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Mediumship Dynamics! Personality & TV-Mediums-Trap.

Mediumship is more than receiving evidential information in the form of names, places, events, dates, XYZ.

Mediumship is the reintroduction to the essence of the person who transitioned and the person's expression through their human avatar during their incarnation known to those who are requesting a reading.

Believe you me, evidential information is powerful and is necessary. However, I really learned that every spirit communicates uniquely. Not every spirit provides names, months, numbers, XYZ. Some spirits show me mini-movies/images of a memory from yesteryear or a current event. Some spirits provide messages of encouragement while others just appear then disappear after a few minutes.

The one thing that I would like for you to know after reading this post is that an aspect of mediumship is to also demonstrate the PERSONALITY of the spirit. That really is the key.

Television mediums and the spell-casting perception traps of those forms of media does not instruct you on genuine psychic and mediumistic abilities. The TV medium wonders are heavily edited without any desire for the audience to learn about the dynamics. TV mediums are also meant to trap the audience at surface level hokey pokey as an avoidance of the deeper layers and constructs of this reality. I don't think this is the TV mediums agenda, however, the master puppeteers of this world can have the audience be entertained by the idea of psychics and mediums while having the entertainment remain at pre-school, infantile spirituality rather than the immense orchestration of reality construction.

I find that people who wish for a reading and who are instructed only by the Tell-A-Vision are severely handicapped because of their false perceptions and misconceptions. This is especially true when all people see are edited programs which do not include misinterpretations by the medium, psychic amnesia, and unknown information validated after the session.

What I find extremely interesting is how each spirit communicates! Some are very direct and are very private. They do not divulge personal information because they weren't like that in life!

Some spirits do not join the session unless the client provides a name and/or requests the energies' presence. This happens a lot with those who transitioned holding a lot of guilt for their actions while they were alive such as substance abuse, physical/verbal abuse, and other shameful behaviors.

I also had a session where my client requested a spirit and the spirit joined the session only because she was asked to come. This spirit was very shy in life and she didn't want to take up time for other spirits who were blood related to my client. A kind and mindful spirit!

Personality and evidential information are critical to provide evidence of consciousness existing outside of the body. X Spirit may join the session and discuss a wide variety of topics while Y Spirit joins and only mentions how Y transitioned. Z Spirit may join and explicitly state that Z Spirit is not interested in working with me because Z Spirit's incarnation was a life completely against psychic and mediumistic work.

Any potential client really really must strive to keep an open mind and to renegade against the TV Medium programming.

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