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Readings: Asking A Specific Question

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

My doodle teachings continue! This one is about when a person asks a specific question.

The question instantaneously creates a Nucleus of information which filters into my Mind Tool.

The bytes of energetic data are of Past-Present-Future in the all NOW. I will only know of an image tied with a Time Stamp if there is a claircognizant knowing. If there is a Month contained within this spider could be a Month housed in a past, present, or future year if there is no Year Time Stamp.

The bytes will contain information that the person can validate as something in his/her conscious awareness. These validations usually are within the first bytes to confirm that I’m in the energy of the Question.

We need to think everything as Circular - housed outside of Linear Time. Circles Circles Circles - Round Round Round.

You can also apply this to Psychometry! Just replace ??? with an object. The Energy Field of the object creates a spider web. But but but do remember that I can pick up on information that is imprinted by those who held the object which may be included in the spider web so the person asking about the object must be aware of who held it if he/she wants to know the object’s origin.

I can see why the Universe plopped this 100 color gel pen set into my life lolololll.

Do not let my doodles distract you from the REALNESS of these abilities. And do remember that you are broadcasted by many flaccid delusionals who do not truly embody the knowledge of PSYCHISM - they can just create a nice picture with charisma ;)


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