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Murphy's Luck & Mediumship! Mirroring Influences On Mind.


Uploaded 4-27-22

Hello. Light Wizards. So this transmission is inspired from my current rewatch of Charmed. This is probably my millionth time watching this show, but I'm looking at this through the lens of all the experiences that I've had since I really embarked on doing this work professionally. And I'm looking at this with such a different lens. Which brings me to the episode. My boyfriend and I watch last night, which is season two. The episode titled Murphy's Luck, where we have Amy Adams and The Mummy from The Mummy. I don't know his name, but we have Murphy and we had to figure out a first name regardless. Amy Adams character was doing such good light work here, helping in all the ways that she can help. And then we have the mummy who is a dark leader and his influence on her through mimicking her own thought patterns. It transfigured her mind to make her believe that she's actually hurting people. And then this dark, lighter entity is causing accidents around her in the physical world, as well as influencing her thoughts. And it just keeps her in a thinking and feeling loop that she is terrible. Hurting so many people is a no good person. And this drives her to attempt suicide. And when I was watching that, I was like, Holy fuck, Drew, because as you and I are aware and if you're not, I'm going to let you know right now. We're psychic beings. This is this is truth.

And we are able to when we really go into creative work, we're creating the creative work. We're able to tap into all that is more or less and pick up on strands, thread songs of the actual underpinnings of our society and our world, our reality. And we're able to channel it through a work which we are able to then absorb into our conscious awareness. Excuse me. Oh, so. This. Throughout this episode, I was just like, this is mirroring an aspect of reality because my work as a medium with mediumship, my medium mystic abilities, what it really is, is just a consciousness that is not housed in physical form, coming into my energy field and then sending me thoughts. And when I hear things, it comes in as my own inner thought. When I hear your name or you hear a month or hear a little catch phrases, maybe sometimes a sentence or what have you. It comes in, in my own inner Jake voice. And you see in the portrayal of this episode With The Dark later you can hear him in his actual voice, and then it shifts into the person who he is influencing in that person's voice. And then obviously if you see the episode, you cast a spell to help Murphy and then he dark later sees Prue and then drives Prue to attempt suicide.

So for you and I and what this can help teach us more so than ever before, is to really discern about what thoughts are popping into our head. And I do think that this is such there are many layers to our existence. And this aspect of the mirroring of the dark later influencing Murphy is. I think it does occur now. The intensity and the volume of that occurrence is different person to person, because if you are in a low door vibration, you are treating your body very badly. You're not in taking the correct nutrients. You're not detoxifying. You're in a think feel loop of hate, hate, hate to yourself and then to the outer world. Doom and gloom. Despair, x, y, z. I think that you are more of a match to that dark, lighter entity, let's say, and then just turns up the volume in your mind tool. So I always knew that Chand was teaching me things, and now looking at it from the lens of what I do now, I'm like, Holy shit! And we need to just really have more discernment about these thoughts of pop into our heads. So when we get like a catastrophic doom and gloom scenario or a very strong voice of self-hatred, people call them psychic attacks. But seeing this through the lens of that episode. Is powerful and especially towards the end. Spoiler alert, when Prue was about to jump off the ridge.

Her sisters, Piper and Phoebe were able to get to her and to shock her awake. And then she turned around and she notices the dark lighter. So for you and I to we have to remember that the light, our team of light, the God force. Uses other people in our world to give us messages to help get us out of despair. Doom and gloom. Terror. Horror. X. Y. Z. So we have to remember that other people, even though they may not do media music work professionally, they still are other mediums. So we have to pay attention to what they're saying to us. And just maybe it's a message for us, because they are also being influenced. We have the good and bad, and I think we're always surrounded by such powerful light beings. And then we may have the occasional gremlin dark later. It also depends upon person to person, but we always still have that amount of light beings that say, but our volume and if we're able to tune to their voice, will be different depending on how we're navigating our current life and what we intake. Food wise, energy wise, mental wise, fill in the blanks, but we're able to just identify when we have knowledge. Knowledge is power and we can do something about it.

So for us and the work that I do as a medium, you know, I'm hearing all these good things when I have that, when I when I'm reading somebody meaning mystically. But that is just a suggestion, you know, that we are influenced by many, many layers. Enjoy daylight wizards.

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