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Medicinal & Poisonous Properties! Truth of Psychic & Mediumistic Abilities.

Updated: Jun 17, 2022


Uploaded 6-1-21

Afternoon light wizards. So I felt this transmission brewing throughout my day. So I'm super eager to see how this unpacks unwinds, unzips flushes out blossoms for you and I to experience together. You know, I think the majority of my life was always infatuated with psychic ability. And then that turned into the actualization of it in my life when this just opened up blossom in my conscious awareness that I could actually pick up on information that is consciously known for a person and unconsciously know for person, as well as connect to the energy field of a consciousness that has left the physical body. And now what does this mean for society, right?

There is the light and then the shadow that is being burst into light from this knowledge and one I think before I started that I'm going to, you know, preface that the realness of this and the understanding of it took time for me to unfold as I experience it. And it's not like you can open up a a an encyclopedia in your everyday library and have the mechanics, the diagnostics, the, you know, the one plus one equals two of this work. And for us in this transmission, we have to understand that, OK, well, if you know, if this is real right, then it shakes up every belief system. It's like taking off a snow globe, shaking it, turning upside down, and then like cracking it and watching all this stuff fly out because when will all of our life? We've been told that psychic ability is fake and. Any time they could. The mainstream media would dispel that or confound you or gaslight you with disinformation regarding it and making people, you know, be fooled into the discredited, discredited aspects of the people presenting on TV. Now some definitely are frauds charlatans, as you could say, but some are genuinely able to pick up on information.

And the greatness of this actualization of it shows us that one life continues after death, too. We're not tethered to this body. Three. Our consciousness is here, and we're just projecting this in our whole dream world of reality. Another one that we could, you know, we are just psychic beings. So therefore we do have these psychic abilities to perceive information from other people to link up with the higher intelligence to get a guidance on the little roadmap. Talk to our team of our loved ones. Excuse me. And. That's fantastic. It's absolutely wonderful, and it's so it's like it's medicinal and that aspect, and then we're going to talk about the poison aspect of it with that truth in that realization, because I've learned that there are some people that their team of light will not allow me to read.

There are some people that will stop everything from them booking an appointment with me or even coming to find out who I am or another genuine, intuitive, especially media. Because this could shatter their entire ego structure, their ego structure could crumble, turning to dust. And they're not able to compute it, and they would be like, Oh, the robot is destroyed. That in a sense, because it doesn't fit in their paradigm and their consciousness is so. Infused by the ego, a construct of the information that human has received throughout their life and their experiences that does not allow any leeway. That does not allow any. You know, any breaking that dam for the water to flow through and then just pulverize the whole dam? And then there are some people who. May actually experience this. And I can understand it. But then they'll after it, they'll just shut it off, and then they'll just go back in their mind being like, No, that's not real, just like some people who get like genuine energy healings and it changes their whole bio energetic makeup and then translates into their physical self. And then they go back home and talk to somebody about it. And that's somebody who's locked in that paradigm that it's not real and then that that person who received the healing work and the transformation their life reverts back to pre healing. Because they've accepted that program that that person downloaded into their consciousness.

So the poisonous aspect is like, well, once you, you know, begin to understand that consciousness is everything. You know, it's like your body's real meat is just real, you have to start going into why was it kept secret? Why were we not told about it, why were we not taught about it? Which then leads you down this way that way. And, you know, all your paradigm shifts and you start questioning everything and then you understand like, Oh. Occult forces, you know, of the dark musicians, as well as off world beings in different densities, dimensions, you know, think about it all you want, you know, some people are not ready for that knowledge. And what we need to begin to understand is like, OK, well, if this really is real. Now, if I'm listening to Jake and have experienced it and I've accepted that, it's real. How is this going to change my life? What is it going to do different? What am I going to do differently?

