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Mechanics of Psychic Ability! Reviewing AHS Coven.


Uploaded 8-14-21

Hello Wizard. So I am dovetailing off of this morning's review of Charmed and Premonitions, and we're going to jump into American Horror Story now. I am a huge fan of Coven. And yes, there are some faults, some things I would have changed, some things I would have directed differently. However, for what it is, I love the law. I love the universe of those magical practitioners and what came to be the third season of American Horror Story, which is Coven. And we're going to do another review through what I do as a practicing psychic medium, which I am working on changing that because you'll see later, however, it's I think this is very fun, exciting and I love looking at the encyclopedia, the references, the mechanics, so on and so forth. So let's just jump right into it and okay, we're going to I'm getting better at this. We're going to minimize my face. Good, good, good. And then we're going to bring this up. So one thing I want you to remember is that. With American Horror Story Coven.

There are multiple levels, layers of psychic ability seen through these witches. And we're going to first jump in with divination, because divination is the aspect that all of the witches primarily can tap into. Some may be more proficient in it than others, which will help them, you know, pass the Seven Wonders test. And what the big thing about divination is, it's just for tools. It's useful for tools there to stimulate the senses inside of you to carry. Your energy in a way that can divine, can bring forth information through whatever tool, whatever medium is shown to you, be used. And as you see here. Cordelia Oh, spoiler alert. Spoiler alert. Well, I assume you would know that by now. Cordelia is taking her test and she is divining information through pebbles instead of just through tarot cards. And the reason why they would do pebbles versus cards is because it is during the Seven Wonders. They have to make sure that you are a master of this skill which would deem you along with mastering the other seven skills, the supreme which. So divination is the ability to obtain direct intuition or indirect knowledge about an object person location or a personal event. A physical event through means other than just users physical senses depending on its purpose. Divination is distinguishes specific branches such as the sights, growing detection of danger and all its possible forms, and sensing particular disruptions in the environment to search to the presence of evil, the life force, the use of magic, etc..

And what I also see too, is it's correct the ability to obtain direct intuition like they use, the words they use are not really what I would use or I don't know if it's the correct language, but in this universe we're working with it. So the ability is between direct and indirect. So as you'll see going forward, how that makes sense. So with divination, that's how I really started to stimulate my knowing was through using tarot cards, Oracle cards, which then they became fuzzy and I. They're like training wheels. And then you evolve out of them and let's see. Okay. So there are so many things that we want to talk about first. So the the way of the indirect. Would be through here in this little black and white clip, you see that this which is taking the Seven Wonders and she's using divination, but she's not using a tool. She's just scribbling on a board. And while. That I think is obviously why I would be in the Seven Wonders tests versus using these tarot cards like they see in the X-Men comic, because you are just gaining access to information and using whatever thought pattern is come to your head with revisions you may have and seeing it right on the piece of stone paper and whatnot, and then the definitions branched off into many different things. But what I think we should tap into is the more important part.

So there are different levels. So we have clairvoyance, which I don't like how they use that, because pretty much clairvoyance is just telepathy in this universe. The ability to read minds of others as well as to project one's own thoughts into them so that yeah, it's clairvoyance, the ability to read the minds of others. So it's just telepathy. So let's just remove this and put telepathy. And it's just about. Not really what psychic ability. I mean, Tabitha is a branch of it, but when we're looking at psychic ability through that lens, we want to think of it as receiving information about the past, present and future. And telepathy is just mind to mind connection. Because during a reading, especially with mediumship and also a psychic ability that I'm going to be telling you things that you cannot validate in this time, whether it be something that you're not aware of that happened in the past and or the present now, as well as things that you're forgetting at the time of the time of the session, even though it's very much a part of your awareness, you just forgot it. Psychic energy and then things that have not happened yet, as well as mediumship. They're going to be talking about things that you will have to do a research upon because it shows that I'm not just reading your mind. So clairvoyance in this universe is sort of like a. Telepathy. But the real one we want to talk about and move into is the site. And now we're going to play this little clip. So spoiler alert, but we're playing it. Do I have to? I don't know. Well, let's try.

