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Reflection & Review 20/21

Updated: Jun 18, 2022


Reflection & Review 20/21! Examining Our Reactions.

Uploaded 5-3-22

Hello, Wizards. So this transmission just dawned on me while I was just journaling in my the book. One of them, I don't know how many, probably at least 12. I've been writing these since 2009. So I have a whole trunk and then some four of sketchbooks like these. But what I was writing in here with this beautiful emerald green green marker was the it's just an identifying little prompt to myself asking what and how and what really was a purpose or reasoning as to why I reacted the way I did during the time of the last couple of years. I think this mercury retrograde and definitely the solar eclipse energy has been. Allowing me to understand an abstract, but. Really logical understanding of our world of duality and polarity, which I never really contemplated as much or I understood on one level. But now it's that clarity that is sort of ineffable.

And while writing in my journal, I just really dawned on me the. Overwhelming realization that this experience we all collectively shared was. Absolutely not. In our grasp too frame of reference as to how one would react during a situation if one thought about it, like around the dinner table or like passing a joint. My projection of how I thought I would react if X, Y, Z happened. Would that did it match up to how I actually reacted? Have I been able to. Realize that which I would do better in. Have I recognized my. Also giving permission for myself during that time to react the way that I did because of all that pressure and understanding why others reacted the way that they did through this intense out of mind frame of reference scenario that occurred in all the infinite potentials of the universe. Right? This reflecting exercise through I feel like a couple of these transmissions will come to be is just like well. That really happened. And it's important to see yourself in a way that. So if and when another intense experience happens in your life, will you just experience one of the biggest tornadoes of ever before? Well, you know what I mean.

So the way that you react to an intense situation, the good and the bad, how would you carry that over or leave behind into this new pressurizing scenario that's going to happen? Did you wish that you may have taken an extra breath or two before you reacted verbally or otherwise? Did you think that you could have allowed yourself to put yourself in someone other someone else's shoes a little more? Would you have been able to? Be also on the positive side, like the wonderful things that you learned and would you have learned them if you didn't have that pressure as you experience? So this. Anyway, I can go on and on. Right. But this new little series will be like this reflection, reflective, beautiful exercise. And I think it actually could help. Not just me and you, but.

If we really take that moment in grasping for an understanding of how. Maybe animalistic you became because of fear. And then seeing the way you either treated yourself or treat other people through that experience, it's mind boggling. And the way that the mind works in such a trauma or just in that such a great unknown, coupled with fear on all levels of any views you may be having of what occurred. Holy crap. But I'm definitely eager to speak about them and to see how I can use that in my own way of just understanding how and who I was while this occurred. Enjoy daylight wizards.


Reflection & Review 20/21! Information.

Uploaded 5-4-22

Hell I was there. So this transmission, I actually this is the second time for me recording it because the microphone decided not to turn on. But I think that makes sense. So this transmission is the next in our series about our reflection and review of 2020 and 2021, so that we can use this mercury retrograde energy positively. Because I don't know about you, but I am wishing to use those times and record retrograde to my advantage and to capitalize on the reflection, the reviewing, the reconsidering. And it this all dawned on me last night while I was in my PJs journaling, I had a Louis Mo excess and I was just like, Whoa, how did I react during that traumatic time? So this transmission is particularly how we reacted to information and the the uprising within us, having to discern between what we were being told versus what we were seeing and feeling and thinking with our critical thinking skills.

So the many layers of this very traumatic event of our species. Right. The highest octave. When we're looking back on it from an eagle eye perspective, is to realize how easily we are manipulated through fear and information, right and wrong, and how our perceptions are everything. Even if it's a subjective truth over an objective truth, it really does determine our reality. And no matter who you are on the layers of perception regarding 2020, 2021, this was trauma, trauma, trauma, trauma. How did we react with the information we were presented? Did we have the correct way of responding to information? Just because somebody told us something through a screen or in person. Were we to automatically believe it to be true?

