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Multidimensional Gaslighting! Initiation.


Uploaded 11-6-21

Hello? The Wizards. I'm sitting here having my lemon water, getting ready to go to the gym. And I had the download to post. Infographic to my Instagram about gaslighting. Me, me, me, me, me. Gaslighting. I'm going to read it. And then we will talk about the mostly dimensionality of gaslighting. How it's not just the 3D world that. Who's objective, I should say, is to gaslight you. So the signs of gaslighting. Gaslighting is a form of manipulative manipulation and abuse concentrated on making someone doubt reality. Blatant lying or constant cover ups, denying conversations or events ever happened. Manipulating others to see you differently. Your self esteem slowly erodes away and you begin to question what is real. You start to think you are bad or crazy. Actions contradict words, broken promises, feeling like you have to defend reality.

Now. We know in abusive relationships, narcissistic relationships, the perpetrator. Gaslights the victim. To psychologically destroy the victim. Right. So we know if you're smart enough and not warped by the mind control that the world's governments are clearly in a conspiracy, an actual conspiracy. We see it playing out. And their job is to use the tentacles of all forms of media to gaslight you. And they've done this throughout many, many years since television came into being, especially with the whole UFO phenomena. And like with Arizona, Phenix Lights. And the like. We know this. And like Wizard, if this is the first transmission video where synchronicity guided you to be aware of this, you have a lot of research to do. But now let's go into the multidimensional aspects of gaslighting because personal experience. I have a few targets that came in for me. It was gremlins. So gremlins I define as little bugs, little gnats, annoyances of entities that exist outside of our the spectrum of light that we can see with our physical eyes. But we have other senses that are equipped to detect them.

However. Everything in our world is to keep it locked into the 5 to 5 physical sensory. Illusion. And you get gas light gas leaded. You know what I mean? If you start having your multidimensional experiences, like experiences, and it's hard for you to figure out who to talk to about them because. The world is conditioned for you to be deemed crazy anyway. So when I started doing this psychic work, I was like professionally, like. Where I would. It would be an exchange of my energy with theirs in form of money. And in the beginning it was like, cool, cool, cool. This is cool. I'm making it. And then all of a sudden, I would get. Swamped, let's say, with this is this intense doubt of myself doubting all the experiences that I had. Doubting that will work again. Using. The. This weird. I don't even know the MCAT, the mechanisms, but I've been able to recognize it now. But it comes in this intense knowing that I feel is my own thoughts, saying like, Are you sure this is real? Are you sure you can really do this? Yada, yada, yada. Which I've learned. That it's. A Gremlin. Because they want to keep the matrix alive. The low frequency control program alive, which is their food source. And then another thing that popped into my head while I am getting ready to go work out. I had. I think I sufficiently severed the cord to this parallel life, past life, if you want to call. When I was a priest, who would? Tell everybody not to go to the local witch seer, psychic, medium, whatever term you want to use Oracle. So I feel like that. Cord connected to that version of me in that life. Was also bleeding into. My. Incarnation now being like. Trying to gaslight me regarding the work that I do. In my practice. So remember, we are in World War Three.

This is a psychological war on all levels, many different levels. So. It just came to my attention like that. I was like, Oh. And may you also get your journal. Start writing out, talking to yourself. Because. We're dealing with zombies around us and the propaganda machine and interdimensional beings trying to make us think that we're crazy when we're so not. And also take it as a badge of honor because you're being initiated into higher dimensions of truth. You just had to go through this experience to recognize it. See you next time. So it's also like a teaching tool. Enjoy your daily wizards.

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