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Manipulation Through Labels! Break Free of Identification Trap.


Uploaded 6-22-21

Hello, white wizard. So we're up for another transmission and we're going to start this transmission off with the understanding that this is going to focus in on our ability to be easily manipulated through our identification with a label rather than labeling ourselves. Let's try to resist that urge and remember and identify with our actuality of just being an individualized expression of source that we are literally just a God force, a spark of it incarnated. And this human egoic structure that is listening to my voice, that is translating my sound through the ear. The physical sense. And you are decoding this light through your metaphysical senses, let's say, and this is for us to remember, that the number one enemy on our planet for the couple, you know, for thousands of years, are is the dark magicians who. Can be explored through other transmissions. But these are the number one public enemy. Global enemy, and they manipulate us to the labels that we place on ourselves. And the first thing for us to remember is that, one, we are just an expression of source consciousness. So we have sovereignty. We have God given indelible rights as an expression of the God force, which the dark magicians have infiltrated America and tried to get our Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights destroyed to turn us into a totalitarian one world government.

That's just that's just the plan doesn't mean that they're going to succeed. But that is the plan because the wizard knows his enemy. And. When we identify with a certain label, such as I'm identifying that I'm white, I identify that I am gay, I identify with blah, blah, blah. I can be easily manipulated by a few different factors. I could be manipulated by people. Liebling me with all of the preconceived notions of being a white person. I could be labeled with all the preconceived notions as being of being a homosexual. And with all of those two things right there, I could be placed into many groups. But we have groups that are saying that, oh, because you have white skin, you are. Fill in the blank. And that because you are a homosexual, you are filling in the blank. So then we have the groups that are against white and gay, and then we have the groups of white people and gay people. So like the LGBTQ plus community could. What you would want to police me not saying that they are, but that could be a realm of what's going on. Police me in identifying with everything that they stand for because I am gay. I have to agree with everything that they say. It's like a dogma because. And then let's group me into like white people group because I'm a white person, I have to agree on everything. And then we have the anti-white and then the anti LGBTQ plus. And that just sets separates easy.

Division. Division. Division. Division. And that turns me into identifying with the hive mind, which is the deletion of sole expression of individual eyes, expression of myself as the God force incarnate. So we have groups fighting against one another right there easily to manipulate because the dark magicians are very well aware of this. And our easy, manipulative, manipulative qualities of being a human. And their whole strategy has been divide and conquer throughout. All of history pretty much. Well, modern history, let's say, and we see this with religion, they created all of those big religions and they created the holy wars, which was the all the age of high seas, which was the holy wars. And it's that's just that. You know, divide and conquer strategy. We're going to put them distract, distract, have this group versus one another. Right. So we are to do is just stop identifying with a label, get out of a hive mind. Okay. It could be nice to be with a group of like minded people, but when it becomes a dogma, when it becomes so rigid and structured like a religious group, then it, you know, is the manipulation right there.

So what we want to do, at least when you're listening to this for you at this point, is to identify, like with yourself, be like, all right. Am I too much with a label that I place myself on? His label also confines us into a certain set of parameters that we have to experience life through because we dictate that we are part of that label. Let's just label ourselves as an individualized expression of the God force that came here with certain skills and talents, with soul lessons to learn, and that in harm none do what ye will. Treat others where you want to be treated. Because the dark magicians also, which I've talked about in a previous video, they have infiltrated all of these seemingly good groups on paper, but they have really strong, nefarious undertones that are still separate divide and conquer, even more so. And then we have people walking around very on a week in to their actuality of being the God force incarnate as well as the, you know, the dark magicians, puppet strings controlling everything. And, you know, I see this in my own life. Where. You know, I can be easily. Labeled with having to identify with. How? Oh. White privilege. That is. Wrong saying that I. Are. Cannot understand what other people think, that I have no empathy, you know. But when we play with that white privilege card, it is also falling into that divide and conquer strategy. Instead of plugging you out, being like, Oh, this whole time we've been putting one another against one another. Like the dark magicians created racism. Duh. It's not us versus them. It's not us versus them, as in these groups against you. It is the 99% versus the 1%.