This was a time of us learning our discernment and this initiation into realizing that there are many layers of corruption in our world. Which is all. Originating from the inversion of our lower three chakras. Power, sex, greed. And. This. Real psychological. Warfare. Was a true initiation. If you think about it. So how did we react to the information? Right. We did. We just absorb it. And did we just accept it to be true? Just because somebody on TV said something or just because somebody in our close proximity said it as well? Were we allowing ourselves to entertain thoughts, chew on them, not accept them as false or truth, but just entertain them, allow them to move through our energy system. Our intuitive system. Our logical system. For me, I had to find. A way of. Figuring out what I can trust that merges with what I'm intuitively sensing and what I'm thinking with my critical thinking skills. So I moved away from the mainstream media and I moved to alternative media. And then I had to discern then between like, okay, well, of this land, who can I trust?

And it was important for me to realize, especially as I'm looking back now, I had to realize that nothing it was and is as much as more important as what I was really sensing with my body and seeing with my three eyes. Because when I was looking outside in the world, the information did not add up with what was told to me on mainstream media. That's just how it is. And I already knew the many layers of perception magic through the broadcast system of media. And you've understood this already when you see news anchors and whatnot who overexaggerate hurricanes or whatnot. And then you saw the fear porn that they were doing in 2020 and then all the stuff from Project Veritas and the inflation of X, Y, Z. So we understand that. And I also needed to allow myself to hold space for people to perceive and react to the world based on the information they were receiving. And I had to learn not to get angry at them for not either looking elsewhere and also not perceiving the world the way that I am. With everything that's going on. So I really learned also to just how great humanity is manipulated through the dimension of archetypes or the dimension of mind. Like the fourth dimension, I think some call it that space time, but the one where it's just, it's it's our collective consciousness, right? So for you, I was there. And how did you react to information and did you accept it blindly? Did you allow it to move through channels? Did you have it match up with what you were seeing and feeling? Where can you now improve going forward?

For me, I will entertain things. I will allow myself to do my own research. I will also not be afraid to look at different viewpoints. What I also really learned through this time is I well, you can't place me in any political party because I understand that that's a system in and of itself to distract power control. But I was really not of the conservative mindset. I didn't understand what that really was. And then I started looking at more conservative based channels because I started to align with some of their values regarding the the federal government and mirroring back to Germany back in the day. And then I was like, Oh, so, you know, I actually find myself agreeing with a lot of what they're saying. Who would have thought? I never would have allowed myself to look at other people's viewpoints if it have not been for just my own, realizing that I'm thinking very differently than my tribe. And then I had to go and discern, because I don't agree with everything that anybody ever says, just like you will never agree with everything that I say. But it was very interesting looking in to see information from different sources. And that's what I definitely will be going more in the future, is looking at the many layers. And then I was just also doing a lot of research with all those doctors who were being censored because that I find to be like, if they don't want me to look at that, I'm going to go look at it. And then also this whole censorship and realizing information war. We're an information war. And this is where it comes back to my three I's and what I'm feeling in my intuitive system and my critical thinking logic skills. How did we react to information? 2020 2021 enjoyed by Wizards.


Reflection & Review 20/21! Traumatized Brain.

Uploaded 5-5-22

Hello, Wizards. So we're back with another Mercury retrograde reflection of 2020, 2021. And I just hopped off the bike and lifted today. And I'm just feeling that delightful endorphin rush, which can only be given when you push yourself. And I'm just staring at this beautiful mahogany colored tree right in front of my window and. It is setting up the perfect space to talk about this new reflection. So. When we use this Mercury retrograde positively, we want to reflect on 2020 2021 through the the deep awareness of traumas affect on the brain. And this transmission is regarding if we are still holding that traumatized brain from those 2 to 3 years. Right. And how are we now perceiving the world and acting today from May 5th, 2022, going forward? I don't know the technical terms, but I do know that when we are inflicted with trauma, our nervous system gets in disorder.

