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RMD & Decode #5 Transcripts

Updated: Aug 3, 2023


Speaker 1 [00:00:02] Hello Light Wizards and welcome back to the Light Wizards Bazaar. So today we are here for our fifth round mediumship demonstration featuring Brandy. And for this cause your light wizards. I have read her before and I don't remember really what we talk about or any of the spirits that came on in, which is the beauty of doing this work is that it leaves me and I only really remember them when I review the transcripts, and then a healthy logic might remind myself of them anyhow. So we're here. It'll be about, as always, 20 or 25 minutes. Brandy was very welcoming to be here with us as we embark on a library of knowledge. So, Brandy, we asked you two questions. Is your is your video camera turned off?

Speaker 2 [00:00:53] Yes.

Speaker 1 [00:00:54] Okay, cool. And do you give me permission to upload? Yes. Okay, great. So I'm going to give you my opening speech, even though I read you before, but for our listening audience. And then we're just going to get right into it. So mediumship people coming in through my left would be through Mom's side. So like mom, grandma, uncle, Mom's friend, and sometimes a mother's side of the family. And that's not of you, but like a buddy of yours, just someone like that who just want to come on in and give a message. And then through my right will be the same. But for Dad's side and the middle would be like your peer level, younger, non-family as well. And all that they're going to be doing is identifying themselves in some way, and then they'll be talking about anything. They could be talking about things that they did. You're doing from your past, their past things in the future, things you may read you need to do research on. And the big thing is that I learned is that I don't see time. So let's say I'm looking at a layout of a home and I'm describing the home to you. And I'm like, okay, well, does do you live there now? And you're like, No, no, no, no. That was actually my childhood home where I knew the spirit coming on and we knew each other then. And it comes in through my frame of reference so I can't be plugged into my mind. Tool a medical diagnosis with 70 characters. Long. But the way that I'm describing what I'm seeing, hearing and feeling to you, you're like, I know what that is. It's home alone Vegas. And sometimes, too, with the vision, it doesn't necessarily come on in with a label. So let's say I'm looking at a gentleman and spirit showing me someone in mechanic's uniform connected to a white car. So then I'm interpreting it as, okay, well, did this spirit, was he a mechanic and worked on a white car? And then you're like, No, no, no, actually I need to take my white car to a mechanic or something like that. You can't. Yeah. And if you can validate, please do for our listening audience and if it's something too sensitive and if it's, you know, I'm more than happy to edit these now even I don't add it now. But if it's something we do.

Speaker 2 [00:03:05] Yeah we it.

Speaker 1 [00:03:07] And that's really it. So we're just going to get right into it. And I didn't tell you before we started recording, but I'll send you the video and audio as well. Okay.

Speaker 2 [00:03:17] Okay, that's cool.

Speaker 1 [00:03:19] SWE cc. So let's see who's here. Well, I do have to say I have a gentleman joining me. I feel like I have a younger man coming on in. He approaches my vision as he looks like a tough guy. But I know that on the inside, he's sweet and he's a jokester. He makes me feel like he wants to kid around. But he definitely does have a tough guy persona to me. I I'm looking at somebody who has I feel like he's more of a leaner body. I also feel like he I feel like he's quite tall, too. So I want to say maybe around six foot or so and maybe even a little taller than that. But I definitely know that he had a really he was really handsome. And I know that he had a beautiful smile. He makes you feel like when you are part of his crew, when you were someone that he loved, he would show all the love that he could. So are you able to places person.

Speaker 2 [00:04:21] You sound like to describe of my uncle. What is that? What's that coming from? My mom? Your left side. Which? The left side of the mom.

Speaker 1 [00:04:29] Good question. I'm not getting a left or right at the moment. So sometimes they come in not abiding by my rubric, but I don't want to go that. But if he is your young uncle, though, you're right. So I. I do feel, though, that I passed quite young, though, like under 40.

Speaker 2 [00:04:48] He died when he was 22.

