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Neutral Intuitive Hits! Ever State Of Creation.


Uploaded 2-6-22

Oh, like wizards. So today's post is regarding how we really never do stop wanting to create. There will always be a new creation wanting to burst through us. And whenever we think that we've reached our final form, we never really did reach our final form. And this came in this morning with the imagery of Sailor Moon's last transformation call spell in Kennedy's incantation to turn into her eternal form, which is silver moon. Crystal power maker. And I like it a lot when it comes into this. Symbolic download. So I'm going to read the post and then we'll discuss as previews to It's your final form to realize our goal is to remember our birthright as an expression of the force we are. To remember that we will always be in a state of creation. And then once we achieve a goal, a new idea will download into our human avatar. And so we will envision the final form of the idea today is to immerse ourselves into the present so we may transcend any doubts of our progression. We are always moving toward the illusionary final goal, even if we feel as though we are remaining out of reach from the target.

Let us remind ourselves that the main component of our nature as a creator being is to follow through with our ideas, to listen to our intuition. Our intuition bypasses logic for a call for us to break out of our comfort zone. It will signal to us to make the change while our logic mind is in distress, because it cannot compute the unknown through the lens of the known reality. Remember that strong, intuitive heads are of neutrality, not of extreme emotion. So there's a lot to unpack there. But I think I want to start off with the last thing that I posted was that our intuition when we get an intuitive head is a neutral. Hit. We don't feel overly elated and we don't feel overly depressed or even elated or depressed. It just comes very neutral and it's just either knowing that we have just got to do this or we keep seeing something and this image comes in and it's not. It's almost as if we don't have an attachment to that image. It's just we see it. Or you may be hearing in our own thought voice a phrase to check something out or leave this, do this, and I'll come once again neutral. So that's the first step, is to really discern between because like Wizard, as we know, there are such things as gremlins or little mosquito little.

Some might call them little demonic whispers, but there are forces that exist outside of this realm that we are translating with her five physical senses. So if we continually get like a really overly evil, depressing nagging, then I wouldn't trust that. Or if I get something overly happy, elated, I wouldn't trust it either. So discernment is key. And when we think about silver moon, crystal power makeup. That is the act of Sailor Moon transforming into her final form, which ends up actually not being her final form. Because if you follow the manga, she most likely turns into the other cosmos in the end. So it's not even the final form, but this act of transforming no matter what, we are always in this act of creation. And even if we may feel like we are not moving toward the goal that we are, that we establish for ourselves, we still are in that process because we either could be in a state of delaying it or a state of racing toward it.

So if we are maybe in a month specifically where it's very slow, where we are not taking any action and we may even be having a lot of self-doubt or not adding Miracle-Gro to our final goal, then that would be a period once we snap out of that spell, it would be like, Oh, okay, well, look what I just did the last month. Am I going to continue doing that and will this resurface again in the future five years from now? And then I'll remember that month when I didn't do anything and nothing happened. So it always does serve us, but it's either a delay or we're racing in the it's it's a shorter distance. Which I thought was pretty good. And it is imperative to remember that we will always want something new. It's just it's something we'll be called for, something that will build layers upon layers upon layers. And that is the exciting part. So we have to just focus in on what we're doing right now. How are we operating right now?

Building habits day by day, being consistent, being disciplined and taking in joyful, inspired action. So when we get an intuitive hit also to like I said, it could really freak out the logic mind because the logic mind is overly cancerous in our society and it is used to keep us in a locked paradigm, a locked known snippet of reality rather than being this expansive creation. It's expanded creative being where we're getting this instruction in a neutral, intuitive hip. And then we are to act on that and see where it goes. And we, as we know, the Wizards, that our intuition does not keep us in comfort. It will alert us to something that must. Be listened to, to help in our evolution and to help us expand into our next step. And we know also that very well, maybe that that intuitive head, that neutral intuitive here we follow, it may lead us to an experience that we may perceive in that moment as bad. But when we look back on it, we realize, Oh, I needed to have that experience because it set me up to learn X, Y, Z, which I am able to implement, integrate, involve into what I'm doing now.

As I was shifted through that bad experience and it turned into a good experience, you know, just like with this whole hoopla that's going on, I learned so much about myself. I've learned also so much about the world. And I would never have had that if it wasn't for the plandemic. Explain. Simple. Would never have had this growth, this transformative energy move through me and by me listening to my intuitive heads to go here or there to not do that. Not do that. It led me to where I am. Enjoy your daily wizards.

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