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Mediumship Misconceptions! Windbridge's Comments.


Uploaded 11-18-21


Hello, Wizards. So to dovetail off of. The other transmission recorded today from the Wind Bridge Research Center Institute, where the book no doubt helped write. Like I said before, another one. Pick this one up if you haven't gotten it. It's really I think it's fascinating. Wind Bridge Institute Collection. We've got three books from Dr. Julie BEISEL. Sorry if I say your name wrong. Among mediums. Meaningful messages from the mouth of mediums. Doesn't recommend it, but this transmission is for us to review some misconceptions that's actually on their website, which I think is really cool. So I'm literally just going to read it aloud to you. Feel free to. Stop the recording transmission video and hop on and read it yourself. But if you like hearing my voice and looking at me, then here we go. And we're going to share screen. Yeah. There I am. We're going to move me over here. Forgive me. There we go. Okay.

So this is actually straight off of. Win bridge talk factsheets. And we clicked this one right here to do well actually. Responses to Common Misconceptions About Mediums by Dr. Julie. Figure out how to pronounce her last name without offending her. Okay. So it's not surprising there's a lot of misinformation about mediums out there. It's a controversial topic that is often in conflict with various worldviews religious beliefs, neuroscience and seemingly common sense. I'm also going to put in there programing by the dark magicians. Off worlders interdimensional is that don't want humanity waking up. But that probably isn't. Appropriate to put it in here but I put it we weren't taught about meaning ship in grade school, even though it has been practicing cultures all over the world for eons. As far as I know, there are no small person. Well, there are no small persons type toys that are mediums like they are for cowboys, farmers, police officers, firefighters, carpenters, plumbers, pirates, and even angry gentlemen with hats. The popular media doesn't help matters with its irregular misrepresentations and sensationalism. So whenever I encounter errors in thinking about mediums, I try to do what I can to correct them. Thank God. Thank you. Small person, small persons type toys. I've never heard that before, but that makes sense for a kitty toy.

For example, when I spend time with my Uncle Harold, say, at a holiday dinner table, his first question is always, Now, what is it that you do again? You talk to dead people. This is often accompanied by eye rolling and a smirk. Then explain that. I'm a director of research at the Wynn Bridge Research Center, where I design and perform controlled research studies with psychic mediums. People who experience regular communication with the deceased. I remind him that I'm not a medium, but I work with a team of scientifically tested mediums and studied their accuracy, experiences and unique characteristics. Harold then said, after a couple of big dogs launches into a barrage of Arrhenius statements that I can try to calmly correct. Below is an example of one of our conversations, and if Uncle Harold ever says Prove it or wait, what? I pointed to the resources listed as to learn more. Which is super. Super, super, super. This is wonderful because. I am a normal person. I have been through the same mind control, social conditionings of the programs of the educational institutions. And. You know. Not insane, because I would be insane to think that I'm not a medium. Based upon. Insanity being defined as chewing something over, over and over again and expecting different results. You know, I was very ignorant to this stuff. I had no idea how it worked, what it was, until I started doing readings for people.

Okay. You may have heard or will hear similar statements from people in your own life. Feel free to use my responses below as your own, which I am going to do. Thank you. It's not recommended, however, that these responses be used to get in arguments with angry people with entrenched worldviews and an overactive amygdala from the internet, nor with individuals on whom you depend for a ride home. Smart. Oh, she doesn't have an Uncle Harold. He's fictional. Was created for the purpose of this document. The photos, the clip, art Hals and McCullough amalgams amalgam of people and opinions of encounter. Please play along. Hell, yeah. Hmm. Uncle Harold. There's no way science can study something like mediumship. Probably signs with the dollar sign. Right? Big Pharma. Hell hole. Science. Me. Well, actually, science is a set of tools that can be applied to nearly any topic. It's not a body of knowledge. It's a way to answer questions. Credible scientists have been studying mediumship and psychic phenomena since 1800s. 1880s. Excuse me. Oh, I want to work with those people. Uncle Harold. But all mediums are frauds and con artists taking advantage of the bereaved. FII While there are many, many of them. I'm sure she's going to say that.

However, I lost my mother and I was 13. I know. The horror of grief. And I just because I do this, I'm getting teary eyed. Just because I do this does not mean that I'm trying to take advantage of people. And that is a horrible misconception based upon people who are unwilling to. Get out of my control program. Me? Well, actually, it's the most like, most all statements. That is not true. Just like it wouldn't be true to say that all mechanics, plumbers, physicians or psychologists are con artists. There may be some people in any profession looking to take advantage of others, but making a claim about all people in any profession is simply illogical. And the accuracy testing that I perform in 20 meetings in the US provides statistical significant evidence that they were able to report accurate and specific information about deceased people under controlled laboratory conditions. So that refutes your all claim. Local Herald. There's no good evidence from me animistic or psychic abilities. Well, me. Actually, like I said earlier, I performed accuracy testing with mediums that provided statistically significant evidence that they were able to report accurate and specific information about deceased people under controlled laboratory conditions and regarding psychic abilities in general, there have been dozens of peer reviewed journal articles publishing demonstrating the existence of site telepathy, clairvoyance or remote viewing, precognition, presentiment and mind matter interactions and providing evidence supportive of the survival consciousness after death.