Speaker 1 [00:04:50] Oh, okay. Okay. So that makes sense why he'd be coming on in looking like that to me. I feel like with him, till he shows me money and he makes me feel like he was quite knowledgeable about how to make a buck. He makes me feel like he had a good business sense, a good money sense, and that he may have done some things that he wasn't quite proud of, but he had a yet a thrill to him. Do you understand that? Uh huh. Okay. But he wants to joke about that too, because he makes me feel like the risk was everything. And even though he makes me feel like now, he doesn't want people to make his mistakes. But he does make me feel like for you and those listening as well, that those healthy risks that we can take in life are important and to, you know, break some rules when you think you can. Because he just makes me want to joke to you about this because I feel like really with him as he's appearing in this conversation at this moment, he wants us to smile and he wants us to live life. He makes me feel like too, even though he passed when he was younger, he really did cram a lot of life experience into his life. No, he shows me like going around the street, like the neighborhood, and he makes me feel like he would have been somebody that knew everybody. He lived around and especially like the neighborhood kids, like he knew everybody where they lived. He feels like he was quite social.

Speaker 2 [00:06:31] Yeah, he was.

Speaker 1 [00:06:32] Yeah. And he makes me feel like too that. Oh, he never really had a problem with going up to somebody to have a conversation like he was not a shy man.

Speaker 2 [00:06:46] No, he wasn't.

Speaker 1 [00:06:47] Yeah, because he makes me feel very like I have energy moving through me right now. I can't quite stand still compared to other spirits that are quite docile and. And calm. But he is high. Energetic is how he makes me want to feel. He does want to say, though, he's telling me that there was. He makes me feel like he like I feel like I'm in an altercation. I feel like I'm in. I feel like I'm in a fight almost. I feel like I'm around people that did not have my best interests involved. And he makes me feel like I feel like I was just hit or some I feel like I was hit, I was impacted. And then it was a really quick transition where when he popped out of his body, he's like, I have no idea what just happened.

Speaker 2 [00:07:40] Yeah. So he so actually he got to. Oh and something like they may members were there in. My grandmother and my grandmother think is my grandma thinking I said about my family members. So that could very well be my uncle because he got hit when he was younger. He does have that. I probably physique in this kind of way had been. He was on his way to work in the house and somebody like ambushed me.

Speaker 1 [00:08:13] Gotcha. Oh, I'm sorry. Oh. But he does make you feel like two. He's full of life right now. Like, he is just enjoying this interaction with you and I right now. And for everybody listening, he makes me feel like, too. Yeah.

Speaker 2 [00:08:29] One of his favorite people.

Speaker 1 [00:08:30] Yeah. And he makes me feel like, you know, if he was here a little longer, he would have done something involving people. He makes me feel like he was even thinking about ways to help lift people up and have some sort of foundation or a community aspect where he would have brought people together and helped them really start to see how they can celebrate life. And he makes me feel like he's so supportive. Like, if you need something, I'm going to come on in there and I'm going to help you out. So he makes me feel.

Speaker 2 [00:09:10] Yeah, this is, I mean, one issue with people. So I just feel totally we had a in before in. He was playing with, like, the numbers or like my housing or like he helped me out with it before. Oh. Oh.

Speaker 1 [00:09:29] Yes. Oh, that's fantastic. Oh, and that's what also to people listening like wizards out there. They want to help us. They are just you know, they're in a different form, but they can do things that us humans have a hard time comprehending. He does want me to talk about, um. I feel like I'm in yesteryear with this home, but I feel like somebody me live there now. I feel like he's talking to me about his childhood home, but he makes me feel like his his mother would still be living there now. Does that make sense?

Speaker 2 [00:10:13] Yeah.

Speaker 1 [00:10:14] Okay. Because he's. He's bringing that up and he makes it. He shows me a ceiling fan in, like, a living room or den area. Do you know if that house has one?

Speaker 2 [00:10:26] No. I think I was younger. Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:10:31] Gotcha.