And that's part of this awakening going on this planet. And what 2020 storm really at least woke me up to having to explore it even more. And I've been exploring it for the last couple of years, but this really like heightened up the dial switch. So what we want to do is be like, okay, well, you know, am I? Plugged into a hive mind. Am I, you know, do I believe things just because the group that I belong to says that I have to believe them? Because as you start to peel back layers into really that the dark positions controlled everything. It is a very destructive force because you are dismantling all beliefs. You are dismantling perceptions. Because the dark magicians rule is through perceptions and they rule us through the archetypal realm. So this first part before I go into this reading this passage. Remember that. We're so manipulated and skewed through our perceptions and skewed through the labels that we identify us. So. Let's just identify as the best identification, at least in my opinion, is that I am a I am an expression of the God force. I'm here to do no harm. To do what I will to be what I want to be, to create what I want to create, to be in the pursuit of happiness with my God. Given liberties. So that's, you know. Bear. So we're going to go into the alchemy of the Nine Dimensions by Barbican Clough. And we're going to move into the fourth dimension, the worlds of myths and archetypes that we're going to read this passage. So the four t activates our feelings, which then split hyperdimensional information to positive or negative possibilities. When you see how this dynamic functions, you can see that 40 is just big creative game that connects us all. So I like to think of it in this sense as a sea of. Labels and how these labels can be contorted to divide and conquer. If we don't have the awareness of that ability of manipulation and what they also do to these dark magicians is that they make us one. We're completely traumatized. We're under trauma. We're under trauma based my control. So all of the pain that we've experienced personally and then collectively is broadcasted to us and it forces us to have our perceptions skewed by also the information we receive, but also that trauma that we hide it inside of ourselves. We easily project.

We become hypersensitive, which is what that whole woke culture ideology of the cultural Marxism movement, which is just what the document doesn't plan, is to turn us into a totalitarian, communist, one world government. So we want to identify. What they do, what their agenda is, and how we are easily manipulated through those labels. Okay. So many humans choose to learn how to ignore these juicy impulses since acting them out might change their lives. Those who do strive to see, hear, feel and interpret these messages often become powerful creators and or psychics. They seize the moment. Great artists are adept at bringing magnificent ideas into form. And poets, painters, sculptors, even politicians live and breathe these grandiose archetypes. They use the richness of 4D to fertilize 3D like avid gardeners. Of course, the elite are masters of these archetypes. So pretty much for the intelligence split into dark and light possibilities. This process informs our feelings in 3D, so it is possible for us to encompass the magnitude of these higher dimensional. So you can think of it in this sense. Two streams of information are being brought to us, and then we become hyper sensitized to it or become really emotionally charged. And we react out of these high, intense emotions rather than processing them, feel them, allow them to pass, and then transmute that into constructive, creative energy because they are warping our perceptions with these good on paper groups in such. Just to further their agenda of divide and conquer. So as for archetypal beings, we humans are the creators in 3D since we can make small things. Fourth dimensional beings can think and plot all they want, but they cannot create anything solid in 3D. So they see their hot desires in our minds and decided to create realities they want. But we choose to be the masters of our own world.

So that's like war killings and all this, which is like this. The dark magicians. They're dark magicians because they use the black magic wand, but they also are doing rituals and the like to. Beings that do not have a 3D physical form, just like our eyes could only pick up so much of the light spectrum. So they are beings that live at the fourth density. Just because they're at a high density doesn't mean they're more involved. But that's like demonic energy and the like. So those demonic like energy work with the dark magicians to incite their plans through those streams of information that we receive. Traveling by is mind control to make us very hyper sensitized identified with the labels to further that. Complete takeover of our planet. So if a person's emotions are not under control, 40 energy takes on a low astral hue such as. By. Visits by. Angel Succubus Monsters Eats the Virgin Mary. So these visitors seem very real in the screens of our imaginative minds, of ancient and talk of archetypal images, especially for adolescents who are learning so much about personal feelings. So what that kind of makes sense. And what this transmission is about is that. Our emotions won or could be easily played with. But we also have, you know, divine beings that want to come and help soothe us and teach us. But, you know, a lot of people are not at the ability yet to perceive if it is an actual being that is here for you to help you or if it to be a dark being disguised as a good being to help you. So that's where the discernment comes in.

And you probably might have to like go down that path of because we learned through experience of rendezvousing with a dark being, that may seem like a good one, but it really isn't. And then you had to get yourself out of that little hole, which is definitely something that you can do and use to invite the Christ consciousness, that higher golden aspect of yourself to come in and clear it away. So there's nothing really worry about that. And that's what we are. I think this transmission is just about like that fourth 40 archetypal realm is just the labels that we give ourselves to archetypes and how we, the dark magicians, use those thought forms. Those. Ideologies, those groups that we belong to, to create them separate. And then we have people who are identifying as those and they police one another, just like the examples that I gave earlier.

So like Wizard, this is just, you know, another way of broadening your awareness and to step out of manipulation. It is time for us not to be manipulated anymore. To take our sovereign mind back, our free will back. So that we can unite and move forward. By, you know, the Nuremberg, Nuremberg trials, part two with these dark magicians. And what I've realized, too, is side note my sidereal astrology, my rising sign's Aquarius. So I'm totally here to develop the qualities that are Aquarian to come and implement them. And my Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are all in, Leo. So I see these transmissions of wanting to blast some light and talk about this stuff and be playful about it. Because, you know, some of these topics can be scary, but knowledge is power. And we are. Coming out of being manipulated through these labels and seeing that. It was always the dark magicians on every form.

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