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Mediumistic Dynamics! Personality Traits Expressed Example.

6/21/22 9:49am

The dynamics of a mediumistic reading are more than just the phrases, feelings, and messages presented through me to the person I am reading. The real magic is of the interaction the spirits have with me and my client. Personality expressing through the method of communication.

Last night, I read a gentlemen and I opened up to the spirits who joined me. Throughout my day I was greeted with spirits who were interacting with my energy field as they prepared to shift into this dimension. My Team Light also assisted with this merging process. I immediately was graced by a lovely woman and a man who consistently showed me a work bench whenever he pushed into my field.

The woman joined the session who turned out to be his mother. She interacted with my communication systems so that she can really convey her personality. Sweet, caring, joyful. It wasn’t long after her introduction that she allowed the man to come through of whom I sensed earlier in the day. He appeared with the work bench, conveyed how he used his hands to work with wood, his hearty laugh, and how he was through father’s side. The spirit also let me know through a sensation that he was removed from the family which meant that he wasn’t blood related.

My client couldn’t pin point who this man was, but I urged him to just hold onto the details. Another spirit joined that my client couldn’t place, but I always trust spirit! There is always a purpose for a spirit coming through.

My client’s mother returned with messages regarding her transition and the work my client did regarding her housing. She was incredibly appreciative and didn’t want to burden my client.

I then allowed my client to provide me with a name of a spirit to see if I could connect. I was given the name of my client’s father so I instructed him to pay attention to the impressions that follow. The spirit joined with apprehension. He felt guilty and shameful for his actions while in his incarnation which my client understood what he was discussing.

This spirit was very distant to me compared to my client’s mother and the unidentified spirits. I observed that spirits who act in this manner usually are carrying so much remorse and are upset with themselves because they moved through their life review. I expressed the spirit’s communication and the spirit then showed me something once I asked the spirit to provide me with validation.

I was shown a mini-movie of a hole in what appeared to be the backyard of a home. The hole filled up with water and it was impressed upon me that there was an overlay of this hole dealing with plumbing and/or sewage. My client thought about it and then detailed to me that there was a hole in the front yard of his childhood home that was dug because of a pipe bursting.

This is the key. The clue of water/plumbing/sewage was necessary to lock onto the evidential information brought through me. My client said that it was a long time ago and I replied that spirits do bring up distant memories especially once my client let me know his distance with his father.

My client’s mother chimed in once again and behaved energetically like she was keeping the father away just as she did in real life. She protected my client and she still is while dwelling in the unseen realms.

As I reviewed my client’s reading, it came to his awareness that the spirit coming through with the work bench was actually his Uncle. His Uncle was his father’s good friend who his mother was fond of which is exemplified how she appeared first then brought through the Uncle. My client realized that his Uncle was involved with construction and he had the personality traits that the spirit expressed.

This reading showed the great diversity involved with each reading. How each spirit interacts uniquely and behaves through their communication with me as they did while in their incarnation.

Absolutely magical!


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