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6:57am 8-3-22


As I retired for bed, a download popped into my mind tool to watch an episode of Charmed! I had nothing going on other than just coasting on a nice Oregon recreational cannabis high.

I’m interested to see how this post will create itself concerning PRE-WITCHED and our constitutions regarded for the external world. A brief recap for this episode involves the Charmed Ones navigating the idea of Piper leaving the manor in present-time while flashbacks of the time just before Grams’s passing. All wrapped up into the sister-drama is a warlock that was once a black cat familiar to a witch. The warlock’s betrayal allowed him to have 13 lives which required him to be vanquished 13 times so he may gain immortality.

The Charmed Ones preform a séance to contact the warlock’s witch which provided the witches with the data to decode their enemy. We also see Grams contacting Patty (Charmed One’s mother) and she discussed her death for her transition would mean that the divided sisters would regain their bound powers.

I tell ya, I wasn’t planning on this episode. I just found it as I was flipping through Peacock and believe you me…I’ve seen this many many times. However, this viewing was something new!

For you reading this post, is there a possibility that you are in the middle of reviewing times in your life where you felt like your entire reality was in a flux after a death? Are you able to carefully examine your grieving process to determine if you healthily allowed yourself to be immersed in grief?

Have you realized the shift after a loved one’s passing?

Death is a catalyst for the person who transitioned as well as for those traversing this realm. We even see the warlock’s witch’s passing transforming the black cat into the psychotic killer. His act of betrayal enabled him to transcend one form into one that is temporary unless further chaos ensues cultivating in bypassing the death process. The warlock continued to hunt down the Charmed Ones because their power was at the level to destroy his constitution.

The Charmed Ones’ lives shifted after Grams transitioned. They were orchestrated by Divine Intelligence to return to their childhood home, uncover the secrets of their history, and to emerge as a powerhouse for the LIGHT.

Are you able to see how your life shifted once a loved one transitioned? Were you able to grieve and then live a life transformed with the knowledge that there is no such thing as death?

The warlock’s cheating of death resulted in his ultimate demise. The Charmed Ones crafted a spell to destroy the warlock by summoning the 12 times he cheated death until the 13th death was his finale.

Grieving is individualized. Grief holds treasures. Maybe a loved one’s death enabled you to realize that there is no time like today? That today is given, but tomorrow is uncertain.

Are you cheating yourself now? Are you resisting a self-sacrifice which would revolutionize your life if you gave up XYZ? Are you not willing to allow an aspect of yourself to die so you may be reborn?

That warlock symbolizes how we also cannot cheat the continual death processes – opportunities for self-transformation – how we must flow with the change in our lives by allowing that which is ready to die…to die.

Are we resisting transformation?



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