Back in 1996, University CID statistician Jessica Utz examined two decades of studies, including government sponsored research, and concluded that psychic functioning had been well. Duh. And you know what's really interesting to me? I like reading about conspiracy from the three D world conspiracy in the off world inter-dimensional world conspiracy. So obviously there's a conspiracy by Big Pharma science to keep this suppressed because then it would go into consciousness. Energy. Fill in the blank as you will. May ah may be a well aware of why it was there. Because you obviously know that. If you continue to watch my videos. But I am not a conspiracy theorist. I'm a conspiracy analyst. In 2018, psychology psychologists at Soul Senior reviewed a recent updated meta analysis and also found cumulative support of the reality of SCI to. If mediums were actually real, says Uncle Harold, they could win the lottery. Me Well, actually, that's not something mediums claim to be able to do. A medium expresses experiences communication with the disease and then shares the messages received that the living. Your statement is like saying if chefs were actually real, they could turn rocks into pies, dumb ass. Uncle Harold. If there is something to this mediumship stuff, more scientists would be studying it. Well, says me. Actually, there are a lot of factors preventing more research. While mediumship has become relevant in the popular culture, it remains a taboo subject in scientific government, social and clinical circles and the popular culture bullshit.

I'm going to a lot of the popular mediumship is sort of doing it more harm than good because it's fluffed up. And I would even say fake some of it. And effective and relevant research studies require funding, require funding, but para psychological research worldwide, of which mediumship represents only a small portion, receives less than 5% of the support that grants for medical research or research in science and engineering provide. Which we know why. The Dark Magicians. Big Pharma. Evil. And because funding is limited and humans require pay for the jobs they do in order to secure food and shelter, very few individuals are currently performing mediumship research. Because of this stigma, funding and personnel issues, fewer than ten research groups globally have carried out original peer reviewed mediumship research in the last ten years. Uncle Harold. How could life after death even happen when the brain died, as it came over? Well, Uncle Harold. That's the mind control. Programing. Me? Well, actually, the idea that the brain creates consciousness is just a theory.

There's obviously a relationship between the brain consciousness, just like there's a relationship between the TV and its picture at the TV. It's damaged. The picture can be affected. And if the brain gets damaged, consciousness can be affected. But that doesn't mean the TV is creating the picture. The picture exists separate from the TV and is received by the TV. Similarly, there's plenty of evidence that consciousness is merely received by the brain. It seems that consciousness is separate from the brain and is not bound by space or time. That is, it is non-local and continues to exist after the body and brain die. Uncle Harold says in a medium, she'd be able to tell me exactly what I want to know if my deceased loved one. Me? Well, actually, mediums receive rather than retrieve information from the deceased, a media may receive information through all five sensory modes and then interpret those sensations and report those experiences interpretations to you. Which people in which items come through are not up to them any more than what you want to hear when answering a ringing phone or see you in reading an incoming text is up to you. I like that. I'm glad, Harold. I really think that medium on TV sets is accurate. So any need you may get a reading from should be 100% accurate. Me? Well, actually, what you see on TV has been recorded and edited and manicured to the all hell streams. It doesn't represent how many years you've actually works. Think about all the scenes set up, media release paperwork and the number of cameras and crew members actually involved in any aired content.

Expecting your reading to work like an edited TV show is unlikely and your unrealistic expectations will likely hamper the reading. In addition, there are things that you as a sitter can do before, during and after reading to optimize the reading process. Uncle Harold. I'm going to get a reading with the beard to prove my son is still around. Oh, I'm sorry, Uncle Harold, that you lost your son. Me? Well, actually, you shouldn't really go into a reading with that mindset. Again, the medium can't control what comes through. Her job is not to provide anything to you, not to prove anything to you. It's just to share what she's experiencing. The best thing you can do is trust that your son will share with the meeting what he wants you to know. And remember that you are also able to experience your son. If you're doing if you're going to demand proof as your son to give it straight to you, don't put that burden on a medium. I like that. Uncle Harold. I'm worried about my friend Janice. She clearly has not gone through the five stages of grief after her husband's death. Oh, I'm sorry, Janice. Well, me says, actually, the idea that there are stages involved in grief is a myth. The idea stems from observations of terminal patients thinking about their own deaths. Grief is a natural process. And because people are not robots. Grief is different for every person. Oh, I like that. Uncle Harold. Wow. Dr. Neese, I had no idea. This is all been so helpful. I've learned so much, and I really appreciate it. How can I help support the work you do at the Rand Bridge Research Institute?

Really like this logo graphic? Me Well, actually, that's super easy. The best way to make sure we can continue to perform rigorous scientific research and published free educational materials is to visit the BW Davida Wind Bridge that orgs donate and make a one time or monthly donation. Oh, I think I should do that. That's beside the point, right? That's so easy. I am committed to making multi dimensions. Thanks so much. Could you please pass the green beans? I like that. Well, like wizards. I hope you enjoyed that, especially with my extra commentary. And. It's don't that we had to remember that. I mean, for me, I'm experiencing this, so I have that aspect in this awakening. But for you, if you are just, you know, really going into this conspiracy of what's going on clearly with the world governments and all of that, and you're not diving into your own spiritual power consciousness, that whole suppressed science of consciousness. Including psychic phenomena and media mystic abilities. Go on that exploration. And I really encourage you to discover one and go look up a medium that you will feel feel resonance with. And. Enjoy your day.

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