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Psychic Mechanics! Placebo & Nocebo.


Uploaded 4-12-22

Hello, Wizards. So this psychic mechanics transmission is regarding the placebo and nocebo effect. Now, I'm sure you have contemplated this notion. If you are interested in psychic phenomena, which is probably why you're watching this transmission, is the idea of when the psychic presents information to someone, is that just creating within the client the sitter, a self-fulfilling prophecy? Just because this person who claims to be psychic says something and then the person being read accepts and believes and surrenders to this information. And then it comes to me, it was because of the self-fulfilling prophecy, placebo, nocebo. And I've thought about that, too, a lot, especially when you think of, you know, Neo in the Matrix with the Oracle and Neo's, like, is this just going to happen? Because you told me that Oracle is like, Huh? And, oh, man, I love the Oracle.

So here's through my experience, my lens of perception, my frame of reference, and just the readings that I've done and which led me to this conclusion as of now. What I see. Feel here now from my experiences is that. When I receive information through my mind tool. The information received is. Energy information that has either. Been a potential that was is unlocked in my client's conscious awareness or it's a potential housed in my client's unconsciously known reservoir of knowledge, let's say. So the momentum that my client is building of energy from the time the person sits down in front of me for me to open up that momentum has an array of potentials that have either unlocked already. That are housed in data that is of past, present or future that the client already knows consciously aware information or the songs that I'm streaming in, as I call them to, is really just momentum that is building, and there is a potential for that to then realize in the conscious awareness of said person, you feel me? Especially if you watch my mechanics videos and go to my website. I call them songs.

I'm just a radio singing to you x, y, z. And this is when it comes to be really important for the psychic. When you are delivering information, you have to be aware of the. Author. I thought, I can't say that word a lot. And I'm looking at the microphone like it's you. You have an authoritarian presence to you when you're delivering information because some people will literally take everything that you say and accept it as. What will be. Instead of just being like, okay, there is a potential for this to manifest or arise and you have the ability through your freewill choices to. Shift trajectory, especially when I'm receiving information. Right. That is. Through the lens of an omen. A warning. And I'm not allowed to judge it from my experiences. As I've said many times before, I'm not allowed to judge it. But I do say it in a way that is easy to hear and is kind and is still forward though. So I'm not going to sugarcoat it, but I'm not going to. Say it. Deliver the message in a sinister fashion. So I'm receiving it. I'm like, Oh, okay, I got a share saying it first and receive it right? And then I and the trained psychic would then offer this person options pathways guidance to possibly avoid it if it can be avoided.

However, you know, there could very well just be things plugged into that person's blueprint template for this life that it needs to kind of come into fruition. And. Especially when you start seeing people who are new to their abilities. Right. And they don't read a lot or are interested in quantum physics or nocebo placebo. Power of choice. Unconscious programs and whatnot. They would may they may have a tendency to deliver it astray to the fact this is going to happen no matter what you say and you can't avoid it. And that's usually you learn as you grow and progress. And hopefully that psychic would grow and progress and realize, oh well, there are many potentials that can activate or deactivate. And. When I also am delivering information, as I always say in my opening speech and you've heard this already, that I don't really know why I'm seeing things. I don't know anything unless I have a knowing. Right. So when I'm delivering information of what I'm seeing. Clairvoyant Leigh. And. This is a song being brought through that the client cannot connect with. That unconsciously known information could actually very well be something that is a case of psychic amnesia, where they actually do know what I'm talking about. But they forgot or it really is something that has not actualized. It's a potential stored in the unconscious. And then I look for what I'm receiving after this. And I want to make sure that. The person that I'm rooting for can put more weight into what I just said that they don't know. But I also don't control what I receive.

So I'm receiving it. I'm relaying it. Okay. Well, I'm now picking up on this song. Is this in a conscious awareness or an unconscious unknown? And if they confirm or if they see later or in the email after the reading, like, oh, you know what, I didn't know what you were talking about. And then I would see like, okay, well, remember that thing that I didn't tell you, that I did tell you that you don't know there is a strong momentum building for that to manifest. So it's very delicate. With the placebo, placebo, placebo, placebo and the nocebo effect. You had to be aware of that and you have to be aware of your responsibility as the person delivering information. But you also have to remember the past experiences that you've done where you're like, okay, well, I said that and that did happen. So there's a strong potential for this to happen and the future is not written in stone. So it may you may be able to shift your course and you always can shift your course no matter what or when this event happens or does happen, potentially happens. Actualize is you are then to see how you can perceive it in an empowering way.

So another thing that a good psychic would come in and say, like, okay, well, if this event happens. Let's see how you can perceive it, where it can actually be an addition to your life after you recovered from the the emotional infliction from said event. Which gets into the power of perception. So when I. See in my realm. Of my field, let's say my profession. The a good psychic, in my opinion. Always. Delivers what they receive no matter what, but delivers it in a way that is, like I said, comfortable enough to say. However, there must be some either perception, magic or trajectory magic, let's say, delivered in guidance for that person being read to be like, okay, well there's a potential if it does happen, how will I perceive it? Or How may I avoid it or shift my direction so it does not happen? Instead of being like definitive. Yes. No. Yeah. The Oracle, right? Placebo nocebo, self-fulfilling prophecy. Psychic mechanics enjoy daylight wizards.

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