of psychopathology present in one of the partners, such as addiction or narcissism, it does not explain other anomalous characteristics of the relationship. Psychic and emotional vampirism is a key feature. And yet the vampirism itself may be an indirect aspect of the relationship interference, as opposed to being the sole fault of one partner, a.k.a. the energy vampire. In other words, the emotionally draining effects of their relationship may be a result of one partner who acts as a portal or some sort of conduit for another entity, such as Dark Cupid.

The Dark Cupid's job is to hijack the energy component of the love relationship. In other words, the greater the emotional drama, the more energy for Cupid to feed upon. I think that, you know, advancing the defense against the dark arts probably would be my favorite subject in Harry Potter. Side note, I believe there are a growing number of cases where something new is emerging that does not fit the standard mental health descriptions and typical psycho dynamics of love relationships. The people involved in unusual love relationships described in this book are mostly experiences of the paranormal. They tend to be highly perceptive, sensitive people. Nevertheless, as my research and consulting continue, I also hear from clients who don't have much interest in the paranormal nor have any evident anomalous trauma in their backgrounds. These are everyday people who seem to be hit over the head with the powerful love match that leaves them barely able to cope. It also leaves them questioning their worldview because at some point, their long held beliefs about reality are seriously challenged. I mean, my beliefs and perceptions and whatnot of reality have been seriously challenged because what I experience when I do readings is not in a textbook. Or at least a textbook that's given to the public instead of a mystery school. Right. Right. Oh, my God. You have to get this book. I can read this whole thing to you, but then that'll be the point. And I want you to give her money. Okay. So, are you on them? Oh, yeah. Are you on the dark side of Cupid's hitlist when it feels like a match made in heaven? The meaning could be accidental in an unusual place or situation for you. But somehow, something magical happens that creates an opportunity. Perhaps you feel a premonition, energetic feelings that seem to happen out of the blue. Then your eyes. Me? There's a sense of familiarity, as if you already know that this strange new person, perhaps from another place or time. Yet you can't seem to place it blocked gaze, a sensation of butterflies swirling in your stomach. The feeling of excitement, anxiety and perhaps even danger all lurk inside you. You can barely contain the sense that something big is happening. Maybe he or she asked you something that was on your mind, just as you were going to speak it. Have we met before? You seem familiar.

A few moments pass and maybe you experience a feeling of deja vu. Perhaps you recall a recent dream when you saw the face of your could be lover. He or she is wearing the same color that appeared in your dream, or perhaps appears in a familiar scene. You now feel the dream of some sort of divine precognitive foreshadowing. Your dream lover has come to life. Your senses feel heightened more alive, though zingy and tingly. Warm and fuzzy feelings in your body seem to be resonating with this other person. Did you just meet the one, your soul mate? Is this a sign that person is about to enter center stage in your life? You exchanged phone numbers and email. Next time you meet, you talk about things that you thought no one would ever really share with you, much less understand. You seem to have so much in common. Perhaps the person is not normally your type in explicit. Inexplicably. Inexplicably, you share a powerful connection. The erotic fantasies begin. Somehow they feel so much more real. Why is that? From deep inside, however, you feel a subtle hint of push pull resistance. Your inner voice tries to check in with you, but you squash it like a bug. Your logical mind may question all this, especially if you're the other person who already has a partner or a spouse. It's taboo, and you don't want to flirt with the possibility of infidelity. But the lonely part of you can't stop wanting excitement. A rescue from that hopeless feeling that you'll never have a true love in will always settle for less. You want experience, passion and love that you've never really known before. You fight both sides of yourself as if you've been split into two people.

Confusion sets in and you just can't stop thinking about that person. The love connection begins and Cupid's drama unfolds. A series of magical phone calls, texting, emailing and meetings begin. Perhaps are you compelled to drive a long distances or even go across the country to meet with your newfound lover? To be the energies of excitement build. And you can't stop thinking about him or her. And especially about when you can have more time together to really connect, touch, emerge. You never felt such a powerful connection with someone. It's almost telepathic with supernatural overtones. You finish each other's sentences by similar things at the store. Find yourself wearing the same colors and even eating the same food when not in each other's presence. And at the same times. Oh. The first kiss says electrical thrills that zip right down to your erogenous zone. And it's almost like you've been zapped by Cupid's arrow. You kiss again deeply. It happens so easily, so fast. Sex feels so natural and connected. You can. You find yourself doing things you didn't do with other partners. You feel less inhibited and the creative juices flow. You take greater risks that may be out of character for you. You push away confusion and the inner red flagged voice flailing to be heard. Because you say to yourself, Yes, I'm going to follow my heart. I want passion. Now the roller coaster drama begins and your life turns upside down. He or she makes you feel on top of the world.

Desired, cherished and important events seem magically to unfold as though a divine script were being written that is pierced through the wall of your lonely heart. You are on a blissful high. Yet it doesn't last. Something happens. At some point were you once felt excitement and passion. You wonder why you begin to feel weak and a little drained. Maybe your partner reveals a dark side emotionally manipulation, emotional manipulation starts to unveil. Is your partner deliberately manipulating you like an emotional vampire or does it seem like it? You don't want to believe it. The emotional crashing lows begin and you start to feel the events are unfolding out of your control. Your partner's full attention and presence seem to be out of your reach and your life becomes an endless chase of unconsummated love. Eventually, unrequited love pangs tear at your heart as you and your lover buffeted about in one drama after another. In time, you become an emotional wreck. Confusion sets in, and it seems as though every time you get near Cupid's lover, you become weaker. You feel such joy of your emotional, of your emotions, logic and better sense. What happened? Damn.

So that was an introduction in this book. Probably read some more passages later. But dark side. Keep it in relationships, you know. Of entities coming in and fucking with us because we just lived in ignorance. So and you know, when you have knowledge, you are empowered and you're able to identify and regain your strength back and be like, I'm not going to deal with this bullshit. Food for thought. Right. Enjoy daylight wizards.

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