Our brain synapses and whatnot I'm sure goes haywire, and our brain is the holder of the signal of our consciousness. Right. Because we are just this field. And it's operating this puppet, this avatar. So when we have this trauma in our brain, it definitely is distorting the skills and then also distorting our perceptions. So when we really sit ourselves down, give us a big hug, right? We experienced a traumatic. Plan. I don't care if you don't think it's a plan. It is a plan on our species. And through that plan, you know, we really are either going to descend or rise or descend and rise, descend, innocent or just descend, descend, end or even ascend and then descend. So for us in this transition going forward is how did we during those times of 2020, 2021 and summer 2022? Right. How did we. How was our thoughts and our actions deeply modified because of our traumatic, traumatized brain?

For me. I didn't notice that I was consistently in fight flight freeze. Throughout. A lot of. More. I would say actually more towards 2021 was really when I came in because I woke up not knowing if I was going to be raped by the medical mafia. Or if my movement in life would be hindered because of my willingness to stick by my principles. Which is a real thing and very proud that I was able to stick with my principles. Right. Because you take that with you to another life and the afterlife. When you do your life review, you're like, I did good, but I did notice this. There's not being able to be stable, which is why I stopped smoking and consuming all THC cannabis products throughout 2021 from July of 20 no. May of 2021 to actually just recently I had to start. Because my mind was just in paranoia. And I do notice that there's there's a balance of figuring out, okay, well, am I just thinking about or looking at information to confirm my traumatic brain's assumption of the worst case scenario? Or am I just preparing myself for a potential? But am I taking that potential to extreme by focusing only on that? And there were instances where I was just like, Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God, what is happening? Which then translated into some outbursts, which I'm not proud of.

But, you know, we were in a severely traumatized state. Evil. Neither are afraid of a bug that has a 99% chance of not doing anything new. Or I think you're actually afraid of your fear of death and you're afraid that you've really not processed a lot of your unconscious programs which resulted in your unhealthy habits, which depleted your immune system. Or are you in this fight? Fight free thinking like, fuck, I could lose my livelihood. I could do all the horrible things. And I'm shrinking. Going forward, are we still holding that traumatized brain? Are we doing any practices in modern healing modalities to regulate our nervous system and harmonize our synapses, neurons and all that jazz? That's why meditation is perfect. And I do it while exercising. And I don't do meditation to sell my mind. I do it to swim in and cosmos and process and face my potential and my conditioning. But I do notice, too, is that my mind, as has been going automatically the worst case scenario, instead of having this neutral bird's eye view majority of the time, which I think is a result of the traumatized brain.

But I've been noticing and I'm bringing my awareness to that so that I can able to pull back and breathe, which I think is really important. So for us, like wizards as we near the end of the transmission. Our brain was severely traumatized and we may have acted out of. That. Real illness of the traumatized brain. And we still may be acting and perceiving the world out of that now. Because when I take a step back, like I, I really do understand how necessary this was for illumination of our personal and collective underworld. And what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. But the key going forward is, okay, what can I do now to regulate myself? And am I able to find a way to delay my mind from our automatically, automatically assuming the worst case scenario? Can I see the higher octave and the potential and all the limited limit and less unlimited potentials in the universe, and hold my vibration as best as I can to anchor in that reality through my thoughts, feelings and actions. Now, in watching that ricochet into the collective. Enjoy daylight wizards.


Reflection & Review 20/21! Awaken Heart Mind.

Uploaded 5-6-22

Hello, Wizards. So this is the conclusion to our Mercury Retrograde Reflection review of 2020 2021. And this transmission is regarding the awakening of our heart mind. The because we can look at the last couple of years through many different perspectives based upon layers of awareness, layers of truths, layers of lies, so on and so forth. So really, this could be a series that goes on forever and ever, but this conclusion brewed throughout my morning workout and completed during the shower when I was just feeling that lovely water run across the board and feeling my mind. Feel that refreshment, which I'm sure you can agree with, happens when you're taking that lovely shower, especially after when your muscles are feeling like they need that relaxation.

