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Mediumistic Dynamics! Unidentifiable Spirit Example.

6-23-22 9:18am

Mediumship is an art that is dynamically tethered to the individual I am reading as well as the spirits who choose to join the session. A rhythm of energy that conveys information that is able to merge with my energy field through my lens of perception and frame of reference. Every reading is completely unique. Sometimes a session is designed to allow spirits to enter the space who are unidentified by my client.

Last night, I read for a lovely woman who I had the pleasure to read for a few times. I know that when someone books a session with me after their first reading means that the energy casted throughout the reading was meaningful and impactful. She exclaimed how there were many songs introduced throughout her reading she wasn’t aware of and it was due to psychic amnesia. She was prepared for this to occur once more.

The last fifteen minutes of her most recent reading encompassed the broad range of mediumistic mechanics. Interestingly, the spirits scheduled for her session were not identifiable when they joined.

My opening speech is designed to really give the basic rules of the board game so that my client is aware of what can possibly occur along with the patterns I observed throughout the years of me reading for people. This is so that my client is familiar with how energy moves through my system and how spirits communicate.

I opened myself up to mediumistic information and my attention was drawn to a pup. This pup described its appearance, how it transitioned, and that this pup was its owner’s pride and joy. My client wasn’t familiar with this animal spirit, however, she was very open to why this pup joined.

When a spirit comes in that my client cannot identify, I try to retrieve more information from the spirit to realize the connection. There is always a reason why a spirit joins the session and I always try to honor the spirit’s energy because it takes a lot for them to filter into this dimension.

The pup proceeded to show me my client’s mother and a female on her peer level that felt like a sister. My client confirmed that her mother does have a sister. The pup then showed me a younger male connected meaning a son which my client validated to be true. All of a sudden the pup showed me skiing and attached it to my client’s aunt’s family. My client then let me know that her aunt’s family was known to ski which alerted me to the realness of this pup.

Then a male joined our session who was a slender man and was impressing upon me that he was involved with some religious organization and he spoke in front of a congregation. This male also joined me from my right signifying the connection to my client’s father’s side. My client wasn’t aware so I tried to retrieve more information from the spirit.

The male spirit brought my attention to my client’s father and let me know that the spirit is concerned about her father’s abdomen. I felt gallbladder issues which my client wasn’t aware. The spirit then let me know that her father was experiencing food sensitivities connected to his gut which my client let me know that her father was choosing to no longer eat certain foods. I just let me know client know to pay attention to any issues with her father particularly with his abdomen.

The last spirit then joined the session. The female energy let me know right away that she is non-family, a teacher, and taught elementary school around 3rd and 4th grade. The spirit conveyed how she loved to teach English and reading. My client, once again, could not place this energy. However, the spirit then provided a name which was ‘Bailey’. My client validated that she did know a Bailey when she was in elementary school around the same age group that the spirit said she taught. That key name confirmed to me that this energy was true and connected to my client’s elementary school years.

I then asked if my client would like to provide me with a name of a spirit to see if I can connect, but she denied. She said that she is aware that whoever comes through is supposed to and that it all happens for a reason. She even detailed that the spirits who came through unknown in her previous reading were people she knew, but she forgot.

This post is to show you that the dynamics of mediumship vary person to person and spirit to spirit. My client was open to receive all that comes through me and the spirits decided that this would be an opening to alert those in the physical world that they are very much still alive.

I clearly state on my website how unidentifiable spirits may join the session and that me and any other medium cannot control who joins.

There is always a reason why and spirit does a phenomenal job at connecting the dots.


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