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New Month - New Calendar

Every month incorporates a tradition to create my own calendar! This is a ritual that I've done consistently over the last 6 months. Upon completion, when the month passes over to the next, I staple the calendar into my journal. I highly recommend you try this practice.

Creation is a mirroring of the Ultimate Creator - Holy Nature - Universe - GodForce - Divine.

I weave my intentions into the calendar and I allow the Muse to guide me. The only things that I must have on the calendar are the dates, the month, and a space to write my goals. The rest of its creation is bound by a template unknown to my conscious mind.

Witnessing your fingers touch the colored markers and pens to choose exactly what is needed to express the new month. Observing the calendar's form birth as you synchronize your conscious mind to your Higher Mind. A ritual that is anchoring the flow of creation into the new month.

The key word is CREATION.

Every month is unique! I may have drawn similarities, but the colors, markings, and shapes are entirely dependent on the Muse singing the song of the month.

Sometimes I even bring out my watercolors to paint all over the new month. This is also an exercise on FUN and PSYCHISM Training.

Moving with the first idea that pops into your head without judgement and with neutral emotion. An Unseen Guide. An Unseen Hand. An Unseen Teacher.

An opportunity to witness the wounds you carry from childhood that were inflicted when you were belittled for your artistic ability. A chance to catch yourself beating yourself up over a perceived lack of skill. How you shouldn't be doing this art project since you're not talented.

A mirror to your Unconscious. To see the lingering trauma operating your thought patterns which influence your emotional patterns and behavior.

An opportunity to encourage yourself to have this month be the start of choosing new perceptions about Self that are empowering, loving, authentic, and honest.

May you begin every month with the creation of a new art project. It doesn't need to be a calendar...but why not?


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