The awakened heart mind, the awakening of our heart, mind the this, this, this grand understanding I at least I'm trying to hold into my awareness is a quote that I always say and I got from Caroline Mays. And it's about how the universe uses conspiracy to enact change. I'm paraphrasing the universe uses conspiracy to enact change, but the focusing on the conspiracy is the illusion. You want to see how we are moving through that agent of chaos because the universe is permitting that conspiracy to ensue to get us to change. And we have an opportunity to ascend through every agent of chaos. The the awakened heart mind the awakening heart mine awaken the heart, mind that you put your hands here you just feel different. We've learned that we can be easily led to make decisions that we would never have made if we were not in a fear state.

Our mind, the brain, mind, the let's call it. We have witnessed how easily we were able to accept things, good or bad, to be true when they were really lies. We were able to see how data manipulation and the inflation of X, Y, Z, and just the manipulation of data and how that goes into our mind of the brain. The brain mind and were easily led to be a fool. So it's very humbling being like, okay, you know, maybe the brain mind isn't the strongest, the heart minds the strongest. This this connection to humanity is, I think, the biggest higher octave, how we really are all united as a species and to feel the infliction of trauma, pain, terror on our fellow humans. And to awaken that love, we have to protect our bodies, our minds, our loved ones, our neighbors. That, I think, is crucial as we review 20, 20, 2021. And what lies in a heart mind is the the mind, let's say, that's connected directly to the God force, to the realm, unseen and felt unheard unknown by the five physical senses.

For the heart. Mind can easily discern between vampiric vampiric energy, meaning those who are presenting themselves to be gods in shining armor. But really, they are vampires. Which is why, in the lore, vampires are very beautiful to attract their prey. But they're evil beasts. And I think what we also are finding as we're moving forward is that the heart mind bridge bridges us together, and our hearts wept when we were disconnected from one another and witnessing the manipulation of the mental mind, the brain mind on disconnection of the heart. And then also just connecting our energy fields that are broadcasting from my heart when it's aligned in coherence with the brain. And I think also what we've seen is just more division on all the layers. And I also can admit I throughout that time have aligned with division minds minus the division mindset, because I was just like in that traumatized brain, which was the last transmission.

So for us, when we review 20, 20, 2021, are we able to see how our heart mind was awakened? Our empathy, our intuition, our ability to establish a hard know and establish like this is the line in the sand and I'm willing to speak up even if it goes against the mob. The groupthink, the hive mind. Because my heart is telling me that this is inherently wrong. The heart mind is what's going to lead us going forward, especially when the the bulldozing avalanches of other narratives unfold. It is that connection to the heart mind which will alert us to. More accuracy of discernment once we get out of the mental minds manipulation. And the connection with one another is, I think, the biggest way for us to extract wisdom from 2020, 2021 is the connection of our human species. And the love that we have for human species to call out. The evil abuse lies manipulation by those who have an illusionary sense of power and are controlled by their arrogance, greed. Inverted sex practices. Just disgusting behavior. Parasites. Vampires. So for us it was urn, how has our our heart mine awakened and are we able to.

Be that love warrior because I think the another lesson of 2021 was seeing the the class system being bruised and it was all out of fear and data manipulation. Data manipulation which caused some to align with the notion to divide society based upon x, y, z. So this is the conclusion to our reflection of Mercury retrograde on. Well, you know what I mean. Mercury retrograde use benefits to reflect upon 2020, 2021. My damn chair. Okay. Our awakened heart mind. And using this going forward. As it is that direct connection to the God force. Where creativity, innovation, inspiration lies. Which is another way of also perceiving and extracting wisdom of 2020, 2021. It was a permission for us to be adaptive, to be creative. Innovation and seeing where we were able to now focus our energy. As we align with our heart path and our soul path. Through the the discarding of that mental. Confusion. Enjoy daylight wizards.

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