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Yeah. So as you see, they're flashes, just like in premonitions with charmed and also in just real psychic ability, is that you get flashes of things. So you're not going to be getting the whole story. It's not like you're looking at a picture, a portrait, let's say, of a landscape, and then you're just looking and scanning it. It's just whatever can come to your mind. And that's the site. That's the site in this universe, this language. But another thing to that, that I like. Oh, yeah. We also have this too. So can I make it bigger? Don't think. Maybe not. I will see different examples here to where she this is cytometry there we go. So she picked up a bullet and was there you go. And was able to receive flashes of the past. And if it, as you notice, it doesn't say anything like a timestamp like this occurred, then it's just an image that flashes into your head. Just like when the previous clip of what we just watched. That's what you saw him cheating on her. And then we see in American Horror Story Apocalypse. Michael Landon also receiving sight through clairvoyance. And then another example too, is she just gets flash and bits. Bits and pieces of. Fiona killing good old Madison in Montgomery.

How do we get out of this? Oh, am I covering it? There you go. Cool. All right. And then we also want to talk about, too, like they see this as a branch of divination, is what Coco does in American Horror Story apocalypse. She is. Receiving. I feel like knowing like Claire cognizance where she's just getting downloads of information and is just able to know the calories and the gluten and such in whatever she is. So she like she does a little storm action, her eyes go white and she is just able to know things. So that's Claire Cognizance, which is an aspect of divination in this realm and just psychic abilities, a dimension of psychic ability. One of the toolkits and then we also see in this clip, Fiona, I mean, Cordelia, she is trying to find information about where one of the other witches. So she is using a bunch of tools to see what stimulates that energy. So it's like commentary once again. And we have good old Zoe following her intuition to divine which book has the right spell to banish the X-Man out of the realm of.

The school, I guess we want to call it. Right. And then another thing, too, that I liked was Bubbles McGee. And she's in Apocalypse and. They say it's a branch of clairvoyance, but they call it electro animaux, which is. The ability to extract the truth from the soul. So more or less, it's also just about knowing about clear cognizance. And I wonder if we can pull that up, because I really liked the way that they described that. And what episode was she? Oh, God, I loved Bubbles. She's a fantastic character. And we're going to do this. We're going to pause. All right, so I found the episode of Bubbles McGee. And we'll just watch it and then talk about it. I didn't see her.

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So really what that was is just her putting herself into a trance state. Obviously more Hollywood like and then receiving in a cleric, cognizant, knowing that there's gluten in there which you know, medical intuitive and you know the shamans of the old time they would take plants and they would communicate with the plant and then they divine receive information about what is good, what is medicinal and whatnot. So I thought that was pretty cool. And we're going to pause. All right. So this is going to be the clip in the montage, let's say, of the Seven Wonders and Coven. And we're going to be watching the little bit of the divination clip because I like how this was done. Oh, wait, that's wrong. All right. Tara. So that is just a really good example of the witch or somebody just intending to receive information. And it's all through your intention. It's very reflexive psychic ability. It's just you got to get your, you know, the programing out of your way and the mind control out of your way and just the fear out of your way and just allow yourself to receive it. And I think that that's super excuse me necessary when you do this type of work. So I really like how they portrayed it and it's like in psychic ability and stuff in the American Horror Story universe. Except I would rename clairvoyance to just telepathy. GBH. GBH Yeah. And I think that's pretty much it. I like everything that they did, so on and so forth, except said that. And it is just a perfect little another tool that I find is fantastic in this world to see how psychic abilities channeled through American Horror Story Coven. Oh, and then we're going to do this part because I actually like that. So pause. All right, so this is going to be the X-Men Comet, and we'll see the witch use tarot cards to divine information. And it's just a cool little theatrics, I think, to think. There's a cool card to.

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So that really was just the rocks used as a tool to help guide her thoughts, guide those impressions she's receiving to receive the directions of where the brooch was. So that is it. I really do. Like I said, love, coven, apocalypse. That's okay. But I like some of the characters and just the witches in it. But I do think it does a great. Great representation of psychic ability. The dimensions of psychic ability. And there you go. Like wizard.

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