Speaker 2 [00:10:31] I want to be able to think this for.

Speaker 1 [00:10:34] That's okay. You know, hold on to that. Because he keeps showing me a ceiling fan and I feel like it was connected to that home. But we'll leave that for the memories for you to think about down the road.

Speaker 2 [00:10:47] Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:10:49] He does want me to talk about Sue. He has a he makes me feel like he has an older gentleman coming on in. Um. I feel like with this older gentleman, he was more, I want to say, stoic. He makes me feel like he was more much more quiet compared to your uncle. I do feel like he passed in later years, like. I want to see it. After 70, he makes me feel like he was also a strong build. Taller. And I feel like with him. He just shows me lungs and I feel like he was he's just coughing with me right now, and he makes me feel like he is connected to your uncle. And I don't know if this would be his grandfather or his father.

Speaker 2 [00:11:49] I don't know nobody. They're all their peers the way. Of course, to me, that's like, really close to me. I can't think anybody. Okay, so this is not goodbye at that age.

Speaker 1 [00:12:00] Right? So maybe hold on to it. Go into your Rolodex, maybe ask around. And I just feel like with him, he was definitely older. I know it's connected to your uncle, but this this would feel like in yesteryear if you're saying nobody right now passed away at that age. And I feel like with him to to give you some more details for later he definitely shows me an E name. So that's either going to be his name or somebody in the family connected to him. And I also feel like he's coming in through my left so that my it feels to me through mother's side of the family as well.

Speaker 2 [00:12:41] I have no clue.

Speaker 1 [00:12:43] That happens sometimes. Okay. So I feel. Your cousin bringing the mic back over. But he definitely is pointing to this gentleman. So that's just, you know, that's it. That's the game of media, Michel. We'll have to see how it comes in later.

Speaker 2 [00:13:03] Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:13:06] Okay. He wants to talk about a younger female. She looks like a young girl. I want to say she's. I want to say nine years old or somewhere around that age. Definitely not a teenager. Like under 13. 12, for sure. He makes me feel like she's super bright. She also would like wearing brighter colored clothing. And I also feel like she either likes bracelets or like some fun jewelry, which, you.

Speaker 2 [00:13:44] Know, I got a daughter, I got two daughters. I wonder if this. 11, 12, 13. Okay. My other daughter survived, but they will fly. So I can't really call it.

Speaker 1 [00:13:57] Okay. I think I know what he's talking about. The younger one, though, because I'm going I'm going younger than 13 at the moment, even though you have that one. So he wants to talk about this one. And she's he's also. Tell me about her. She's quite bright. He makes me feel like she will excel really well in studies and. Tick when she gets that age of being able to read and continue with reading, like reading is going to be a big factor in his her life. He's telling me, okay. Okay. And I mean, I know you said she's five, but he showed me missing a tooth with her. Did she lose a tooth recently?

Speaker 2 [00:14:42] No night is changing Lindsay Lohan or yesterday she was saying there had to be something. She wasn't said she'd been on, something she shouldn't have been by anyone. Here to talk what is not missing.

Speaker 1 [00:14:53] Okay. Well, that's good, right? I think he's bringing attention to that. And that that's the younger daughter that he was talking about. Right.

Speaker 2 [00:15:05] Yes, that's the younger daughter.

Speaker 1 [00:15:06] Okay. And would you be familiar with, like a K name around her? Whether it's like a buddy of hers.

Speaker 2 [00:15:18] I feel like I think these are my interplays.

Speaker 1 [00:15:23] Yeah, I mean, I would. Check around. Maybe she might mention her, but I feel like it might be like it's suddenly a girl's name, like either Kimberly, Kendra or something along those lines. He makes me feel like with that and with your older daughter. He's telling me with her this summer he wants her to really be outside as much as she can. He makes me feel like with her. She's also quite social. And a friend group is going to be really important for her going into the next school year. And he's telling me with her. I feel like when I feel like I'm getting dirty and then I'm getting annoyed with dirty. So I put it, in other words, nothing. Your daughter. I'm not going to say neat freak, but does she like to just be clean and pristine and classy?

