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Saboteur, Victim, & Criticism! Illuminating Blocks For Growth.


Uploaded 1-21-22

Hello. Light Wizard's cell. We're doing a little new set up, which you can't even see maybe a little bit over there. But I did upgrade my microphone, so forgive me if the audio is a little off because I'm still adjusting the settings and it's cool. But this actually brings me to this transmission that we're doing right now. Right. And this is regarding criticism and the archetypes of the saboteur and the victim. What was occurring? Actually, throughout my day today, I was thinking about through synchronicity, how I'd been reading a lot of Carl Young's work as of late and have known about archetypes and whatnot. And I read a lot of it during Caroline Mace's sacred contract, so I was familiar with the terminology. I studied Carl Jung a little bit in college, but. Was pulling out of me. I was like, well, what is running my life right now? And and is it a healthy expression? Is it a healthy attribute? And I was like, well, let me really look at this energy.

And I discovered that it was the saboteur running amok, running my life in a way that I do not like the expression, the patterns that were evolving. And I was realizing, well, what is this saboteur trying to protect me from? In a sense that the how the expression coming to me at this moment would be to protect the human avatar from experiencing something that is of pain or of the unknown. The fear. And it was of criticism. And what really makes a lot of sense to me and I'm sure this would be for you, is when you're about to embark on something of your own accord, where you're producing something, where you're being vulnerable with people, where you are putting yourself out there, you will be met with criticism. Some of the criticism will be great. It can definitely assist you on your path to get better. But then there's also the criticism that's just negative because you're not vibing with someone else's energy. And then also the criticism that is just someone projecting onto you all of their fears of why they haven't began, begun, started whatever avenue is trying to be called out from within them.

And with my work and this is tying in with the victim archetype coming in with their battle, the victim in this avatar are battling the seer because I clearly am a psychic and a medium. I have psychic, medium esque abilities. I've developed them over the last decade more, more than a decade. And I have the results one plus one equals two. I'd be crazy to think that I'm not a psychic medium, but the saboteur is coming in and saying, Well, you don't want to read people, you won't be criticized. And then the victims coming in saying people don't understand what psychic and mediumship is. You are putting yourself out there and woe is me that you have this ability, but nobody understands you though. These are the thought forms that are coming from my unconscious to my conscious awareness, and I wasn't really conscious of them, because when you do this work, you are literally going against the mind control program of the low frequency control program, you know, and you're going to do repair people who have never experienced this before and they don't know the mechanics of psychic ability and media mystic ability.

But then the victimizer is coming in saying, Oh, woe is me, and then the saboteur is coming in and saying, I'm going to sabotage you from. So you're not put in situations where you are to be critiqued or are to have to educate people about your work. So pulling all of these together really made me understand, well, what patterns are preventing me from growing and from evolving. And especially with these transmissions, I do these transmissions because I just generally like to talk about these things and I like pulling from shelves and seeing what comes out along with my daily posts. I love it, but that is opening you to criticism and doing this work of something that is so heavily criticized through people's ignorance. Is tying into the saboteur and the victim trying to battle the archetype which is wishing to express through me for my work in this lifetime, in this incarnation.

So for you, like Wizard is one. Are you unconsciously allowing your saboteur? Your self-sabotaging tendencies to prevent you from putting yourself out there in whatever work, whatever field you may have to protect you from being vulnerable with other people and to protect you from criticism. And then, is your victim artifact marrying this avatar and the victim being like, yo. Woe is me. Fill in the blank. Food for thought. And then what? What is that archetype that is of your your life path? Let's say your your talents, your skill sets to offer to humanity. And having them battle this out between the victim, which are in an unhealthy, unconscious expression, ruling your life and then see and observe, reflecting on yesteryear. You're like, Whoa, this really was why I'm where I am right now. Which all coincides with the energy is picking up for when I did the Mercury Retrograde forecast, which is about archetypes.

So maybe I am just speaking to myself. However, I know that in some way there's one person that is able to relate to this, which is wonderful and help. This could help. And, you know, it's also to do with the the criticism being like, well, the victim, Mary, not the victim saying you don't have all the technology, you don't have a set up, nobody's going to watch you because you don't have the X, Y and Z. That's more of self-sabotaging. You. To prevent you from getting started in order to protect you. So start today. Just a little by little. No matter what field it is, just start doing it. And watch these archetypes come to your conscious awareness. Enjoy your daily wizards.

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