One thing you should take away from it is like, Yes, everyone is one. Everyone is of the love consciousness. But here in this 3D world, we all at a different level and we have free will here. So. Some people are evil. And. The majority of people here are of love and of goodness, so we want you then become president and understand every action that we take. Has to be of empowerment, and we had to choose. The sovereign expression that we are. To express itself here in the individuated and then also be in cooperation, but not sacrificing myself for the group in ways that will harm our identity as a point of awareness. And this playing field we're in experiencing. And what I find as everything going on as we're turning into these new higher dimensions, right, and this truth energies that. The even people who have begun to accept that psychic ability, mediumship is real, they're not looking at everything else that has been dispelling them asleep or told them not. That is not true. Like, they're unwilling and I understand why you don't want to accept it.

They're unwilling to see the dark magicians practices in the world. But Gandalf the Gray, The Wizard knows his enemy, the wizard. The Wizard is very well aware of his own abilities and his enemies abilities. And. You know. The big, major thing of like this whole construct that has programed us into just being materialistic, being divorced from God or God self, the connection, it's like cut from our conscious awareness to the source and everything is to create us into a mechanized robotic humanoid robot. A cyborg, pretty much. And that's just really, really transhumanism, pretty much. And the validity. Regarding all of that. Darkness. Is preyed upon. By those forces who want to keep us confused and busy cooking, not computing everything. So that we don't make it to our true potential as consciousness beings, so it kind of comes down to the point in this transmission is like, all right, well. There's a reason why you're still you're one either drawn to this for the first time high or two. You keep following me or keep. Listening to what I have to say, there's a reason why. So are you allowing yourself to be in the connection of your God self? Are you allowing yourself to be using this knowledge as medicinal or poisonous? And. Moving forward, it comes down to free will. This comes down to our free will choices. And what do you want? What world do you want to live in and world do you want to live by your kids if you have kids or your nieces and nephews or just the next generation, right? Excuse me. And.

I can easily see how. This whole storm of the pandemic has just completely twisted everything, right with people. And then I'm looking at all these spiritual groups or organizations that are just buying the narrative and going along with that because they just, I think deep down, they're also not willing to look at the dark magicians. They're not willing to look that evil. And if we keep putting in a way of putting it away. Not shining light on it. It'll keep growing and growing and growing, and then that's what got us to where we are right now. So when I talk about this information regarding my abilities, my life experience and the darkness. And doing it because the wizard knows his enemy and those people are operating at such a low bandwidth, but US people who are of the heart centered consciousness, we are able to connect with the force, the higher intelligence, the energy that's like on the stats, it's like the the rooftop of a skyscraper versus those dark magician who could just access the third floor.

But if we're cut off or just continue to be in the hypnotism, could it be spelled by their dark wizardry? They're black magic bridges and the ground floor, and we have no connection and we're just easily robotic planned. So what this is for you is that one. Hey, talk to yourself straight, look in the mirror and be like. Consciousness is everything right? And I know that this body is just a temporary human experience, so. I'm using my free will adequately. Am I focusing in on not living in ignorance and also focusing on my potential? Am I trying to realize my potential? Am I using the force? Of love and creative intelligence in my favor. In my conscious mind. My living with that knowledge adequately. Because this is very, very real. All fronts are all very, very real. And the. The whirlwind of everything going on. Is for us to take a stance or be standing in our light. Or are we allowing ourselves to be hypnotized by forces? They want to cripple our light. And I want to delete the light pretty much good versus evil, what's going on? It's the the real light versus the absence of light. And this is when you as a light wizard making it to 12 minutes. 32. I love 13 13 minutes so far. Being like, hey, am I really prepared to look at every belief because this whole our world?

The dark magicians own big pharma, they hijacked our body's natural abilities for healing. They have stomped out all the homeopathic natural ways of remedies. They stamped out God from our consciousness, our psychic abilities and our consciousness. They made us believe that we're just these deterministic mechanical meat suit things that are just electrical impulses when in actuality we are this field of energy, we are this consciousness projected into this span of experience operating this human avatar. Perceiving this world through her five physical senses, while we have the five metaphysical sense is to feel the energy vibrations around us, as well as connect to the other dimensions of reality. And that is what I'm going to leave you with. Enjoy your day light wizards.

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