Speaker 2 [00:16:19] Now she appears to be, but in her room. Don't be clean. But everything goes. Yeah.

Speaker 1 [00:16:25] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Because she just shows me the appearance of, like, I'm pristine.

Speaker 2 [00:16:31] Very well put together.

Speaker 1 [00:16:32] Yes, yes, yes.

Speaker 2 [00:16:34] The room is never clean.

Speaker 1 [00:16:36] Oh, my broom was never cleaning. I was younger either. And he's also talking with her. He shows me her with, like a group of girls. And it looks to me either like, I know that they're all wearing uniforms. I feel like it's either going to be a dance type of thing or some sort of club, but they're moving around, so. Do you know if she likes to dance or if she'll be wanting to join like a school club or something?

Speaker 2 [00:17:11] So she do like to dance? Like she loves to clap like. Oh, okay. But as far as her school, though, she does wear uniforms as well because she goes against the school. So and she would surely. And so I'm not sure if that's what she's talking about. Maybe she's going to try extracurricular activities. The square.

Speaker 1 [00:17:32] Yeah, I would definitely take cheerleading, too, for trying out with that. But he's joining her in a uniform. But it's I understand the Catholic school thing, but it's more like like a team uniform. So maybe when we get to the next year, maybe may happen with that. Yeah. Okay. And he also makes me feel like with you, you've done a really good job with. I feel like teaching your children because he's your uncle's very proud of you with teaching them about the value in all the small things. The value in saying hello. Manners, being polite, looking at your elders in the eye, being respectful. And he just wants you to keep up doing that because he's just he's just giving you two thumbs up about how polite your kids are.

Speaker 2 [00:18:25] Oh.

Speaker 1 [00:18:26] Um. And I feel like with him, too, he wants to talk about your mom and with your mom. To see. He just makes me feel kind of tired around her. And I feel like I'm having, like, issues with my abdomen, whether that be or you understand that. Okay. So he's just highlighting that, saying like he's around looking out for that. And he makes me feel like for you, too. Is that. I think the big thing driving you, driving him through ice and for everybody listening for you is the way that you have upheld yourself. You haven't compromised yourself. You've been able to roll with the punches. You've been able to not letting your children see you sweat. And you've been able to do what you have to do, get things done. And you've never given up. You just keep on going. So he is he's really congratulating you on your strength and for keeping your chin up. I. Welcome. And he's telling me like an L name, like either an Ali or someone else in the family that has an L name.

Speaker 2 [00:20:00] Mr. Lee?

Speaker 1 [00:20:02] Yeah, it sounds like Lee.

Speaker 2 [00:20:05] Over a row. Well, that's my brother. Middle name.

Speaker 1 [00:20:09] Oh, okay. So I feel like you made me want to talk about him. Um, and he's also giving me the month of June after he gave me your. Your brother's middle name. And with your brother right now, your uncle's telling me to let him find some encouragement to, I feel, like, push themselves more. He wants him to go on, like looking for a new job or looking for a promotion. Because he's telling me that with your brother. He doesn't want your brother to think of himself as small. So he's just like, Come on, you could do it. You can go out there. You can try. It's how he wants to say that.

Speaker 2 [00:20:56] Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:20:57] And June, he gives me Juma on this. If it's not your brother's birthday, then I would definitely associate that with an opportunity to. If your brother feels like he's up to it, to really look out on the job search type of thing.

Speaker 2 [00:21:12] Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:21:18] Okay, So he's showing me I think we maximize spoken about this in your other reading. But he shows me a home and I feel like I'm. In a kitchen that I feel like I just have water everywhere. Have you had water issues?

Speaker 2 [00:21:37] And my question is, is leaking and. Leaking and doing stuff.

Speaker 1 [00:21:42] Oh, okay. He. He makes me feel like he wants and I'm not a plumber, so we'll see how I can communicate this, but I'm underneath, like the kitchen sink or around pipes, and he's showing me, like, grabbing like a putty or something that you could just wrap around the connectors where the pipes connect, and that might be able to help you out if you look to see if anything's leaking like that.

Speaker 2 [00:22:11] Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:22:12] It's like a temporary fix that you would use a putty or something for.

Speaker 2 [00:22:16] Yeah. Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:22:22] And he does make you feel like your uncle. He makes you feel he loves to sleep because he just had me very energetic. And then all of a sudden I'm sleeping on a bed and he just is like, out cold. Hmm. Yeah. And I also feel like for him. He's telling me it was really hard to wake him up, like if he wanted to go to bed. There's nothing that anybody could do. He's sleeping. Which is good for me, because he just shows himself on a on a lovely pillow right now. And speaking of bedrooms, he makes me feel like for you. I feel like I'm getting either irritated by a sheet or a blanket or even like a pillowcase or some kind of fabric on the bed that he is encouraging you to see if you can find something that may help you get a better night's sleep.

Speaker 2 [00:23:20] Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:23:25] And he does show me a bedroom where I have I'm looking at a bed and I feel like I think I'm on the right of the bed. When you're looking at the bed, there's like a dresser or some big piece of furniture next to the bed on the right.

Speaker 2 [00:23:38] That's my bedroom.

Speaker 1 [00:23:39] Okay, so he's in your bedroom right now. Yeah, because he's telling me to. You need a nice you deserve a really nice sleep. And it's almost like two because he's dropping in my mind to all this article I read one day where if you haven't watched your pillow sheets in a while, then that could be a reason why someone breaks out. And I was noticing that I was like, okay, well, let me just wash my pillow sheets and my pillow covers. So if you're inclined.

Speaker 2 [00:24:10] Each and every week.

Speaker 1 [00:24:11] Oh, perfect. Okay. I think that's a reminder for me. And maybe you listening Leave wizards to wash your pillowcases. Oh, yeah. So to feel them, pull back, though. But I think he did a really excellent job. Yeah, he brought in a lot of great evidence. Things with him. Things going on with you right now. We did. He did bring in a spirit that you may need to go ask around and maybe you could places identity later and he brought up like your kids you your brother. So I think he was excellent and he was full of life. Like, I feel like I got to take a nap. Yeah, that's perfect. So I'm going to start the recording and then we'll chat for a second or two. You just. Stop recording.


[00:00:00] Hello, Light Wizards. We're here for our role. Mediumship demonstration number fives decoding Brandy's reading. Right. So I'm going to read through the transcript, see what I feel like, you know, would be of use to you and teaching and letting you know about, you know, this real meaning. Mr. Craft. Brandy was a lovely participant. She was great, as I told you already. I read her previously. So she's seasoned and her uncle did a wonderful job. Like after that reading, I was electrified, which you probably heard me say electrified quite often, But I, I just had a lot of energy after that, so I was great. And it was also a great teaching function, too, for you, like Wizard. So when I read somebody like a client that used to come back to me, either psychic and or medium, basically new things do come up. And I do remember actually a little bit of a reading I've done with Brandy previously with her uncle, and he did come on in, but he did bring through things that I don't think he mentioned. Last time I didn't record, I didn't review the transcript from our last reading, but there still were many things that he provided for us. To have a library of knowledge at the lake was his bazaar. Right. So, uh, let's see, did you, did you do so? I had the transcript written in print, printed in front of me. Not written in front of me. Oh, man. I can only imagine how painstaking it would be to just sit there and have, like, a pen and paper and do it by hand. But the the air is pretty good. And this is what I hand to my clients or email to my clients after that. [00:01:49][108.3]

[00:01:49] So okay, so I have like 5 minutes of my speech. Right. Okay. So let's see, I have a gentleman joining me, a younger man. He approaches me, a tough guy, but he's sweet on the inside. So this was the introductory looking phase like Wizard, where Spirit or sometimes more than one spirit, comes on in and provides the details to be, well, they're introductory leaking details, introductory linking fees, introductory details of the introductory leaking phase and I saw this prior or previously in other decoding that this is really to destroy the the lazy mediumship of who is the mother figure, who's the father figure, you know, which is a topic in and of itself. So like I said also previously that these demonstrations are to teach you about the real craft that other mediums out there and great mediums are doing. And I'm just hoping to be a part of the hope that this can be returned, this knowledge can be a return to humanity's collective consciousness. But, you know, there's a lot of ways that humanity can go, right? Well, that's a nervous laughter. Okay. He was coming on and bringing great details and he wasn't actually coming in through my left right or me or middle. Well, actually, no, he was coming in, I feel like through my middle. Um, even though she let us know at the bazaar that this is her uncle. But I was getting at her peer level like younger gentleman to me. So I think what that was with my healthy logic mind was that he was just showing himself because I even said, like, he definitely passed me as under 40. And Brandy let us know that he transitioned when he was 22. So he's coming in like that. [00:03:50][121.3]

[00:03:51] And, you know, sometimes they don't abide by rubric. But he did give me enough details where I feel like that's okay. And so I was bringing them on in. He was a very handsome gentleman, like I said, great smile. Um, and then she's like, Yeah, it sounds like you're describing my uncle. And then she asks me left, right, center. But I wasn't getting really a detailed description based upon my rubric. But then he came on in and let me know that he did pass when he's under 40. And then she said, Die. 122 Um, now he's showing me money and feeling like he knows how to make a buck. He knew how to make a buck. Good business sense, good money sense. And he did have a thrill to him. So I don't know what he did, but from himself and wherever he is that's outside of this dimension, he was able to say that he doesn't want people to make the same mistakes that he did. But for us to have healthy risks, which I think is important, especially as that has been storming on in during my massage chats, Um. And he just wants to joke. He was. Yeah, he was just a jokester full of life. If you saw this video of me because her camera was turned off. But I was so animated, I was so lively compared to other spirits that came on in at the bazaar, which is perfect because they come on in in a way that you'll be able to understand them through their personality construct during that incarnation. And then they learn things as they are in the beyond. And I have a lot of theories, but I'm not a part of the cult, a medium saying that this is the exact thing. [00:05:34][103.3]

[00:05:35] Listen to me. I have the gift cult of mediums. That's an episode of the Bazaar. Um, let's see. Yeah. And then he was coming in and saying that he. He knew everybody in the neighborhood when all the kids, he knew everybody was a really quite social guy. And then she said yes, he was, um, never had a problem with going to have, going up to somebody to have a conversation. He was not a shy man. And then when he Brandi confirmed too, that to be true, validated that I combined validated and Brandi into Vandy. Oh I had a very productive morning it Saturday at 10:23 a.m. on May 27th. Let's see very energetic going on with that. Um, and then he was started to tell me that he, he made me feel like he was in, in, in an altercation, almost like a fight, feeling that I'm around people that did not have my best interests, his best interests involved. And then I felt like I was hit. I was impacted with something. And it was a quick transition where he popped out of his body and he was like, Holy, holy moly, what happened? And then Brandi confirmed to us that he was murdered, unfortunately, um, which is, you know, that's the part of mediumship you're dealing with. People who have who are grieving have grieved and. Nobody, not everybody has the gift of having a transition where you pass in your sleep. But he was he was telling me to tell us he had no idea what happened when he exited the body, just like what happened. Um, okay. And then after that, um, brain invalidation, he made me feel like if he was still on earth, he would be trying to work with people, helping them celebrate life, doing anything that he could for them. [00:07:40][125.2]

[00:07:41] Um, and a great support role, in other words. And then Brandon was like, yes, um, he's helped me and I think he came on in during a reading. Previously I had Brand to help her out with some issues she was having, and then she confirmed that for us, and then it came in with the message from him. And I think just from all that is let's say that our loved ones do want to help us and they can maybe do things more than we could while in a body, but they are just awareness so they can bend your mind like a pretzel with that kind of thought. Right. Um. Okay. Then he was showing me a home and I wasn't really getting too much of a description of the home other than this was a home from yesteryear. But somebody from his childhood still lives in that home now. And I felt like it could be his mother. And then she said yes. Um, and then I was shown like a ceiling fan. I felt like it was in this house with a living room or den. But Brandi couldn't validate that. And he could make may have talked about another home with the fan, but the big thing was that somebody still lives there from his childhood home. So there might have been a misperception, something she, Brandi, may need to do research on. You know, I felt like that wasn't something that I needed to wait for her to respond to find out, because it was just we have all this evidence already. And like wizards, 70 to 90% majority is what I'm talking about here. I'm not a computer. This is not computerized mediumship. Raw, unedited version. Unedited version. Right. Annunciation. Jake. [00:09:27][106.0]

[00:09:29] Okay. Um. Mm hmm. And then he was bringing in an older gentleman. Long issues, quite tall, beard, elderly when he passed. Um, and there was an E around him, so. And he was stoic as well. But Brandi said that he she never had anybody in her life that died elderly that she is aware of. So like probably not a grandpa, grandma or something. So this could be like a great uncle. And then the spirit was showing me through mom's side. So like I said, and I have it very clear on my website, sometimes we can have a person come on and that you cannot claim. And it was just a small blip. I feel like it's not something I need to have Brandi get back to me. If she does get back to me, I'll put it in the show notes. But I felt that I was it was appropriate to film or record the decoding now when it was just that blip with the ceiling fan, I think there was two other things. But and have all these statements and I mean, it's a small, very small portion because I have integrity like wizards. I want to ensure that we identify the right spirit, what they're talking about, because this is your life and these are your loved ones and this is our fifth. Well, I mean, it's a demonstration by now. So I think you get an idea of how I work. Um, okay, let's see. And then he was showing me the uncle after we let the gentleman go away. And if you hear the baby downstairs, I'm sorry, I. Well, um, let's see. Oh, yeah, Then a little girl he was showing me, and I felt nine years older. Younger? Definitely not a teenager. [00:11:24][115.2]

[00:11:26] Super bright light, wearing bright colors. And I was seeing some bracelets, so I was like a bracelet, fun jewelry. And then Brandi was like, okay, well, have two daughters, one that's 13, one that's five. And they both are like that. And I was like, okay, well, I think he wants to talk about the younger one because I'm picking up on the age bracket, definitely younger than nine. And hold on, I'm going to pull this up for me. Let's see. Um, okay. And then he was telling me that she's very bright, will excel in studies. She'll be a really wonderful reader. Reading will be a big factor. And then he started to show me around her. I looks to me like a missing tooth, like I kept seeing tooth imagery. And then Bernie said, No, she's not missing a to the right now, but she just. What is it? Oh, my God. It's so funny because the eye and the robot, whatever I said, it put Lindsay Lohan. How fucking random is that? Right. Um. Yeah, there was. I can't quite remember it, but there was something where she might have hit her tooth. So that's when he was bringing up. So it was a slight misinterpretation by me. But he was talking about the younger daughter to confirm that, talking about the tooth. And that was something very recent regarding her. And then he was showing me a cane arm around her. It could be like a buddy, and she couldn't place it. So it could be, you know, something that she may find out about her daughter. But I didn't feel like we really need to know about that right now. Um, okay, then he wanted to shift to the older daughter. And he was saying that this summer, for her to be outside as much as she can, that she's very social. [00:13:09][103.5]

[00:13:11] A friend group will be really important, especially next year. And then she was giving me a feeling of getting annoyed when. When one's dirty, like around her. So to put in other words, I said, I'm not a clean freak or neat freak, but just being clean, pristine and classy. And then Brandi was saying how she doesn't keep a clean room, which I didn't either when I was a kid, but she was very she has a very clean appearance, pristine, well-put-together. So that's what her uncle was talking about, talking about things going on right now because they like to talk about things and to show you that they're still very much around you and to give more evidential information. So it was good he separated the both of the daughters and following the thought patterns, he was giving me my thought patterns from him, I guess I could say he was talking about two daughters and, um, shine light on both of them. Um, and then around the older daughter they were showing, he was showing me like wearing uniforms, and I felt more like a dance vibe because Brandy said that they go to Catholic school and they have a uniform. But I was getting like a dance kind of uniform. And Brandy was saying how like she tried out for cheerleading. So I think he was just bringing light to the fact that, you know, the older daughter we're talking about her uniform dealing with dance type of thing, which cheerleaders do. And he was also giving an impression that within the next year, she may align more with some sort of dancing type of group. So that was good. Um, and he was telling me for Brandy. She did an excellent job of teaching them manners, teaching them polite value and saying hello looking elders in the ages, really teaching them how to be very respectful. [00:15:05][114.8]

[00:15:07] And she was like, Yes, yes, yes, yes. And then the uncle was talking about Brian, his mom, like I knew he was talking about mom. And I felt just issues with my abdomen. And she was able to say that she understands that. So just shining a light on things going on now, I didn't feel like we need to go into the details because Brandy knows and her uncle knows which is the important part. Um, and he was just gushing over his niece, saying how you, you, your strength, being able to roll with the punches, not letting your children see you sweat. You've done all the things that you're you need to do. And he's just congratulating her. So that was nice of him. And then he was give me like an L name. And I started to hear Leila. And he was saying that. Okay. Well, she said that her brother's middle name is Lee and was like, okay, Well, then her uncle showed me Jun around him, but also with an impression about getting a new job or looking for a promotion. And he said, Yes. So I was like, okay, well, June looks like a good time from your uncle, so maybe pass a message for your brother. Um, and then the uncle just started to make me feel really tired and having to, um. Oh, actually, I forgot something. I don't know where it is. Um. Oh, no. Anyway, I'll just go with what I'm going. So then he also brought up. You show me, like, water pressure in pipes, and it felt like the kitchen. So, like, okay, well, are you now having, like, issues with your water pressure in your kitchen? And she was like, yes, I am. So more details about things going on right now, especially since I read her previously. [00:16:52][105.3]

[00:16:53] He came on in. And so they need that's what they do. They bring up new things. Um, and then he was showing me about like bed sheets and pillows, and then he was giving me the memory of when I learned about how you have to change your pillowcases often, otherwise you break out on your face. And she was like, Yeah, I do that already, like every week. So I was like, Oh, there we go. So this is just a reminder for the people listening and for myself. But I, I may have slightly misinterpreted that because that's something that she's doing right now instead of me thinking that was a suggestion from him. So, um. And then with the pipes and stuff, he was just showing me like a little advice, like some kind of putty that you can put around the connectors. And I'm not a plumber. I don't have that much, much of that in my frame of reference. So she'll have to see if she can finagle that somehow, someway. Um. Yeah. And he was in then we were talking about the bedroom thing, like I said, and I was looking at the bed and there was to the right, it looks like a large furniture, like a dresser. And she was like, Yes, that's my bedroom. So more evidence right there. And he was there. And it was just telling me that, like when he likes to sleep, he likes to sleep like it was hard to wake him up. I don't know if she was able to validate that because the problem is when he was in it, when he was a child. So I don't know the year that he passed and I don't know how old she was when he passed, but that's just when he gave me as well. [00:18:26][93.5]

[00:18:27] So, I mean, that really is it. Uh, I think he did an excellent job. Randi did an excellent job. This was just an excellent demonstration. Excellent is the buzzword like wizards. So there we go. Until the next role mediumship demonstration. Enjoy your day like wizards. [00:18:27][0.0]



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